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Lost Opportunities: Why You Might Be Missing Out On Potential Customers

reliable seo company

reliable seo companyMany have argued that social media marketing is better than search engine optimisation when it comes to luring people on the web. Unfortunately, that is just a short sighted statement. Social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) must go hand in hand. Do only one, and you will be bound to be left behind by your competitors. shares some details on why it’s important to combine social media marketing with SEO.

Cover Your Grounds Well

Take note that not all consumers have social media accounts, and majority of organic traffic still comes from search results. If you check a typical online shop’s statistics when it comes to referral, you will see that search engine results page and social media sites are the two biggest referrals. Failure to implement SEO strategies could cause you to incur opportunity costs.

Search Engine Optimization is Affordable

This can never be stressed enough. Just like social media marketing and online remarketing in social sites in general, search engine optimisation need not be expensive. You can make a few changes to your content such as using keywords in image descriptions and meta content. You could also focus on building PR values to increase your rankings. You can also get an SEO consultant to do it for you if you want to focus on your business.

Search Engine Optimisation Often Comes with Social Media Marketing Services

Some social media marketing companies include search engine optimisation and even web design makeover in their service packages. You could save a lot of money if you’re looking to build something from scratch. Talk to an SEO consultant to find out the best course of action.

Social Media Marketing is Short Term; Search Engine Optimisation is Long Term

If you want to get in touch with your customers fast, social media marketing is the best way to do it. But, you shouldn’t put your eggs in one basket. While working social media, proceed with search engine optimisation together with AdWord marketing, so you could generate more leads in the future.

Minimalism: The Interior Design Trend of the Century


BalustradingThe creative community pinpoints minimalism as the major aesthetic drive of the 20th century. Minimalism is based on extreme simplicity and the most economical use of resources. It is a movement that was in deliberate contrast with the extravagance of the Pop Art period of the early 1900s.

It exudes sophistication and luxury by focusing on the essential. Today, it is especially popular with architecture. The current trend in interior design is doing away with all sorts of embellishment and sticking with a solid palette, mixing interesting textures and relying on natural scenery and lighting.

Invisible Walls

Homeowners who wish to have abundant natural daylight go for glass walls. This is a major element of modern house design as it is seen as a deliberate blurring of the boundaries between the interior and exterior worlds.

Modernist houses are popular in Australia. Some also converts mid-century properties into modern-looking stunners by knocking down brick walls to erect cool clear walls and steel or glass balustrades. Balustrading in the metropolitan area of WA is quite popular and relatively inexpensive. A beautiful home is one that owners will surely look forward going home to.

Bare Essentials

The philosophy of minimalism is to create within the dictates of form and function. Trends this year predict homes will say goodbye to shelves and dressers, and instead build cabinets wherever possible to open up the space more and avoid crowding furniture.

Huge house fixtures in solid neutral colours make a living space instantly sophisticated. Do away with exuberant lighting and go for simple pieces. Casually display art by standing them on the floor against the walls. Natural materials like hanging planters and antlers are must-haves for the small bit of focal point every house needs.

Neutral Palette

Contrary to the bold colours and mix of patterns during the Pop era, minimalism requires subdued colours that exude calm. Black and white are the tenets of this trend, but shades of grey and brown are also popular. Avoid running the risk of the space looking too glum with a few modest bursts of pastels.

Contemporary minimalistic designs inspire homeowners to exude luxury without a waste of fancy furniture and fixtures. By stripping away the unnecessary and giving space to the natural, a home feels less of a showroom and more of a space where people can move around and enjoy the beauty of each other’s company.

Dine Moderately: Health Issues and Nundah Restaurants


restaurantsNearly everyone seems obsessed with healthy living nowadays, most especially when it comes to food. But how can one stay away from food that one cannot live without?

Add to this the mushrooming of Nundah, QLD restaurants, armed with the thought of bringing their delicacies closer to people.

