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How to Throw an Engagement Party on a Budget

Engagement party

Engagement partyThe engagement party officially starts the wedding day countdown. It sparks the excitement and anticipation of the big day. While you have the wedding costs to think about, you can still host a fun and memorable engagement party on a budget.

Here are four ways to make this happen:

1. Keep the head count to a minimum

The easiest way to lessen the cost is to invite close family and friends. Narrowing down the guest list can help you save money on food and beverages. This leaves you with more budget and choices on the venue. The celebration also feels extra special having only your closest people around.

2. Choose a special venue

The venue and the decor set the mood of the celebration. Choose a theme to add charm to the event—this will make it easier to choose the décor. recommends St. Paul wedding tent rentals if you want an outdoor venue rather than the traditional hotel or restaurant party.

3. Mind the time of the party

The time you choose to hold the event can also cut the costs. Wedding planners often recommend holding your event in between meals. You can choose a late-night drink party or a midday coffee get together. What’s important is you enjoy the company of the people around you on your engagement party.

4. Use your own memorabilia as venue décor

Engagement party décor need not be expensive. Once you already have chosen the theme for your engagement party, set the scene with things that you already own – perhaps your personal collection of pictures and memorabilia reflecting your relationship. These decorations add a personal touch to the venue, making your celebration more memorable.

Keeping the celebration simple yet worth remembering is the key to a special engagement party, even if you’re on a budget. The main point is to celebrate your engagement and let the wedding festivities begin.

Life Hacks to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

Garage Door security

Garage Door securityThieves and intruders will find ways to break into homes. The garage is a likely target for break-ins because it provides burglars with a chance to hide and keep detection low.

There are ways to make sure that your garage door is secure and will discourage thieves from entering your home.

Upgrade or Repair the Garage Door

A1 Garage Door Repair agrees that keeping the garage door well-maintained and in good condition discourages burglars from breaking into your house. A sturdy and secure door makes it difficult to break into. Faulty locks, openers, and remotes improve the chances of thieves opening the garage door.

Scan the door to identify problems before they get worse. Try opening and closing the door using the remote to determine if the opener is still working properly. Faulty openers may leave your garage door slightly open, providing a burglar with easy entry into your house.

Choosing the right garage door is also important, as it determines if it needs frequent repairs, is durable enough, or needs regular maintenance.

Install Security Systems

Keep burglars out by installing different types of security systems in your garage and around your house. Motion sensor alarms and lights signal you, if a break-in occurs. This gives you ample time to call the police and protect yourself from burglaries.

Coded and security key locks also make sure that your garage door is secure. Thieves will waste time trying to figure out the code, giving you enough time to inform the authorities about a break-in. There are automatic locks that send emergency messages to the police once triggered.

Timers Are a Must-Have

You may forget to press the button, use the remote, or input the code to secure your garage door before leaving. This may leave it open the whole time you are away. Installing a timer with the opener makes sure that the door closes whenever you leave.

These will secure your garage door and prevent break-ins and burglaries. Keep your home safe by choosing the right door and installing the appropriate security systems.

New Plumbing Construction Will Cost You This Much

New Plumbing

New PlumbingEvery aspect of a new house is critical, but none more so than plumbing. For something that must function faultlessly behind, walls, it requires major investment. Moreover, it usually needs a separate bid because only plumbing-specific contractors can to work properly on such an undertaking.

Now, the next thing you have to worry about is the cost. Consulting and other local plumbing contractors can provide clear-cut details as to where your money will go. Here are some of the aspects they are likely to tell you:

Excavation – Plumbing will always require excavation. All the water lines and drainage pipes are laid down underground and isn’t easy as taking a shovel to dig the ground. It might require large equipment and a trained crew to operate crew. Expect to spend at least $200 and above for the earth moving.

Square Footage – The starting point of a new plumbing work is how big the work will be. That, and the basic costs, will depend on square footage. The national average runs at $4.50 per square foot, but there are places in the country where it touches on $5.

