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Why is Bathroom Remodeling a Popular Home Renovation Projects?

Bathroom Remodeling in Bountiful

Bathroom Remodeling in BountifulAccording to a survey released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), bathroom remodels are currently the most common home remodeling project. Remarkably, shower remodels have topped the NAHB’s list of most popular remodeling projects since 2010. Why are bathroom improvement projects so attractive? Here’s why:

1. Newer Amenities

Homeowners with dated bathrooms often feel the need to incorporate more technology into their existing bathrooms. Newer facilities make the shower modern and help improve comfort and appeal. They also make the room safer and easier to maintain. Common additions include tub upgrades, new countertops, and other better-performing fixtures or more convenient accessories.

2. Replacements or Repairs

Bathroom components are bound to get old and require replacements. Replacement and repairs help to prevent plumbing disasters while offering a chance to embrace newer technologies.

3. Added Value

For many homeowners in Bountiful, shower remodels and kitchen renovations are an ideal way of increasing the value of the house. An improvement project then becomes a powerful home-staging tool that can attract buyers or help fetch a better price for the home. Better still, bath remodels are not that costly. This allows homeowners to recover their remodeling expenses after the sale.

4. Additional Space

Some families seek extra space because they are tired of a cramped space. Other families need additional space in a bid to make the room more convenient to older family members who require extra space to move around. Remodeling can help to increase both the storage and space to move around.

The bathroom should be a sanctuary. It’s here that many days start and end making this area deserve special attention. Consequently, a bath remodel is more than a home remodeling project. It is a way to usher in better days and restful nights. If the need to sell the home arises, an appealing bathroom can help close the sale faster.

SEO Commandment: Thou Shan’t Brush Off Responsiveness

SEO CommandmentSince the early 2010s, the design community has been presenting responsive design as a ‘nice-to-have feature’. But in 2014, tables turned. Responsive web design isn’t just a feature anymore — it’s an essential part of any company’s online presence.

When it comes to providing an easy-to-use interface, online retail sadly lags behind. A number of retailers failed to invest in responsive e-stores that work on different platforms.

But is a responsive e-store really necessary? Can you just brush it off?

Popular e-commerce site Amazon has a lot of thoughts on that subject matter.

The Boom of Mobile Sites

Experts from Perth Web Design say the success of mobile sales is no secret. If you want a successful e-store in Perth, remembering the big mobile market helps. 

Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce sites, reportedly sold over $1,000,000,000 of merchandise to users in 2009. In 2012, the site sold $3 to $5 billion annually, just from mobile phones. Their Black Friday sale was also responsible for 21.8% of total sales.

Pause and think about it. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, you might be losing potential revenue.

People Abandon Unresponsive Stores

Not focusing on responsive web design costs you 30% of customers, says a recent study by Mobify.

Designers and brands alike should work on responsive design skills to build better e-commerce sites. Conversions stem from a good user experience. If a customer deals with an unresponsive site, they will most likely leave.

For online retailers, checking on a site’s optimisation should be a regular habit. Take a hard look at your platform: is it simple for users? Don’t lose countless customers by neglecting this simple check-up.

Responsive Design is the Way to a Customer’s Heart

Design sites from a mobile-first perspective to win more customers. Starting with a constrained size encourages you to think about what users want. It also helps create a better experience. Rather than overwhelm them with big changes, start small and work up.

Responsiveness is everything for your users. Disregarding what they want is disregarding conversion. Take this seriously and watch users turn into buyers.

Top 3 Best Places for River Rafting in Colorado

River RaftingThere are 158 rivers with given names in the State of Colorado. The four major rivers are Arkansas River, Colorado River, South Platte River, and Rio Grande. There are numerous streams and lakes as well. Colorado is famous throughout the world for whitewater rafting, having some of the most breathtaking, turbulent, and exhilarating whitewater in the world. 

Here are three of Colorado’s best river rafting destinations.