Why Your Love for Food Exceeds Normal Levels

Consuming enough food and water is the basic requirements of survival. There are times when you exceed the limit of food, which usually happens when you are under stress or being with friends. You may have unknowingly undergone these experiences many times, but never took notice until the day you felt something was not working right in your system.

The Best Teasers

Food establishments can serve any craving. They are your worst enemies if you have health issues, however. Food advertisements make it hard for food lovers to avoid. They simply have the power to draw people beyond their doors and get them to savour their delectable recipes.

Torturing Experience

What makes it more difficult is being with friends who usually go out to bond after work. It will be a torture passing through Sandgate Road in Nundah with all its restaurants lit up in the evenings. How sure are you that you will not stop by to dine and experience live entertainment?

Your Options:

Eat moderately: You can savour your favourite food anytime, but not in excess.
See your doctor: He knows which ones you have to avoid eating and can provide you with an alternative to what you really want.
Adjust your hours of eating: Nibble on something to make your stomach feel full just before getting off from work.
Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep makes you want and consume more food.
Chew a bit: When under stress, eat small snacks but make sure you do not have any extras like frappes and the like.

These may remind you of not going to the extreme that can eventually ruin your well-being. Always remember that eating is a need and neither a pastime nor a form of recreation.

Is Residency an Issue with Health Insurance?

Health Insurance

Health InsuranceDubai is truly a global city, ahead of many of its peers in terms of infrastructure, wealth, and business opportunities. This elevated status is something many countries in the region can only dream of, but it’s not without its challenges. Workers from all over the globe are looking to have a piece of what Dubai has, and they create a unique situation that most local companies haven’t had to deal with before.

The most common examples are the issues regarding health insurance coverage of foreign workers. Most foreigners looking for work in the UAE get briefed on the laws, governance, and culture of the country to give them a dose of what to expect before they make the trip. But, very few of them go in-depth regarding what they can do with things such as insurance.

The biggest concern among foreigners is whether they can apply for health insurance even without a residency visa. This is a valid issue that’s at the top of the list of questions many workers want to clear up as soon as they’re able, so they can allocate their funds in an appropriate manner. A quick scan of the FAQs of well-known providers such as UAE Medical Insurance will confirm that this is a pressing issue for many people out there.

Fortunately, many insurance providers work with local and international health insurance companies that can work with individual foreigners even if they don’t have residency visas. If foreigners want to apply for health insurance with their companies, they’ll only need a company trade license for their application.

The key thing for foreign workers to remember is that they need to look for insurance providers that work with multiple health care sources. These will provide workers with more options in regards to what they can cover, as well as the requirements they need to get the protection they want.

Buying Residential Properties in NSW: A Guide for First-Timers

Residential Properties

Residential PropertiesNew South Wales is ripe for real estate shopping. It has many residential properties in communities that cater for different lifestyle preferences, whether you are just about to start your family or looking for a special place to retire. Here are some tips to get you started with your home shopping:

Do Your Homework

Make sure you spend some time going over other sales results for similar properties in your preferred area. Say you were asked for more than $700,000 for a freestanding home on 400sqm and a very similar place some blocks away recently sold for $500, 000. Then it is probably worth reconsidering your position. You may consult trusted real estate agents in about determining property values in the neighbourhood.

You can check the local weekend online newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald, which features property ads. Advertisers are taking property marketing online since this is easier and more efficient way to shop for homes.

Get a Property Checklist

Make sure you know what you want in a property. Check its proximity to your workplace, your children’s school and recreation places. You may want to consider transportation options.

Be Realistic With Your Cost Requirement

If you or your partner are financially unfit for that two-storey home, be true to yourself. If you qualify, you can apply for first home owner grant, but you still have to buy within your means. This does not mean you have to settle for less. You have to determine whether you can pay off the mortgage and if you can really get off any housing debts in the next 15 years.

