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Don’t Be a Party Pooper: Proper Etiquette During Gatherings

proper etiquette during gatherings

proper etiquette during gatheringsPartying is all about fun, drinking and catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your etiquette at the door and be a wild party animal. There are certain party rules you need to be stick with.

While no one may say it directly to your face, inappropriate actions may be disrespecting or causing bad vibes all around. The last thing you want is to spoil the fun—your friends might not even invite you the next time they hold a gathering., a premier venue hire in Brisbane, shares some of the things you must stop doing to avoid causing embarrassment:

  • Eating before the host

Hosts often forget to eat, as they are entertaining guests. In a formal party setting, guests wait for them to eat first. They’ll take a bite or two from the food on their plate, which is your cue to eat.

  • Asking for second servings

If you’re all at a sit-down plated dinner or lunch, do not ask for more servings. Parties are coordinated events—meal times even follow a schedule. Asking for more than what was served can disrupt the arrangements and cause additional expenses for the host.

  • Talking to someone while sitting down

It’s basic table manners to stand up when someone introduces you to another guest. Some might think of this as an old-fashioned gesture, but this is one way of showing politeness and being civil with other guests. Unless you’re physically unable to stand up, you need to get up during introductions.

  • Holding your drink in your right hand

Hold your drink using your left hand, so your other hand will be free for handshakes. No one wants to watch you wipe your hand on your dress or pants then shake it.

Even if the party is casual, you have to be on your best behaviour. Inappropriate actions will not only embarrass you, but also the host of the party.

Opposites Attract: The Rise of Salty Sweets

Salty Food

Salty FoodGood and evil, order and chaos; and darkness and light—one is not without the other. Pairs come from more than just association. Their polar differences make them work—especially in food. Think salty sweets and even sweet sours.

Salted caramel, chocolate-coated pretzels and kettle popcorn, all of which are sweets with a kick of saltiness. Aside from the fact that they are absolutely delicious, there are substantial reasons the new flavor’s popularity has risen greatly over time.

Layers of Flavor

What do you get when you add a delectable flavor to an already delicious flavor? A burst of more delicious flavor.

It is not surprising to discover that more people have come to appreciate the combination of salty sweets flavor. We all know that eating is not a one sensory system process, it touches on various senses like sight and smell. Layering flavors, gives it a more unique smell and taste—making it irresistible to devour.

The Power of Salt

All chefs and confectionery makers, like, will tell you this: salt enhances flavor. Aside from the variety in flavor it offers, it makes the other flavors taste even better. Therefore, putting it in sweets will
intensify the sweetness.

In addition to its flavor enhancing powers, salt also suppresses bitter taste in food—that is why adding a pinch of it to your creation will make it bitter free.

Sensory-specific satiety

Eating makes us happy because it triggers happy hormones (also known as endorphins). It is safe to say that flavors create a unique experience in our brains because the combo of salty and sweet flavors trigger a feeling and sensation called “sensory-specific satiety.”

It is characterized by a decrease in satisfaction in a certain flavor and the consequent emergence of an appetite due to exposure to a new taste or food. This stems from the human desire to taste a variety of flavors all at the same time (which explains why we can’t stay away from the table during holidays).

Welcome new flavors and delight in the unique taste explosion in your mouth. Revel in the newest sweets trend and experience for yourself why everybody loves the opposites that is salty and sweet.

Breathing New Life to Your Old Hardwood Floorboards

Floor boards

Floor boardsIf your hardwood floorboards have been around since the start of the new millennium, chances are they are showing signs of rotting. The truth is hardwood, even the ones which has undergone the best preservation treatment, are all prone to decay after some time.

Sure Signs of Degrading Hardwood

The basic signs your floorboards are nearing their eclipse is fading varnish, uneven or raised panels and rough surface. If you are confident about the installation and binding of the wood panels, you can proceed with the floor finish.

Floor specialists recommend in-depth finishing that includes complete repair and sanding to polyurethane coating and curing the floors for longer lasting and foolproof floor renovation. Depending on the expanse of the project, clients may see the results within five to seven working days.