Royal Gorge

Near Cañon City, Colorado is North America’s highest suspension bridge — the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is situated one thousand feet above the Arkansas River. This manmade structure spans the walls of the Royal Gorge. The narrowing rock walls on either side of the river offer some of the most exciting rafting trips anywhere in the world. There are sections of the Royal Gorge only serious rafters must attempt to traverse.

Royal Gorge and Arkansas River rafting guides steer adrenaline junkies expertly through class IV-V rapids, which are not for the faint of heart. If you want to experience heart-stopping plunges, then this is the whitewater destination for you.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Not everyone who seeks out a whitewater rafting experience is prepared to paddle through turbulent waters. If you are vacationing in Colorado with the family, then you can enjoy class III rapids. These parts of the river are not as difficult to maneuver as class IV, V, and VI rapids. They are not easy rapids like those classified as class II. You will encounter high, irregular waves and experience the excitement of whitewater rafting. In this section of the river, you can bring children for the biggest adventure of their young lives.

Gunnison Gorge

Gunnison Gorge offers a wide range of difficulty levels, from class II to IV rapids. It is ideal overnight destination since the area offers not just rapids, but plenty of opportunities to explore wildlife and immerse in stunning scenery.

Are you already preparing a whitewater vacation itinerary? Think about it. You already have three amazing choices to consider.

Travelling Europe on a Budget

Travelling EuropeTravelling Europe seems expensive for many because of its elegance, culture and world-renowned sights. Touring this continent, however, can be light on the pocket, especially if you know where to look and what to visit. Make your Euro dream happen without spending much through these five thrifty ways.

Visit Off-Season

The months between October and April are the busiest in Europe. Avoid visiting during this period to get cheaper airfare, find more budget rooms and spend less time in lines. Big cities such as London, Paris and Rome are interesting any time of the year; plan most of your travels here.

Use International Sim Cards

International sim cards allow you to call multiple countries without having to worry about costly returns. It is advisable to purchase a Europe sim card like UK Prepaid Sim Card that can connect to Austria, France, Italy and other well-known destinations so you won’t have to spend on expensive phone calls, even if you travel somewhere else.

Take Advantage of Rail Passes

Rail passes can offer huge savings, especially if you are travelling a lot. Short trips and point-to-point tickets are definitely cheaper than hailing a taxi or booking a local flight. Travelling by train is also a great way to appreciate the landscapes of Europe.

Pay with Cash, not Credit Cards

Credit card rates differ in every country, which is why it is advisable to pay for items and services in cash. Other than preventing expensive card interests, paying in cash also allows you to track your expenses on a daily basis. Just be careful of pickpockets and only carry the amount you need.

Shop and Dine Locally

Flea markets and department stores usually offer the cheapest deals on food, art, souvenir and clothing. Small businesses such as family-run patisseries and local cafes typically provide discounts for tourists, too. Ask locals for recommendations and remember to haggle when purchasing in a local stall.

Travelling Europe on a budget is easy, especially when you plan ahead of time. Turn your European adventure into a one-of-a-kind journey by saving money, meeting locals and accumulating history lessons along the way.

3 Types of Content You Should Publish Regularly

Content Marketing

Content MarketingContent marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online and reach more audiences. Without high quality and well-written content, you can never earn the credibility and website traffic you need to attract more users and turn them into actual customers. You need to carefully evaluate your content marketing plan to make sure it’s effective. Here are three types of content that you can’t afford not to publish.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the most important content you must publish. Every business website should have their own blog because this will give you a unique identity. Over time, your audience will know more about your business because of the blog posts you publish. Your tone must be consistent and must be in line with the brand you’re trying to build. The topics should be fresh and relevant and you should post at least twice a week.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is sending out newsletters to your subscribers. This is important because not everyone visits your site regularly, so they won’t see that you have new blog entries, promos, special deals, and new offerings unless you send an e-mail blast. When you have a newsletter, the first thing you should do is encourage people to subscribe. The best way to do this is offering a freebie or special discount to your products and services.

Press Releases

Press releases are important because it can be published and syndicated on many major websites and news channels that are relevant to your industry. You need to work with a Melbourne PR company because they are experts in creating press releases that pass the standards of press release websites. They can also help you target all of your content to the right audience and put a positive spin on the otherwise negative news.

