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Dentures in the Modern World

An example of dentures Ageing has many challenges and one of them is losing your teeth. None of us likes saying goodbye to our pearly whites. Teeth are lost through grinding, decay, infection, smoking, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related causes. More often than anything, they fall out due to gum disease.

Fortunately, dental researchers are constantly finding ways to improve available techniques and, in the 21st century, the use of new materials and techniques has made dentures more lifelike and easier to wear.

Dentists throughout the country offer dentures and if you live in Farnham, one dentist that offers this invaluable service is Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable false teeth. They are used to replace missing teeth and gums. Partial dentures replace just a few teeth, while complete, or full, dentures replace all the teeth.

Dentures Then and Now

Over the years, dentures have become better fitting, more comfortable and more realistic looking, but they still have quite a reputation for problems based on old technology. Dentures in the past did not look very realistic: the gum bits were too pink, the teeth too white or nowhere near the same shape as the wearer’s original teeth. As if that wasn’t enough, dentures could be embarrassingly badly fitting, seeming to have a life of their own in a person’s mouth, not to mention the whistling and speech problems they could also cause.

Fortunately, these days dentures are no longer another problem you just have to grin and bear in old age, but a solution that brings you a healthier mouth.

What Makes Dentures So Much Better These Days?

New improved resins, stains and custom-made artificial teeth make a beautiful, natural smile much more possible to recreate.

But new materials are not all that’s important. Over the decades, dentistry has vastly improved its understanding of the science involved in managing different mouth and jaw shapes, as well as the muscle skills of the patients receiving the dentures.

The methods for making dentures have also advanced. Dentures can now be made with injection moulding techniques that improve accuracy of fit. Also, denture makers are far more skilled in creating dentures that look natural. It is an art in itself.

Denture stabilisation with dental implants

Dental checkup in preparation for implant procedureA few years ago, patients who wanted to straighten their smile would need to endure months or even years of wearing visible metal brackets and wires. While metal braces are very effective in treating a wide range of dental problems, many adult patients choose not to have them, due to aesthetic concerns.

Fortunately, modern dentistry has developed a treatment that accomplishes teeth straightening gently, comfortably, and discreetly. Invisalign is an innovative treatment available at many dental practices including PDC Dental in Barnsley.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign consists of a series of virtually invisible, removable, transparent and comfortable aligners that gradually move the teeth into their right position over a specific period of time. Invisalign invisible braces are custom-made with 3D computer imaging technology that allows patients to view their own virtual treatment plan.

How does it work?

Each set of aligners should be worn for about two weeks, being removed only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As each aligner is replaced with the next in the series, teeth are slowly moving as planned. Unlike metal braces that require frequent adjustments, Invisalign invisible braces are very easy to use and do not require frequent dental visits. Total treatment time for Invisalign is usually 12 months but this will vary from patient to patient.

Benefits of Invisalign invisible braces

When compared to traditional braces, Invisalign has many benefits. The most obvious benefit that attracts many patients to Invisalign is that the aligners are transparent and discreet. In fact, most people will not even be able to tell if someone is undergoing treatment.

Additionally, Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, playing sports, or performing other activities, so patients do not need to alter their lifestyle significantly. Moreover, Invisalign invisible braces help oral hygiene significantly, since patients can brush and floss their teeth as they normal would. This way, teeth are not only straightened, but also remain clean and healthy for longer.

Am I a candidate?

Invisalign is very effective at treating overbites, crossbites, underbites as well as crowded and gapped teeth. Suitable Invisalign candidates should be at least 18 years old (although a special type of Invisalign is also available for teenagers) with no untreated cavities or gum disease.

Good Teeth and Good Health: Tooth Tips for Parents

Young kid getting her teeth cleanedAs a parent, you are responsible for your children’s well-being and this begins with taking good care of their teeth. This includes taking them to a highly recommended pediatric dentist in your area. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to take care of young children from the time they are infants until they become teenagers.

If kids don’t get the right care, they face the possibility of acquiring oral diseases and cosmetic issues that they may carry throughout the rest of their life. For instance, dental caries among young children is five times more prevalent compared to health issues like asthma or even hay fever. As a parent, it is important to have at least basic understanding of what pediatric dentists do.

What Do Pediatric Dentists Specialize In?