Getting settled in NSW is not impossible. With proper research, an established checklist and realistic budget, you are on your way to having your home in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Comfort Food: What to Serve at the Funeral Reception

Comfort Food

Comfort FoodTears and strong emotions will subside—maybe not right after the casket has descended into the earth—but you will always find time where you can breathe for a moment and receive the comfort of the people who love you and the deceased loved one. The most appropriate time for this is the post-funeral reception.

Post-funeral receptions give you the chance to bond with your family and friends and remember the days of the deceased loved ones while they were still alive. This is the right occasion where everyone can exchange pleasantries. While families have their different ways to conduct this, one factor will always be part of it—food.

Below are some of the most comforting foods to serve at these occasions, which are approved by caterers in Brisbane. Cemeteries and churches should not be a venue for these events.


Sandwiches top this list, as they’re easy to prepare. These fares are light and won’t fill your guests; thus, making them ideal as appetisers in case you’re planning to serve full meals. Stick with the favourites: bacon, ham, salami and tuna. You can complement these sliders with light drinks, such as orange juices.


Stews are your choice if you want to comfort guests. They may take time to prepare, so you need to choose which ingredients you will use. Beef stews are a safe choice, but you can experiment with other ingredients, such as fish.


Expect that there will be kids at the reception, so you may want to serve some sweets. Cakes and cookies are a nice option. In case you’re anticipating diabetic guests, serve low-sugar items. Complement these fares with tea, coffee or orange juice.

These are only some of the food you may serve at funeral receptions. Don’t forget to coordinate with other family members if you’re planning to have a pot-luck.

A Chiropractor’s Role in Alleviating Lower Back Pain

spinal column readjustment

spinal column readjustmentMany people who look for back pain relief alternatives seek the help of a chiropractor. A study performed by the Australian Family Physician (AFP), the official journal of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, revealed that about 15% of Australians consult registered chiropractors at least once per year to diagnose, treat, and prevent disorders involving the spine and nervous system.

How can Chiropractors Help?

During your first visit, chiropractors will take your medical history and perform a physical examination. In some cases, diagnostic imaging and lab tests might be necessary to find out if their treatments are appropriate for your lower back pain. This is to make sure that they won’t do more harm than good. If you’re okay for treatment, you’ll receive rehabilitation and nutritional counselling.

Can You Trust Chiropractors?

Most chiropractors in Australia completed a degree in chiropractic science at reputable universities. These include the RMIT University in Melbourne, Murdoch University in Perth, and Central Queensland University in Brisbane, Sydney, and Mackay. If you can find the best chiropractor in Brisbane or anywhere else who met this requirement, then you’re in good hands.

What Can They Offer for Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is the irritation of the tendons, muscles, soft tissues, and highly sensitive nerves that travel from the back down to the legs. While this may seem complicated, it’s possible to treat this condition without pain.

Spinal manipulation is among the ideal treatments for acute lower back pain, especially cases that resulted from moving and carrying heavy loads. This involves a high-velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to your abnormal vertebra. It can reduce nerve irritability, restore the back’s range of motion, and improve functionality. Mobilisation treatment is another example, which involves low-velocity movement and muscle or joint stretching. Its purpose is to increase your range of motion.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, don’t forget that there are alternatives you can depend on. Look for university-trained and registered chiropractors to help you feel better.

What is the 5S Program?

5S implemented program

5S implemented programA lean visual management system is essential in business to reduce the waste and enhance productivity in the workplace. One of the most commonly implemented is the 5S program, a Japanese lean approach that is vital in maintaining and establishing an orderly and tidy work environment for the organisation.

But what is 5S program, really? This means Sort (Seiri), Set in Order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Standardise (Seiketsu), and Sustain (Shitsuke). This fundamental and systematic methodology improves work quality, safety, and productivity in different businesses, focusing on having visual order at work.