Make sure to publish these three types of content and more for your website to gain more traffic and credibility. In the end, you’ll enjoy an increased number of loyal customers.

The Hereditary Aspect of Varicose Veins

Varicose VeinsGenetics has long been considered as one of the factors causing varicose veins, which is a regular symptom of chronic venous disease (CVD). Varicose veins appear as overly dilated, convoluted and long superficial veins found in the lower limbs.

They are so prevalent that they also affect young people, which is why began to offer non-surgical treatments. Australian Family Physician mentions that very few people require surgical intervention.

The Hereditary Link

Varicose veins can be linked to a distal mutation in genetic determinants. One research shared that 17 per cent of patients had a family history of varicose veins.

A study done in Japan showed 42 per cent of women suffering from varicose veins had a family history of the condition. In the U.K, a case-control research revealed 85 per cent of individuals with varicose veins confirmed family history, while 22 per cent did not. Another study, in France, mentioned that children who have both parents suffering from the illness are 90 per cent more likely to develop it.

The Prevalence of Varicose Veins

One-third of the adult population in the West are affected by varicose veins. Findings even reveal that it is a major cause of morbidity in the area. shares that the problem affects one to 60 per cent of women and two to 56 per cent of men.

Data from Edinburgh UK mentions that females experience the onset of CVD at a mean age of 30.8 years. Symptoms showed in men at a mean age of 36.8.

The link between genetics and the prevalence of varicose veins is still an ongoing study that requires more evidence. However, the data from different countries revealed that most people with varicose veins had a family history of experiencing the same condition.


Beginner’s Guide to Alexa Ranking: Effective Ways to Increase Your Ranking

RankingThe job of is to rank sites according to the web traffic they receive. This does not apply to all web traffic sources, however, but those coming from users who have likewise installed the Alexa toolbar on their browsers. This means that if your site is receiving traffic from users with Alexa toolbars, you improve your ranking in Alexa. How should you begin?

  • Claim your website on Alexa – Make a free account and then submit your website.
  • Install the Alexa toolbar – This toolbar is compatible with different browsers. Traffic from Alexa toolbar users will help increase your rank.
  • Put the Alexa widget on your site – Visitorz and other digital marketers offering Alexa booster packages say that this will aid the servers of Alexa to monitor traffic for your site more effectively.
  • Create shareable and linkable content – Your content should be valuable to your target audience so that you get more web traffic and consequently, backlinks. Your readers will gladly share your posts across different social media sites and help boost your Alexa rank. You should likewise keep your site updated to increase the amount of return visits.
  • Leverage your social network – You are probably connected with similar sites and their webmasters on social media. Consider making a deal with them wherein you share their posts and you share theirs as well. This is a win-win for everyone.
  • Add fun images and videos to your posts – Your posts will be more effective and easier to understand if you include relevant images and videos. Likewise, people love watching videos and sharing them. This will result in greater exposure for your site, hence, a higher Alexa ranking.

Note that you will not feel the effects of these suggestions yet, so be patient. In the meantime, focus on delivering quality and unique content to your audience, as well as getting your brand known. These, along with the abovementioned guide will aid giving your Alexa ranking a significant boost.

Medical Imaging: Going Beyond the Medical Frontier

Medical ImagingThe field of medicine used to be foreign. During its early years, detecting a disease was similar to finding something in the dark. The absence of known medical technologies often resulted in misdiagnoses and mishaps.

This is not the case anymore. The seamless integration of new systems and practices into healthcare has helped increase the accuracy of medical procedures. Medical imaging is one of these advances.

The following will help you understand the importance of this process.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Early detection of a disease is important in preventing it from getting worse. Detection, however, is not always visible to the naked eye. A doctor will have to use different apparatuses and adopt processes, such as digital pathology solutions, to find the disease and examine the affected organs.

A Clearer and Better Understanding of the Disease

Once the disease is identified, medical imaging will aid doctors in assessing the risks and screening the vulnerable areas. Specialists can make accurate prognoses. As the disease is mapped out, they can perform a minimally invasive surgery.