Expert Sanding

Floor sanding is what sets professionals apart from amateur restorers. Some skip the arduous task of taking out old paint and smoothing the surface. This results in uneven colour, visible scratches, and prominent and raised floor patches. A well-sanded hardwood reveals a cleaner and smoother base for painting or staining.

Perfect Wood Staining

Staining is the process of applying wood stain to make the timber lighter or darker than its original colour. Asmentioned a while ago, sanded floors are the perfect base for wood stain. Hardwood absorbs stain better with conditioner, which many professionals swear by. You may choose to go for red or golden hue to update the floor’s colour.

Glassy Polyurethane Finish

Polyurethane floor coating is the secret to mirror like shine for floors. It adds to the durability of the subsequent protective layers. Polyurethane, which comes in oil or water base coats, acts a protective coat for a perfect glossy finish, and richer and deeper timber colour. Without drastically changing the old timbers, which could cost hundreds of dollars, your floorboards will achieve a new sheen with poly coat.

Your old hardwood flooring can revive its impressive appearance with a refinishing job. To achieve perfection, hire a refinishing specialist and step onto a better floor.

The Perfect Pearly Whites: What to Expect from Getting an Invisalign Treatment

Perfect Pearly Whites

Perfect Pearly WhitesInvisalign is capable of effectively treating a host of dental issues—from gapped to crooked teeth to more severe bite issues. While it was developed for treating jaw and bite problems, much like braces are— says Invisalign provides better comfort, is virtually invisible and is completely removable. Want to try Invisalign but are not sure if it will work for you? Check below to see the different conditions that can be treated with this option.

Open Bite

You have an open bite if your lower and upper teeth don’t touch. It can significantly affect your speech and chewing, and this must be fixed to prevent more severe issues, such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ).


Also known as overjet, you have this condition if your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth. This can result in gum irritation, uneven and gradual wear and tear of your teeth, and issues with your jaw.


This is a result of bone growth issues on your lower or upper jaw or if you don’t have upper teeth, which allows for your lower teeth to extend beyond your upper teeth. This can considerably affect the function of your molars and front teeth.

Gapped Teeth

Those with gapped teeth usually have missing teeth or a wider than normal jawbone. This can lead to chewing issues, shifting teeth due to an extra space in between teeth, and periodontal disease.


If your lower and upper jaws are misaligned, chances are you have a crossbite. This can result in gum disease, faster teeth deterioration, and in severe cases, bone loss.

Over Crowded Teeth

This usually occurs in people who have smaller than average mouths and jaws that can’t quite accommodate all their existing teeth. This can lead to crooked teeth, teeth eruption issues, and tooth decay due to difficulty when brushing and flossing.

Still not sure if you are the right candidate for an Invisalign treatment? Consult with an orthodontist to determine if Invisalign will work for your specific condition.

Bring in Clients with Your Attorney Bio

court lawyer

court lawyerAttorney bios are some of the most visited or viewed sections of many law firm websites. A gap, however, significantly exists between what clients want to know and what lawyers are currently serving up. Many lawyer bios fail to connect and engage with their prospects, which leads to lost opportunities.

Most attorney profiles are simply bad, because some lawyers like to brag about their educational attainment, the people they’ve worked with, the courts they are admitted to, and even the law review articles they’ve written. The reality, however, is that clients choose attorneys based on trust or likeability. All they want to know is if you can help solve their problems.

SEO and link building experts share a few ways to make the most of your professional bio.

Include Short Profile

No one wants to read a long profile with dates and credentials. Although it is vital to include important details, try to keep it short or include a summary of what makes you unique. Limit the description of your qualifications, awards, interests, and publications.

Highlight Your Specialty

Don’t bother to put an endless list of your practice majors and minors, as it won’t help you get new clients. It is important to be specific about your areas of practice and focus. Providing examples of winning trial strategies or deals can help attract clients. It is also a great idea to tell how you help clients save money and how you win their case.

Use Great Photos

Your photo is essential, as clients want to see who they might be working with. While you don’t need to spend too much for this, don’t use one that resembles a scanned copy of your yearbook photo. Put more thought into bio photos and make sure that they look decent and professional. Avoid bright backdrops and take pictures of other lawyers or partners in locations where they are comfortable.