Dentists specializing in this field go through regular dental school and also get additional training. They spend two extra years training dealing with the needs of babies, young children, teenagers and special needs children as well. They may also be part of an interdisciplinary team working on special cases, such as maxillofacial surgery or dental trauma in children.

What Types of Treatment Do They Offer?

A pediatric dentist provides a range of dental care services and treatments, including the following:

  • Oral health checks for infants, which mainly involves assessing risk of cavities
  • Preventive care in the form of cleaning and fluoride treatment, if necessary
  • Nutritional and diet counseling and recommendations
  • Assessing and treating bite correction and straightening teeth
  • Repairing cavities
  • Diagnosing conditions which could be a result of diabetes and other serious health issues
  • Managing gum diseases
  • Treating dental injuries

Children need special care and pediatric dentists have the training dealing with children’s delicate teeth and gums and make sure they are comfortable throughout their visit. Parents can have their peace of mind knowing that their child gets the best treatment because of the rigorous training they receive.

Finding a Good Dentist in Your Area

The best way to find a qualified dentist in your area is to ask friends and family or your health insurance courier for recommendations. If there is a medical school in your area, this is a good place to look for a competent and affordable dentist. But you should also explore your options and visit several dental clinics nearby.

A pediatric dentist will serve as your partner in keeping your child’s teeth and gums at optimum health. Make sure you pick the right one.

Acupuncture as Acne Treatment: Does It Really Work?

Doctor treating a clients skin
There are various triggers for acne, e.g., dead skin cells, clogged pores, and excessive oil production. Risk factors include stress, diet, hormones, and certain medications containing corticosteroids or androgens. You can treat the skin condition through a variety of ways, from dermatologist prescribed medication to over-the-counter topical creams to home remedies. Could acupuncture provide an effective means to get rid of acne?

Acupuncture for Clear Skin

The natural therapy can help by reducing the bacteria, swelling, and the inflammation of acne while balancing hormones. If you want to try it for yourself, try looking for medical spas that offer acupuncture in Encinitas, CA.

In placing needles strategically on your body, licensed therapists can resolve your acne from the inside out. Since the natural technique also works on headache, low back pain, and stress levels, you may even achieve overall health in the process.

The World Health Organization lists acupuncture as a safe and effective method for treating skin conditions, such as acne. You can’t, however, expect acupuncture to work instantly, as there are factors to consider before undergoing treatment. Treatment will depend on your pulse rate, acne patterns, and even the color of your tongue.

Other Unusual Ways to Treat Acne

Some people also use turmeric for acne. This bright yellow powder can reduce inflammation and improve insulin resistance. You can use this in two ways, whether orally or by applying turmeric paste on your face once a week.

How about crystal healing? This may seem odd, but it’s allegedly worked for some people. Energy healers explore and address the cause for acne through reading your emotional and energetic levels. After which, they give you a personalized crystal prescription.

After you’ve exhausted all types of acne treatments, veer away from the usual and try going for acupuncture. It’s natural and it can work for other ailments. This type of treatment may just be the remedy you’ve been looking for all this time.

Myth Buster: The Truth About Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor in Lakeville

Chiropractor in LakevillePeople are often misguided with wrong claims and misconceptions when it comes to understanding chiropractic medicine. Even after repeated correction, they still tend to believe many of this notion. To debunk all the myths and lies about this particular treatment, here are the truths behind them:

Myth: Its healing benefits are psychological in nature

Truth: Chiropractic undergoes to a great deal of study to prove that it heals patient physically, not just psychologically. It is an actual form of therapy which focuses on the musculoskeletal system of the body. Thus, it offers real advantages and not just in the person’s head.

Myth: Chiropractic treatment is painful

Truth: Although many people refer chiropractors as “bone crushers,” this is just a myth. The truth is many patient experience great relief during or after the treatment. Technically, chiropractors are specialists who have years of training and clinical experience. It’s very rare to hear people complain about painful adjustment or discomfort when they receive this therapy.

Myth: Only adults can receive this form of treatment

Truth: People of all ages are allowed to undergo this treatment. There’s a good number of geriatric and pediatric chiropractors in Lakeville who are knowledgeable in adjustments for the elderly and children. Just be sure to present medical clearance and/or recommendation from the doctor.

Myth: There are serious side effects associated with this treatment

Truth: No there isn’t. On the contrary, chiropractic medicine is one of the safest forms of therapy in all of the medical field. Unlike transplants or surgeries, chiropractic has zero after effects. It is actually much safer as compared to a person’s most common activities, such as dancing, taking a bath or cleaning.

