2017 Hot Hair Trends That You Should Rock

Ladies working working on a salonThe first quarter of the year has ended and we’re almost reaching the half of 2017. By now, you might already have your own judgment on which hair trends are “in” this year. In case you’ve missed it, here’s a list of some hairdos you can rock:

Super Sleek and Straight

Get your flat iron ready and up for a challenge because extra long and shiny hair will hit the top trends for 2017. For this to look good, hair experts say that you have to make sure your hair is extra healthy. Apply some heat protectant to preserve your hair from the heavy straightening process of your flat iron. Anchante Hair added that hair clip extensions aren’t going anywhere this year, either. If you want instant long hair, then hair extensions are your answer.

The High Pony

A welcoming comeback for the pony, but push it higher all the way up. Tightly secure it for an extra lift on your face. You can now sport the Ariana Grande look of elegance and versatility to every ensemble.

Flat Waves

Ditch those curlers. A flat iron is enough to give you some flat waves, so you can achieve that more subtle wave with a little less glam. This is ideal as a daily hairdo for all occasions. It will also create a no haircut appeal and give a carefree, effortless look.

Extended Shag

Following the surprising hit of shag last year, people won’t mind to still have it this year — even if it grows a little bit long past your shoulder.

Golden Bronde

Spark intrigue with your hair using the golden bronde hair color. It turns from blonde to brown depending on the amount of light exposure. Make sure to adjust both of the color’s depth to match your skin tones.

Curl-Styling, Faux-Perms

If demure hair is not your style, shift to kinky faux-perm curls. Give your hair those curling tongs and your best curling paste and hope for the best.

These are only some of the hairstyles you can try this year. Still not what you’re looking for? Why not ask your stylist for recommendations.