Establish Your Expertise

Let your clients do some marketing for you by including a few testimonials on your bio page. Testimonials have a great impact on other clients’ decision-making process. You can use them to reinforce your position as a trusted lawyer and demonstrate your expertise.

Win more clients by creating an attorney bio that focuses on connection and engagement. It is also helpful to seek the advice of online marketers for establishing your online presence.

Concerns Regarding Independent Living for Seniors

Independent Living for Seniors

Independent Living for SeniorsAs one grows older, anyone wants an assurance that their needs would still be provided and taken care of for as long as possible. With old age comes wisdom, so they say—and you would not want to get old without preparing yourself for the day when you can no longer afford to move with the times.

Here, you might just find the solutions to your concerns about independent living in Ogden, UT, says

What are the Basics of Independent Living?

Independent living affords a lifestyle suited for seniors who want to continue living in a community as a capable individual only with less responsibilities and disturbance. Opportunities for simple, stress-free daily living encounters are there for the taking: pursuing hobbies, taking a walk at the park, dining at nearby restaurants, among others.

The elderly can enjoy a more laid back living with some help they could get from the services of their community. In other words, this would give them the illusion of living the way they choose, but with ready help in case of emergencies, especially medical in nature.

How Much Will It Cost?

Residents assume payments for rentals on a monthly basis that may include certain services like food and transportation, housekeeping, landscaping and garbage collection. The rate may vary depending on the other services included in the package.

Or, they can get these features with extra payments on top of the monthly fee. Housing plans are also offered with prices varying depending on the size of the living unit and the accompanying benefits.

These are just some of the concerns to consider regarding the various living options for seniors. There are several factors that you would realize in favor of independent living in Utah, and they can surely put your mind at ease.

Facilities at Mining Camp Accommodations


minerBeing the sensible mining company owner that you are, you are surely aware of the conditions your workers encounter every time they go out to the mines. Homesickness, work-related stress and physically demanding tasks are just some of the issues that are worth considering.

In response to these concerns, having the appropriate facilities for your workers is the best options for keeping everyone’s spirits high, notes MAS Accommodation.

Dwellings With Community Appeal

A typical resource community with modular homes has all the basic facilities located in one place, such as private rooms with televisions and beds of different sizes. Recreational areas including gyms and swimming pools allow opportunities for some quality time to bond with one another as well as to keep the workers fit and healthy. The facilities provide the miners with a sense of being at home even though they are actually far away from their families.

Future Provisions

Provisions for future expansions and improvements should be present.A good mining accommodation considers the growing needs of every project. There should be enough space to fit in more people if needed.

Dining and Drinking Areas

Kitchens and dining services may vary for day and night shift workers, depending on the camp’s size and number of diners. Still, there should be enough food and drink on offer. For camps that allow it, alcohol drinking should be limited to designated areas. There should also be stores with basic items for sale inside the camp.

Mining camp accommodations in Australia should follow a plan that makes the workers feel much more motivated to accomplish their daily on-site assignments. Their design should be according to acceptable quality standards to meet and even exceed the expectations of the industry. Keeping your workers’ needs satisfied guarantees that your operations go smoothly and that your camp will be more harmonious.

Office Breakables: Why They’re Vulnerable

Office Breakables

Office BreakablesIt is of great importance that you provide quality equipment to your employees. But with heavy and daily use, even the sturdiest items are prone to breaking; they are also known as the “Office Breakables.”

Here are the following breakables that you should keep an eye out for and the reasons they are vulnerable.


It is an understatement to say that chairs are heavily used in offices. They are essential—something a workplace can never do without because it’s where you and your employees rest, work, and even play in.

The functions of the common office chair has exceeded boundaries, which may be one of the reasons its classification as a breakable is secured. You use it to move around or even a utility tool to reach high areas. Other than that, they can also double as entertainment props for who knows what.

The only two reasons its breakability is high is because of faulty structure and misuse. In any case, you will need to find providers of quality new and used chairs, recommends going for secondhand furnishing that are in good condition to reduce your expenses.