Myth: It’s too costly to undergo this treatment

Truth: As compared to other forms of medical service, chiropractic care is actually less expensive. If you carefully analyze the cost of therapy, surgery, maintenance and scheduled check-ups for a traditional medicine with chiropractic, you’ll save as much as half of the total fee.

With these in mind, hopefully, you’ve gained a better understanding of what chiropractic care can and cannot do. Don’t blindly believe hearsays, instead ask the experts themselves and do your own research first.

Managing a Dental Clinic: 3 Techniques

managing a dental clinicHave you just put up your first dental clinic? The anxiety and worry may be getting to you, since you aren’t sure if your regular clients would want to transfer to your new location or if you’d be getting new patients.

Still, opening your own practice means that you’ve already built up a patient base. Some of them will definitely go to see you, but be prepared to lose a few clients simply because you’re in an area that’s inconvenient. So aside from your older patients, how do you get new ones and how do you keep them?

Here are what successful dental practitioners have to say:

1.Get the right equipment and tools

Even if you’re an amazing dentist, bad tools, fillings and other materials can cause you to lose clients. Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab recommends getting the best Hawley retainer, filler and other dental implements so you don’t have patients transferring to other clinics when a bracket falls out.

2. Use social media

Leveraging technology to reach potential patients is a smart move. Find a Facebook group for people who live in the local community and advertise your clinic there. You can also post promotions on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to take pictures of your work to show online so people who need braces, teeth whitening and other procedures may be encouraged to come in for an appointment.

3. Do some charity work in the community

Choose a day once a month to give out free dental checkups or cleanings. While you may work for free for a day, you can advise the people who come in what work they need done and possibly get new patients. Prioritize the kids of low income families in the neighborhood.

Having your own clinic is a risk, but it also has great rewards if you know how to manage it well. Good luck!

Six Month Smiles: a Subtle Solution for Straighter Teeth

Straighter Teeth

Straighter TeethWearing braces to straighten teeth is often thought of as a treatment for teenagers. However, the fact is not everyone gets the chance to have their teeth straightened as a child. What’s more, in some cases teeth can relapse after treatment, shifting back into their former positions. This means there is a demand for effective teeth straightening for adults. While a mouthful of metal may have been bearable in your youth, as an adult, you probably want a subtler solution. Six Month Smiles makes this possible.

Six Month Smiles technology is available in many practices in Essex; Simply Teeth is one of these. At this modern dental practice, Six Month Smiles is used to effectively straighten teeth with improved comfort and cosmetics when compared with traditional fixed metal braces.

What are the Perks of Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a fixed braces system that uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. This means your braces will blend into the background of your teeth for a more discreet look during your treatment. The technology behind Six Month Smiles also means low levels of force are used to push your teeth into their straighter positions, which makes for a more comfortable treatment journey. Treatment times range from four to nine months, averaging around six months.

This fixed braces treatment can be used to address crooked, crowded or spaced out teeth. The best way to find out if Six Month Smiles could work for you is to arrange a consultation with your dentist.

What to Expect from Your Treatment Journey

At your initial consultation your teeth and gums will be examined. Impressions of your teeth will be made and photos taken. Based on all of this information, your Six Month Smiles braces will be custom-made. Once your braces have been attached, you will have monthly dental appointments to check on your progress.

At the end of your treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new straightened positions. There are two kinds of retainers available: fixed or removable. You can choose whichever will work best with your lifestyle. You can then enjoy the lifelong benefits of straighter teeth.

Positive Thinking All the Time: It Doesn’t Work

Therapist in Denver

Therapist in DenverPositive thinking gives you an affirmation that everything will work out despite your worries and uncertainties. While putting a positive spin on things is mostly a good thing, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your negative thoughts. Trying to think positive always can make you feel stuck in the same place, causing you to turn a blind eye to your actual feelings and to the real situation.

Identify and Deal with Your Emotions

When you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, positive thinking may cause you to avoid the issues you need to address. It is helping you ignore your feelings. One important part of improving your emotional health is being able to identify your emotions. Whether it’s shame, anger, fear, guilt, or disappointment, you should acknowledge these feelings and find the support that will help you deal with them.