Pipes and Supplies – With professional help, you can find and buy pipes that you actually need. Costs will vary on pipe diameter, type, length and fittings; and other factors could increase or decrease your expenses in this aspect.

Vertical Stuff – Square footage isn’t the only measured cost in plumbing. Your house’s height will also factor in the costs. Obviously, the higher the house, the bigger the outlay because of the additional supplies, labor and work.

If you want something unique in your house that will require more plumbing, you should have something extra. Whether it’s an unusual kitchen or bathroom fixture, anticipate your contractor to have special rates for your special requests.

Everything in a new house will cost money, and plumbing will take a block of your budget. Don’t cut corners in this department as you will need it to function faultlessly for a long time. The only way to be sure is to get it done properly the first time.

Did You Know That Your Garage Doubles as Storage?


garageWhen you’re short of space in your home, you can always have a garage built. In addition to being a house for your car, you can use the extra space as storage. So, you now have the space where you can put all the clutter in your home, paving way for more moving space.

As with your home, your converted storage space in your garage will need organization. No, putting your stuff in boxes wouldn’t suffice and it’s not the best way to maintain order. What you need are baskets, bins, shelves and totes. As noted by OnTrack Wall Solutions, “It’s all like adding more square footage without doing any construction.”

Tips on Organizing Your Garage

1. Getting High

There is a rule of thumb in garage storage that if you can everything, you’re not using the higher spaces. Anything that you don’t usually utilize can take that top shelf and make space for everyday tools. This way, you get to use everything you had installed.

2. More Outlets

The one thing you don’t want to happen is a stray wire undoing all your hard work. This is likely to happen when you plug at one side and use the tool at the other. One swing and everything will fall apart, maybe. Outlets are easy to install, and even if you hire an electrician, it still won’t cost much.

3. Using Hooks

Garage hooks are usually very sturdy, which means it could carry a heavier load. You can use it to hang things such as wheelbarrows and other stuff of the same weight or size.

4. Store More

As long as you can keep it organized, keep stuffing your garage storage. After all, it’s the reason you had it installed. Fret not because there are DIY steps to reinforce your mounts if need be.

5. A Larger Garage

When you need more space, you can always knock out a wall in your garage. You won’t want to fill your cabinets to the brim and wait for it to collapse. Always go for the practical approach to make sure that no further trouble will arise.

A garage is a fantastic home improvement choice, and turning excess space into storage is even better. It’s a relatively low-cost undertaking that will help you save money in more ways than one.

Three Colorbond Qualities That Make It a Great Roofing Choice

roofWhether you’re planning to renovate or build a new home, the roof is one of the most important areas that you need to look into. Thanks to

actical choices when it comes to roofing systems.

Many benefits go into Colorbond roofing. Perth the continuous advancements in technology, you are no longer limited to just a few options. Colorbond is one of the pr contractors praise this material for its reliability and aesthetic appeal.
Here are many other features of getting Colorbond roofing:

1. Made Specifically with Australia’s Environmental Conditions in Mind

Cheaply made roofing systems stand no chance against Australia’s weather conditions. This is why many contractors recommend Colorbond installations. This type of roofing systems have been specifically made to suit Australia’s environmental conditions.

With top-notch construction, your roofing system can withstand cracks, chips and peels. This prevents leaks, as well. The best thing about this type of roof is its non-combustible and termite resistance qualities.

2. Optimal Solar-Reflective Properties

With a Colorbond roof, you get to enjoy the benefits of exceptional thermal technology. This enhances the solar-reflective properties of your home. As a result, you can increase insulation and make your home more energy efficient. This means less energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

3. Use of Advanced Construction Materials
Made from the most advanced and innovative construction materials, Colorbond can provide your property with an impressive, tough and strong roof. It features exceptional anti-corrosive properties, which makes your roofing system longer lasting and more durable against outdoor elements.

Roofing systems have gone from the traditional brick and wooden materials. The choices today are more extensive than what’s available a couple of years back—and Colorbond is one of the materials that changed the way we install roofs. It’s thanks to these developments that we can have peace of mind when reinforcing the most important structure of our homes.

