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Money for Freedom: Facing a Criminal Matter

freedom from criminal matters

Despite a slight increase in crime rate, Utah still remains one of the safest states in the United States,. Statistics show that an estimated 5,900 crimes have been committed in the state in 2012. If you get charged for an offense in Utah was put in jail, there’s one thing that would immediately pop on your mind: how to get out.

freedom from criminal matters

Bail bond is a process that allows an offender to temporarily escape imprisonment. This is a non-refundable payment that victims can usually pay in cash, check, money orders, or credit card. A bail bond is a promise that you will pay the entire bail amount in full if you fail to appear in court when requested. Facing a criminal matter is serious. So, have the right representation and know what the bailable offenses are.

Reckless driving

Getting a ticket for running a red light in Salt Lake City might cost differently than one in Hurricane City. Of course, if your reckless driving resulted in a car accident, you can go to jail and pay higher fees.

Drunk driving

In Utah, you can face drunk driving charges if you operate a vehicle and have a breath alcohol level of 0.8 or higher. Possible penalties for a first DUI conviction can include at least two days in jail, about 90 days suspension of driver’s license, and at least $700 in fines and fees.


3 Recommended Activities Small Businesses Should Outsource

payroll outsourcing

Small businesses, especially newly established ones, need to consider outsourcing some of their regular activities. It’s highly recommended to acquire assistance to handle tasks in-house staff isn’t fully familiar with, like finance auditing and payroll.

Here are three of the top activities you should outsource or subcontract:

payroll outsourcing


In general, businesses are not advised to handle their own payroll, unless it’s an accounting firm. Not paying payroll taxes accurately will make your business an easier target by the IRS compared to not settling personal income taxes. Payroll outsourcing can give businesses peace of mind when income tax season comes.

Social Media Marketing

You can hire the services of individual marketing consultants or even social media marketing agencies to develop your business’s social media strategy. Performing tasks, such as content development and social promotion in-house often results in inconsistency.

Administrative Support

One cost-effective way to handle routine tasks in businesses is by hiring virtual assistants. Some of the tasks you can delegate are maintenance of your personal schedule, email management, travel arrangements, setting business meetings, emailing newsletters, copy editing, and blog maintenance, among others.

Capture It, Remember It: Easy Video Projects You Can do in an Instant

video editing

Many people shy away from creating videos because they think it takes too darn long to do. But here’s a secret: videos should be short. The recording, editing, and production time should be a walk in the park, not a marathon.

video editing

Here are three easy video projects you can do in a jiffy:

A “Live” Music Video

“Lip syncing” videos, where people mouth along the words to a popular song while doing other goofy stuff, are a popular video concept nowadays. It may not be business-related, but it’s a great way to showcase you and your coworker’s fun side.

Tip: Use stock video clips for added dimension and overlay the song track during post-production for higher quality audio.

An Office Tour

Give a video tour of your office. Many cool cameras, such as the Flip Cam, Kodak Zi8 or even the one on your iPhone, are great portable tools for recording high-quality video. Add in a couple of company photos and stock video clips, and you can take it to a whole new level.

A Conference Video

Getting a few short clips of different talks and speakers is a great way to share what you’ve learned to others. Use a few After Effects templates from MotionElements and photos from Flickr, and you can turn your experience at Comic Con, SXSW, or a business conference into something more memorable. Just make sure recording of the talks is allowed before recording and publishing.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas that will make Your Girl Swoon

chocolate gifts

Women love receiving gifts regardless of how small or inexpensive the presents are. Whether it’s a box of chocolate from Sweet Petite Confections, a necklace from Aldo, or a little black dress from Forever21, she will surely appreciate it, as long as it’s heartfelt.

chocolate gifts

For most women, it really is the thought that counts. Don’t fret if you can’t afford an expensive gift. Below are some thoughtful yet affordable gift ideas:


She might complain about her weight time and again, but a nice treat once in a while won’t hurt. No matter how much she might deny it, the truth is that all women love chocolates. A box of chocolates is a treat she’ll enjoy for sure.