  • Sort – remove unnecessary materials and equipment from the work area.
  • Set in Order – improve efficiency by customising workplace, keeping key materials nearby.
  • Shine – avoid bacteria contamination by cleaning the equipment, tools, and surfaces.
  • Standardise – create a consistent workflow, assigning tasks and schedules to individuals
  • Sustain – keep the program running continuously with long-term goals and employee training

To complement this methodology, you can use 5S solutions. By adding visuals – tags, tapes, signs, floor marks, and labels – you can make sure that your employees are aware of the risks in a particular area and the instructions for equipment and tools. This helps maintain the implementation all throughout the place.

Suitable for Many Businesses

All types of businesses basically benefit from the advantages of 5S programs, with industrial factories and manufacturing plants just among the few that reap these benefits more than others. Restaurants, retail shops and others find it beneficial as well.

You’ll have to spend more when implementing the 5S program. Compare this cost to the returns of having a safe workplace environment and you will find out that you get more value for your money. The rates depend on the size of the business and the specific techniques you’ll be handing out to your employees.

Expressing Love Without the Pain

flower above table

flower above tableValentine’s Day is the biggest time of the year for florists all over the country. It’s basically their Christmas, and they’re getting ready to pick, arrange, and deliver bouquets to every door in their city if necessary. Nevertheless, as much as florists want to spread the message and expression of love that reflects their businesses best, not everyone looks forward to getting a pocket full of posies on the fourteenth.

Allergies are a plague that shouldn’t exist anymore, but do; it ruins many things for the people that have them. Some people can’t own cats, while there are other people who can’t receive a nice bouquet without sneezing and coughing their lungs out.

The Modern Traditional

If everyone lets nature take its course, such people would never experience the same joy of receiving a heartfelt expression of love on the most romantic month of the year. Flowers are just that big of a deal.

Fortunately, there are alternate ways for people with allergic significant others to express their love in a traditional way with a modern twist. Source such as are among a handful of websites that are blazing a trail for pollen-resistant lover everywhere. Their business model includes using recyclable materials to form beautiful bouquets that are easy to store and ready to display.

Recycling Profile

These eco-bouquets have all the visual benefits of having flowers without the puffy, nose-clogging experience that allergens can inspire. It also doesn’t hurt that such bouquets are also good for the environment, as these reduce the amount of solid waste.

Valentine’s gifts shouldn’t be a labor of love. These should be expressions of how the sender feels about the person, which should only inspire warm feelings fuzzy feelings. Eco-bouquets will surely be a great option for many couples this season of love.

Think Outside of Google: 3 Ways to Success without Heavy Reliance on Google

search engine result

search engine resultThe Internet is an ever-evolving entity and Google is right in the middle of it. And since the Internet is a vital aspect in business, you simply have to channel it to grow. With so many changes that Google rolls out on a regular basis, however, it takes so many resources to stay on top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are 3 ways for you to grow your business without having such a heavy reliance on Google:

1. Find Alternate Sources of Traffic

Various companies offering SEO services in Brisbane all agree that, though you still need to anchor on Google to succeed, you also need to look elsewhere for potential traffic. Remember that depending solely on Google goes against investment 101: Never put all your eggs in one basket.

2. Balance Your Growth

It is obvious that it is the most prominent platform in the world today. Abandoning it completely would be the same as courting disaster. That said, it is equally important to focus on your in-house assets and diversify your traffic sources at the same time.

3. Appreciate What You Have

With the frequent rollouts that Google implements, maintaining your page rankings becomes more and more difficult. Not only does it affect traffic, it plays a huge part in determining your conversion rates. When you see that your reliance on Google puts you in the position of merely anticipating the algorithms, you will realise that focusing on other areas is a key factor in achieving higher conversion rates—which is the bottom line.

Business is all about the ever-constant race towards expansion to raise your bottom line. While some platforms such as Google are the bread and butter, it also pays to look at other areas and pool resources towards them as well.

Keep these tips in mind and you will see your business grow exponentially without having to rely solely on Google.