3 Reasons Why Not Having a Rain Gutter is an Expensive Mistake

rain gutter

rain gutterYou probably have not given your home’s lack of rain gutter much thought. This is especially true if you are like most individuals who think that they really do not have any use for one.

Before you completely disregard rain gutters, these actually play many different roles, Double T. Inc. says. They help retain the structural integrity of houses, prevent serious and expensive damages, and can even increase the overall value of homes. In fact, not having one in your home can be quite the expensive mistake.

Moreover, while it is true that the main function of these roofing components is to serve as a guide for water falling on the roof towards the ground and away from your home or direct soil, there are several specific benefits to the use and installation of these gutters. Look at the following to realize just how expensive it may be if you delay the installation of a gutter.

1. Expensive Runoff Damages Such as Rotting

If you allow rain to keep on washing off your roof, down to the walls of your home, you can expect structural damage to occur soon. This is particularly true if your home has wooden or organic components.

2. Flooding and Water Damages

Downwards is the only direction water from the roof is going to, unless you have a gutter installed, which is going to direct it away from your home or your garden. If there is no gutter in place, your home, particularly the basement, is going to be more susceptible to flooding, which often leads to expensive water damages.

3. Unsightly Erosion

Unchecked water coming down from the roof can cause significant damage to the soil, which can then result in erosion.

Instead of having to worry about these problems that have high potential of becoming realities, you should just work with a highly trusted installer of new rain gutter Salt Lake City residents recommend.

The Rocks Ghost Tour: A Different Kind of Fun Night Out


operaThe Rock Ghost Tours is a recommended activity for tourists in Sydney, Australia for reasons that usual sightseeing guided tours are not.

The tour takes tourists to Sydney’s haunted past through a 2-hour walking tour around historic Rocks precinct. In a span of about 2 kilometres, lay hidden alleyways and cobblestone lanes that lead to the tour’s creepy destination points such as the ‘Dead House’ and the Harbour Bridge.

The journey begins at the harbour, where Sydney’s The Rocks accommodations are close, then through the Nurse Walk and The Rocks and into an old haunting house.


Every participant of this tour holds a lit-lantern to light up their way through the dark passageways, while a tour guide narrates and enact horrific stories that happened in the area. The energetic guide takes the enacting job seriously, and may request tourist participation in certain points of the tour. While the latter provides a room for some laughter, that makes the activity less creepy at the same time.

Place(s) of Interest

Other interesting stuff that tourists appreciate from this tour include the access to a local place not usually accessible to tourists, such as an underground excavation site, with the tour guide providing historical information. In this sense the tour is not only educational, but an eye opener as well.

The is a recommended trip for adults who are fit and can stand creepy settings because of the considerable long walk it requires. Prospective participants should be warned though that it is not some hardcore ghost hunting activity. In fact, there is just appropriate creepiness in the activity made more memorable with the tour guide’s theatrical presentation of the stories they retell.

Make sure to bring your camera. Who knows some spirits haunting the Opera House or dwelling in the area are in the mood to be captured in film!

This guided tour along The Rocks area can be made in solo or in group. Some do it first thing upon arrival in Sydney, while others choose to do it in their last night in the city. Either way many who tried this found it entertaining, giving them a night to remember as they go back to their accommodation.

How You Benefit from Used Car Parts and Accessories

Car Repairs

Car RepairsWhen your vehicle requires components such as engine parts, transmission, rims, tyres or a replacement bumper, you want high quality yet affordable options. To complete car repairs, you are not limited to buying new parts. Auto recyclers in Perth offer used parts in good condition.

They offer warranties to ensure that you will get products and services that do not disappoint. Professionals also refurbish auto parts, giving you repurposed components tested to work well. Aside from the financial benefits, here are other reasons why used car parts are a good option:

  • Find components for older models easily

Manufacturers constantly produce new cars with innovative features, while old models are set aside. Because of this, manufacturers discontinue production of the component parts for older car models. It may take a while before you receive the part you need for repairs.