Chocolate releases a pleasure-inducing chemical that improves one’s mood. This is the reason most women turn to chocolates when they need comfort. To make it more memorable, give your special lady a custom chocolate gift basket.

Spa Gift Basket

Women love pampering themselves, so a trip to the spa would be perfect. If your girl is too busy to visit the spa, though, a pampering gift basket would do as an alternative.

Women are not hard to please when it comes to gifts. By giving a gift that conveys the right message, your girl will surely feel special.

Strong is the New Sexy: The Path to Becoming an Antigravity Fitness Instructor

yoga teacher

Antigravity yoga, which uses a silk hammock to allow you to do moves virtually worthy of Cirque du Soleil, has become a fitness craze. Its benefits are making headlines on reliable sites such as Yoga Journal, Mayo Clinic, and AntiGravity Fitness. This is why more and more people are realizing that they can have a healthy lifestyle that includes yoga.

yoga teacher

With the still recovering economy and increasing stress of modern life, now could be a great time to be an antigravity yoga teacher. Research shows that the popularity of aerial yoga is exhibiting no sign of abating. Here’s how you can use this to your benefit, for both your health and your pocket:

Look for the right teacher

The decision to transform from yoga student to teacher is interesting. Improve your skills to become a certified teacher. Look for an aerial yoga school offering a comprehensive yoga teacher training program.

Don’t overspend

Pay attention to the economic reality of being an aerial yoga teacher. You’ll be making an initial investment for your training. If you want to learn in a studio, make sure you understand its payment process.

Get support

This journey can be overwhelming. Bring friends or family along for the ride. Think of other students not as competitors but as allies you can learn from. Make friends and have fun.

Sharing the benefits of antigravity yoga with your community is a great goal. But before you invest in aerial yoga teacher training program, it pays to consider these tips.

Spring Colours for Your Home

flooring services

With the month of March well underway, the weather’s starting to look pleasant. The seasonal progression brings into mind the many renovation and maintenance projects you could undertake. Apart from getting duraceramic flooring and fixing roof problems, one thing you should consider when revamping the property is the colour palette you’d use.

flooring services

Here are some hues that suit the new season, recommended by authorities in the industry such as Pantone and Rocha Flooring:


Pantone declared cayenne as the “it” colour for springtime this year, and this is a tinge of red you’d find suitable in a lot of parts of your house. Cayenne is a bold hue, but the addition of this tinge to a room adds a unique statement.

Dazzling Blue

Blue is almost always a colour fit for any home. The splash of dazzling blue adds depth to a room, and this could energise the feel of a certain area set in the backdrop of neutral shades.

Violet Tulip

For kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels, violet tulip should be one of your considerations. It’s the perfect symbolism for spring, when the flowers begin to blossom after the snowfall. It adds a slight summer feel, making it ideal to keep until the next season.

Materials are one thing, but take colour into account to ensure a true professional design.

The Many Ways Alcohol Affects its Consumers

Alcohol is a widely consumed organic compound in Australia. It’s a depressant that can alter a person’s mood, manner of thinking, and behaviour.

Aware of the possible consequences of irresponsible alcohol consumption, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) supports Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements. It is the industry leader in delivering online RSA courses and RSA training in Perth WA. It is also an accredited training provider for RSA and has been responsible for more than 100,000 people in all forms of RSA since 1997.

Effects of Alcoholic Consumption

The Pros and Cons of Alcohol Consumption

The introductory part of the RSA course reminds people that excessive consumption of alcohol has a number of adverse effects. Not only does it affect their physical health, but it also influences the entire local community.

When used responsibly, however, alcohol also has a number of positive impacts. It contributes to a multi-billion dollar industry, provides jobs and valuable exports, supports tourism and related industries, and serves as a form of entertainment and recreation.