Like your seat, desks are a necessity. They are vulnerable to breaking, especially when they take on weight exceeding their capacity. Moreover, frequent moving and rearrangement risks higher chances of it being mishandled; therefore leading to its breaking.

The next time you choose the desks your employees will work on, check its material and finish. These are some of the factors most people overlook when buying furniture.


Having enclosed areas make people curious; hence, people looking over cubicle and leaning on them. The activity alone makes it vulnerable to instability and destruction.

Cubicles have the tendency to not be securely kept in place, so its vulnerability stems from that. Moreover, having it tightly bolted to the ground with sturdy materials will surely reduce its risks of being shaken.

Encountering these office mishaps is inevitable. Know how you can improve your decision-making when choosing the office equipment by keeping in mind these breakables and their vulnerability.

Dressing – Exactly – How You Want It


NecktiesShopping is not supposed to be complicated. Nevertheless, there are times when you’ve had to settle for a piece of apparel because your first choice didn’t fit properly or turned out wrong. Now, all you have is an item you don’t needat all.

So, if you have been in these situations constantly, consider customizing your apparel. If you’re the kind of person whose clothes reflect your personality, this could be the better choice for you. You get exactly what you want, sometimes even for less.

Deciding on the Design

Take note that someone else creates most of the shirts, jackets and bags you own. Whether you like that item you bought, there will still be thousands more who have bought the same thing. It’s not exactly unique.

Companies like Custom Thread will point out that with custom apparel, you have full rein on what design your shirt will take. If you have been looking for a shirt with a specific logo, this is your chance to make it yourself. Apart from that, you can create your own identity through what you wear.

Control Over Material

The one thing you’ll get in customizing your clothes is variety. You’ll have a variety of choices, especially in the material that you plan to use. You should be comfortable in your own skin, and having the right clothes will help in that aspect. Moreover, if you have allergy to some fabrics, then that will be another reason you should be more meticulous in your clothes.

Presents to Fellow Clothes Lovers

Your friends who also love dressing up will definitely love a gift like this. Print their favorite quotation or theme and see the joy in their faces. It also shows that you put effort in what you give.

If you haven’t tried customizing your clothes yet, then this will be the perfect time. Society calls for individuality, which always results in being cool. Why wait when you can be exactly who you want to be right now?

Hearing Buzzing Sounds When There’re No Bees Around? Must Be Tinnitus


earsAre you suffering from insistent buzzing, roaring, pulsating or ringing sounds? Do you find yourself looking for an invisible bee from time to time? That must be tinnitus at work.

Tinnitus affects around 40-50 million adults in the US. For most people, it is only a mere annoyance and they carry on with their daily lives undisturbed. Others find it affecting concentration, daily living routine like sleeping, studying and working, resulting in poorer living conditions.

Can tinnitus lead to hearing loss?

Some people misconstrue that tinnitus leads to hearing loss. Although it is associated with hearing loss, it does not cause the loss, but in a few cases, affected people become so acutely sensitive to the sound (hyperacusis) that they resort to mask or muffle external noises. Apart from the fact that it has incessantly been irritating and possibly interfering in conversations and thinking, it is not painful.

How does tinnitus develop?

This peculiar ear problem can arise from different sections of the ear and the brain. As much as 90 per cent of people with tinnitus experience some level of noise-induced hearing loss. This means that people exposed to high decibels for a long time can develop tinnitus, and eventually have their cochlea permanently damaged. Your cochlea is the spiral-shaped part of your ears. This part is filled with hair that moves to the pressure of sound waves. When these delicate hairs are broken or bent, they emit random electrical impulses in the brain.

Can it be treated?

Tinnitus can be overcome. It may naturally disappear. For those suffering from persistent tinnitus, Chears Audiology is using FDA-approved fractal tones that help distract the brain from tinnitus sounds. Some studies show that stress and fatigue can worsen tinnitus, thus, practicing meditation and relaxation methods can help alleviate this ear problem.

As many hearing loss problems can be attributed to prolonged exposure to loud noise, another treatment suggested is to wear earplugs. This will lower down the decibels and allow the recovery of the broken hair follicles.

Clinics have different recuperation methods with tinnitus. Finding a way to regain proper hearing may take time, but it will definitely change your life.