Go to a trusted local car wrecker instead. It will only take a few minutes for them to look at the inventory and tell you if they have the parts. Find the company that people in your community turn to for their car repair needs.

  • The “greener” choice

When you buy used car parts, you are helping remove waste materials from landfills. Favouring salvage yards and car wreckers in Perth is equivalent to helping reuse and recycle materials. This way, you contribute to solving problems with solid waste disposal.

Buying used parts reduces the cost of manufacturing new parts. Since new automobile parts require raw materials sourced from the earth, such as iron ore, you help conserve natural resources.

The process of refining ore into steel requires fuel, and with lesser need for it, you also contribute to energy conservation.

Owning a car can be costly, especially with fuel prices skyrocketing and the vehicle needing car maintenance. Find ways to reduce the cost of car repairs to enjoy your vehicle without feeling burdened by expenses.

Save Money and Resources With Sustainable Home Design

Home Design

Home DesignWhen talking about environmental impact, industries usually come to mind as the greatest source of pollutants. The way we design our homes, however, can also add to the world’s pollution problems.

According to the Department of the Environment and Heritage, about a fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions of Australia come from households. On the average, each household adds approximately 14 tonnes.

Harnessing the power of renewable sources of energy from the sun and wind, as well as utilising sound and sustainable home design, maximised for energy efficiency can considerably decrease this astounding figure.

The Carbon Positive and Carbon Zero Home

A carbon positive home is one that gives positive contributions to the environment due to its ability to generate more on-site renewable energy than it actually needs. The home can then give back any excess energy to the grid. The carbon zero home, on the other hand, is a house with zero yearly carbon emissions coming from direct fuel burning or use of electricity.

The Adaptable and Liveable Home

An adaptable and liveable home is capable of addressing the challenges of ever-changing residential requirements. When building or renovating your home to be more energy efficient, it should be able to accommodate ever-shifting needs in its lifespan. There are builders who aim for affordable homes in Perth and elsewhere that are more adaptable to change.

Cost of Sustainable Living

Upgrading your home to be more sustainable will considerably add to your initial expenses. These features, however, will more likely enhance the affordability of maintaining your home in the long run. Your savings on energy bills will compensate or even surpass what you spent for initially.

Should you be thinking about living in a more sustainable home, talk to experienced home builders who can advise you on the latest environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building methods.

Applying Epoxy Coating to Your Garage Floor: A Step-by-step Guide

garage epoxy floor coating

garage epoxy floor coatingOne of the most important parts of your home is your garage; apart from your attic (if you have one), your garage is the biggest storage space you have in your house, protecting not just your vehicles but also your stockpiled possessions. What better way to protect it, then, than to install an epoxy floor coating?

In addition to adding aesthetic value to an otherwise dull garage, coatings also give your garage floor a greater resistance against water and oil stains while making it much easier to clean. This type of coating is versatile as well; you may add components to it to improve its resistance to the elements.

The effectiveness of your coating depends on how well you applied it on your garage floor. Below, shares the basic steps to make sure you get the most value out of your investment.

  1. Clear all objects from the area and clean your floor thoroughly. Make sure that any major damage to your floor is repaired before proceeding with applying the coating on your concrete floor.
  2. With a scrub brush, some rags and a heavy-duty degreaser, remove all oil and gas stains from the floor; afterwards, rinse away the remaining solution and dirt with some water.
  3. Next, apply concrete acid etch to make the concrete more porous.
  4. Rinse your floor a final time using a pressure washer or hose and water.
  5. When the floor has dried, mix the two part epoxy according to the technical data sheets, and apply the resulting mixture to your floor immediately, beginning with the trim areas and moving on to the rest of the floor using a paint roller or roller extender.
  6. Apply another coat in 1m2 patches, and toss paint chips onto the epoxy after it’s applied on the floor (not when you’re mixing the epoxy in the can) to improve its resistance against foreign elements.
  7. Once the epoxy has fully cured, apply a topcoat of clear protective urethane. Several coats for durability can be applied

Expect your epoxy floor to completely dry within a few hours before you walk on it.