Medical imagery also helps doctors personalize the treatment of the disease and the medication of the patient. More importantly, it helps them identify the early signs of the recurrence of the disease, Mikroscan Technologies explains.

Cost Efficiency in Health Practices

Clinics and hospitals also benefit from medical imaging. As it helps in making accurate diagnoses, the entire medical procedure becomes streamlined; shorter processes translate into savings and less time at work. On the side of the patient, early detection and cure of the disease may mean shorter hospital stays, which also translate into fewer expenses.

The medical field is more advanced than ever, especially now that hospital equipment is much smarter. Medical imaging not only plays a central role in healthcare practices but also in the improvement of the lives of the patients.

For Businesses: What Users Look for in a Company Website

Web Design in South Carolina

Web Design in South CarolinaAlmost everyone has a name on the Internet nowadays. Businesses, in particular, want websites to promote their services and products for a larger reach. If you want to be part of that line of thought, make it easy for your customers to find you online. Here are some steps to make that happen:

Ease of Navigation

Imagine entering a hotel with long, winding hallways and little lighting. There are many unmarked doors. Suddenly, out jumps a dancer in penguin mask advertising about cheap travel to South Carolina. That’s so annoying and scary, right? The worst sin for many amateur designers and even big companies is making websites nearly impossible to navigate and then focusing on shock value. and other web design and development experts noted that it’s better to be remembered for practical and good reasons and not the bad ones.

Branding and Representation

The visual and interactive power of web design should be seen as soon as your customers enter the front page. Create a website that can represent your image through colors, images, font, and style. Use official logos for the banner, include a page for your sponsors, and post news about success stories, new partnerships, and messages from the management. Whatever your customer needs to know, include it in the page.


The design should be consistent, manageable and appealing. Each page should allow consistency in its imagery and text, with the right amount of spacing to rest the eyes. There’s nothing worse than having your potential customers complaining about tiring visuals and special effects that make them want to leave your site. Give them the feel of seamlessness and comfort. If you want music, videos, and ads, give your clients the option to mute them or cancel them altogether.

These days, any business can flourish through the Internet. This growth can be helped by a simple, easy to navigate, and professional site. Consult with experts for your options, so you are assured of a quality web page without the hassle.

Both a Promise to Pay: Should You Go for a Secured or Unsecured Loan?

Secured Loan VS Unsecured LoansDon’t be fooled. Secured loans and unsecured loans are both legit loans. The terms secured and unsecured only refer to how much you are willing to collateral.

According to Rapid Loans, getting a quick cash loan online is always a matter of priority. Of course, part of the consideration is the ability to take back. That’s why there’s an option for secured and unsecured loans.

Below is a brief discussion about the differences between the two options:

Protected and Trust Loans

Secured loans usually have higher borrowing rates because you’ll need to use your assets as collateral. Depending on the amount, you’ll need to give the bank access to the following:

  • Your Savings – This includes either your primary savings account or check deposit. This is the easiest way to qualify for a secured loan, especially if you have a good banking history in that account.
  • Your Car – It’s also possible to use your car as collateral, but be aware that its bank value is typically lower than the original price. Also, any form of damage in your car can mean lower appraisal value.
  • Your Home – Banks have their realtors, and they’re the ones who’d determine the market value of your home. Same as cars, make sure to do repairs before presenting it as collateral.

Fast and Guilt-Free Loans

Unsecured loans, on the other hand, are simply loans that have less risk. But, same as with any debt, if you want to protect your name, you have to pay back on time. Below are the types of unsecured loans to know about:

  • Credit Cards – These are your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other credit lines. If you have an excellent profile, then the bank automatically offers credit cards.
  • Signature Loans – Basically, this type of personal loan requires you to sign binding contracts.
  • Student Debts – Government – or school-assisted loans mostly have zero-interest rates.

Borrowing money is a serious transaction that everyone has to respect and follow. To avoid any conflicts, borrow only when you need it and know that you have the capacity to pay back.