Accept and Don’t Deny Your Thoughts

It is not advisable to think positive, especially if you deny the things that keep you stuck in the same place. LifeCraft Counseling LLC’s therapist in Denver notes that it is important to be willing let out your negative thoughts, so you can realize that you don’t have to believe in them. The truth is, it is better to accept and embrace your thoughts rather than criticize them. You can also forgive yourself for developing these notions.

Don’t Force Yourself to Make Affirmations

Some people also tend to over-rate their abilities when faced with a setback. When you combine this tendency with over-optimism, it is easy to find yourself pushing for completely unrealistic goals. Challenge your fears and worries, as it will eventually guide you along the way. Trying to suppress your feelings or forcing yourself to make positive affirmations is not the best way to go.

It is okay to have positive thoughts or be encouraged even when someone tells you a clichéd advice like, “every cloud has a silver lining”. You shouldn’t, however, be heavily focused on being overly optimistic that you fail to give attention to the messages that counteract your positivity. You also have to embrace the parts that you want to resist looking at. This can help you think clearer and move to the right path.

Pregnancy & Signs of Labor: Know When to Call Your Doctor

Pregnancy & Signs of Labor

Pregnancy & Signs of LaborPregnancy is a scary stage of life, especially for first-time mothers. As you near the end of pregnancy, you might find yourself wondering if you’re having your contractions or if it’s just normal. However, it is important to educate yourself about the signs of labor. This will ensure that you know when you’re having the baby and you can get to a health care facility immediately.

1. Lightening

Lightening is when you feel as if your baby “drops.” This happens a few weeks before labor starts. This means that the baby is already resting in your pelvis. When this happens, you might feel as if the pressure on your diaphragm has been relieved. You will observe that it’s easier to breathe.

2. Loss of Mucus Plug

This is also dubbed as “bloody show.” If your cervix will start to dilate, you are nearing labor and by this time, you might observe that you might pass your mucus plug, the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off the cervical canal for the last nine months. The cervical plug is there to protect the baby from bacteria that would enter the uterus.

3. Bag of Water Breaks

Not all soon-to-be-mommies would experience this situation. It’s when fluid leaks from your vagina. This is a sign to call your doctor or midwife because the baby’s coming out.

4. Labor Contractions

During contractions, the abdomen becomes hard. Between contractions, the uterus may relax and the abdomen becomes soft. This will usually cause a dull ache and discomfort in your lower abdomen and back. Bloomlife added that it’s best to learn how to time contractions because when it becomes more frequent, it’s time to go to the hospital.

There are times when women feel false labor, which means that it’s not yet time for the baby to come out. Thus, it’s important to know exactly when “true labor” begins.

A Guide to Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryGeneral dentistry takes care of the health of your teeth and gums and is something we are all familiar with. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on treatments that improve the aesthetics of your smile. This is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with a quarter of adults having undergone some form of cosmetic dental treatment.

At Blue Sky in Belfast, cosmetic dentistry is carried out safely and responsibly using a comprehensive range of treatments. Their highly trained staff strive to ensure their patients achieve the look they’ve always wanted. With so many options now available, consulting a dentist is the best way to figure out what treatments will work best for you.

Exploring cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry deals with both teeth and gum imperfections. A gummy smile is the result of excess gum covering too much of the teeth, making them appear shorter. Gum contouring can reshape the gum line to better shape around the teeth. Receded gums can be treated with gum grafts to increase the height of the gum line.

Teeth imperfections come in many forms, many of which can be addressed using veneers. These thin shells are fixed to the fronts of teeth and can transform their size, shape and colour. Damaged or broken teeth can be repaired using crowns to restore their shape and overall appearance. For teeth that are crooked, crowded or gappy, modern braces provide more comfortable and discreet teeth straightening than ever before. When it comes to stains or discolouration of the teeth, which can accumulate over the years, teeth whitening can be used to restore a natural shine.

More than just cosmetic benefits

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the outward appearance of your teeth and gums. However, often these treatments have more than a superficial impact. A healthier smile can often boost confidence and self-esteem. These effects can have untold benefits on both your professional and personal interactions.

Digital smile design uses computer-aided technology to develop a personalised treatment plan. This ensures the best possible aesthetic outcomes, while local anaesthetic and sedation mean your dental treatment is a pain-free experience. Together this makes cosmetic dentistry a more attractive option for enhancing your look.