3 Major Costs to Consider for Inground Pools

Inground PoolsHaving a pool at home is a dream come true for many. It’s like having an oasis in your own backyard, fully landscaped, beautiful deck and pristine water you and the family can dip in anytime.

There are three major costs to make these materialise: initial, associated and add-ons. Check below for comparisons of inground pools, namely fibreglass, vinyl and concrete.

Initial Cost

Fibreglass pools are factory-moulded, delivered to site and installed in a quick period of time. Many shapes and sizes are available to suit just about any application. Concrete and vinyl are custom-built onsite involving a more labour intensive process to install.

Costs vary on a number of factors. Obviously, the size and shape of the pool will play a major role as will access to the property and type of soil. A nice level yard will also have advantages and make installation easier. There are DIY, assisted installation, standard package and turn-key packages available depending on what you want. For the least amount of hassle and worry, turn-key packages are most popular, explains GuardianIndustries.com.au.

Associated Cost

Pool owners also pay for associated costs over time, such as pool maintenance. The qualities of each pool type can make its maintenance costs higher or lower.

For instance, fibreglass reduces the need for chemicals as the surface is nonporous and algae find it difficult to adhere to the smooth surface. The surface does not adversely affect the pool water balance of your swimming pool so you do not have to constantly adjust your pool’s pH and Total Alkalinity levels like you would with a concrete and plaster pool. These may also require acid washing from time to time which is not required with a fibreglass pool.


The area surrounding your pool can be landscaped to your own preferences and requirements – decks, fence, water features, lighting, gazebo, cabana – whatever you like depending on your budget. These add security and enhance the look of the pool. Other add-on costs that you might want to consider are patio furniture and BBQ, whirlpool spas, pool toys, and so on. These too will have associated lifespans, maintenance costs and separate installation costs.

Pool owners can tell that initial cost is barely the basis for choosing a pool type. Maintenance and other associated costs, as well as construction-related costs, have to be considered just the same.