Understanding the contents of an RSA course

The AHA(WA) RSA course is nationally accredited and covers all areas of RSA including: developing an understanding of duty of care and harm minimisation, the importance of house policies, how to identify someone who may be ‘drunk’ and  people to whom it is an offence to serve and may be refused service. You will also learn about the physical and social effects of alcohol, strategies to use when refusing service, conflict resolution and harm minimisation tactics.

Upon completion of your RSA course, students will receive a nationally accredited alcohol service certification.

Keep Your Property Safe, Select the Right Security System

reliable security services

The security and safety of your tenants and guests are your top priority as a commercial property owner. But do you know what type of security system you should employ? Read on to learn more about security systems.

reliable security services

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has evolved in the last decade. Surveillance cameras today have embedded processors that allow video to be compressed within the device and transmitted over IP networks. Many security companies offer this technology to ensure the highest level of security in a building. Highly trained and qualified security personnel operate the video surveillance systems.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection involves the use of door and window contacts and motion sensors, with a combination of audible alarm when a person has broken into the building. An alarm is sent to the security station to notify authorities. Officers will respond, evaluate the situation, and apprehend suspects.

Security Officers

Trained security officers can provide you the best customer service. Many security companies provide professionally trained officers that will keep your property safe. The main duty of a security officer includes reporting all information relating to the activity in your property. Guard services are practical for businesses with multiple buildings.

Ensure the safety of your assets and properties with the right security system. Contact a reliable security service company to help you find the best system for your business.

Your Share of the Booming Gold Coast Tourism Industry

The city of Gold Coast is well known for its sun, surf, sand, and beautiful beaches. It is Australia’s sixth largest city and attracts 12 million visitors each year. The city’s tourism assets include world-class theme parks, sporting venues, and hotels and resorts. These provide a desirable lifestyle and platform for business growth.

Gold Coast Tourism

The Thriving Tourism Sector

Gold Coast has a thriving tourism and urban development sector. This offers significant opportunity for investors looking to establish or expand their business. The city’s supportive business environment, diverse workforce, and excellent infrastructure provide a great setting for business success.

Economy Driver

Gold Coast has an economy of opportunity. The city’s primary industry is tourism and its community benefits largely from the financial stimulation it offers every year. Its diverse business and tourism leisure products attract domestic and international visitors.

Property Investment

Investors can be a part of the city’s thriving tourism industry by investing in a motel for sale in Gold Coast. Returns from property or motel investment like this come from rental income and from any increase in the value of the property.

The city is committed in having a prosperous and sustainable tourism industry. It hopes to contribute more money to its tourism marketing. Gold Coast also offers opportunities for investment in key industries such as health, food, education, sports, ICT, and advanced manufacturing, among others.

Top Two Home Energy Saving Tips


Home renovations should always involve energy efficiency upgrades? Don’t know where to start? Read on to learn the top two ways to save energy at home.



About 38 percent of Australian homes devote much of their energy consumption to cooling and heating. With energy costs continuously rising, there has never been a better time to insulate your home. Quality roof insulation makes good ventilation possible. It’s important for year-round comfort, as it prevents heat from moving through.

For many families in Brisbane, insulation is the most cost effective way to make their home more energy efficient, as it can reduce cooling and heating bills by 40 percent. Good roof insulation not only reduces condensation, it also reduces the likelihood of dampness and mould.

There is a range of ventilation products in Australia. Whether you buy roof insulation from Austral Insulation, an air conditioner from LG, or a portable heater from Home Care, you should seek assistance to know what type of product suits your home.


You can save over 500 KWh of electricity each year simply by using energy efficient compact fluorescent globes instead of incandescent bulbs. You may also use fluorescent lighting wherever possible.

Doing more with less energy doesn’t only protect your wallet, but also your home. If these two mean anything to you, then keep these simple tips in mind.