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Three Ways to Use Video for Promoting Your Brand Online

Woman doing a video marketingConsumers consume different types of content. If you are looking at traditional media, there are TV commercials, radio ads, and print ads. Some of these can be carried over online, making them accessible to netizens.

When talking about content range, many consider video as one of the most effective forms. This is because video is easy to digest. It is also easy to distribute and has a long shelf life; your target audience can just revisit it any old time you want. If you want to use video for online marketing, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here are some of them, as specified by a reliable video production agency in London.

Use Social Experiment

There is no recipe for being viral, but you can try if you want. If you are trying to go this route, film social experiments. This is because these experiments show a lot about human behaviour, which your consumers will always find interesting. If you want inspiration, just watch Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign.

Go for Procedures

You may not realise it, but people are big on procedures. They like watching the processes behind things—recipe for instance. This is where Buzzfeed’s Tasty is currently banking on. If you want this treatment, you will need to make your videos sweet and short.

Go Live

This is one of the recent developments in online video marketing. If you think that some video treatments require high production budgets, you can go for this option. A lot of platforms allow live coverage, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can go live if you want to cover events or film interviews.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to use video for your online marketing campaign. Coordinate with your producer and directors.

Web Design Agencies: Find the Right One For You

Website Design ImageIf you are a business owner and want to hire a Web design firm, it can be intimidating when finding the right one. There are so many Web design companies with different fees that you have to look closer and figure out your needs.

A good CT Web design company is flexible and has the resources to understand your needs and goals. Once this is in place, they will be able to design a successful and easy to navigate Website. Coforge Marketing cites some of the services a good Web design company might offer.

Graphic design is the most important first step because a site needs to look appealing and set up in a way that it enhances user experience and trust.

Customized programming would also help integrate elements of design which customers might need.

Responsiveness is an absolute must, considering that search engines are incorporating new algorithms and expanding services to include mobile platforms. Design firms should have the capability to launch a website on every available platform.

Content is another essential aspect of a website. Every good Web design firm needs to have informative and useful content that users could share and spread on every social media platform.

SEO services are now also an integral part of Web design. Every designer is now required to have an understanding of website structure as well as coding so that they can boost your visibility.

Some clients might ask Web design companies to use their expertise in the following areas:

Analytics Interpreting and Reporting

Clients can ask to collect and interpret data, offer suggestions, and make improvements based on the given information.

Monitoring the competition is important, too. It is worth the time and effort to have someone track competitors and make changes to gain new customers.

Design templates and customized blogs are also a good service to offer clients. Some design companies even offer PPC Campaign management if a business doesn’t have a dedicated team.

All in all, Web design companies offer comprehensive services in many areas, and it is worthwhile hiring them to help you create a Web presence that everyone will surely notice.

What Do Video Marketing Ads Have in Store in 2017?

Video Marketing Concept

Video Marketing ConceptVideos are gaining importance in the marketing world. The Huffington Post reported that in recent years, successful brands have expanded video use throughout the entire customer journey to educate and convert buyers, improve customer satisfaction, and build better relationships.

Vonazon believes that video marketing ads will improve a brand image by using storytelling, humor, eye-catching graphics, and invaluable information. Here are video marketing ads in 2017 that help your company take advantage of the emerging platform:

360-Degree Videos

Following the jaw-dropping technology that comes with 360-degree images come the even more impressive 360-degree videos. A case study showed that a video in a 360-degree format had 28.81% more average views than the same video in a normal format.

The 360-degree format is great for product videos, as it makes the audience feel as if they’re experiencing the product in person.


The live-streaming feature in Facebook is relatively new, and companies are finding ways to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. There is the possible Q&A with experts from your industry, or the live-streaming of a conference or an important event.

You can also make a behind-the-scenes live-stream, where you show certain processes in your business that your customers don’t normally see.

Videos Heavy on Storytelling

Any advertising agency will tell you that a compelling story is instrumental in your campaign’s success. This will continue to hold true in 2017. Videos that are heavy on storytelling invoke emotion and personal connection with your customers. Some examples are case studies and testimonials.

Online video will soon account for 74% of all online traffic, according to a study. When it comes to business, there is an 80% increase in customer conversion if a website has a video on its landing page. Additionally, visitors spend 2.6 times more on pages with video than those without. Using video in your marketing campaign will certainly have its advantages.

What Online Reviews Mean for Your Dental Practice

Online Review Concept On LaptopDo you encourage your patients to post online reviews of your practice? If you haven’t done it, you’re missing on a great opportunity to grow your practice. Marketing experts say that having constant, positive reviews online is one of the quickest and effective ways to get new patients in the door.

The Power of Personal Referral

Ninety-two percent of consumers read online reviews before purchasing a new product or hiring a new service, according to one recent customer survey. When people are looking for a dentist, they prefer one with a trusted practice. Which dental practice do they consider as the trusted ones? The answer: those with many favourable online reviews. For many consumers, positive reviews work like a personal referral from a family member or a friend, according to Dominate Dental.

Online Visibility

Patients do not only post reviews on the dental practice’s website, but they also post on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook. Their written experience of your service has likely mentioned your name, your dental practice’s brand, and location — the keywords you possibly used in your SEO campaigns. This means that the mere fact that a patient wrote about their root canal treatment in your practice can help strengthen your SEO campaigns, as well as increase your Google rankings for some of your targeted keywords. In turn, your website will be more visible online, and it can lead to an increasing number of inquiries and dental appointments.

What if all the reviews are negative? There are fixes, such as reputation management. However, you need to take negative feedback seriously, as the complaints may be critical areas for improvement in your practice. After all, the best way to get positive reviews is to provide effective and reliable services continuously.

Now that you know what online reviews mean for your dental practice, start encouraging your regular patients to tell their Facebook friends about their experience with your practice. Also, as mentioned above, just focus on providing excellent dental services to your patients and hundreds of positive feedback will just automatically appear online.

Why Likes, Comments and Shares Matter

Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementAnyone who is new to social media may not be familiar with the power of likes, comments and shares. How do these things that are given for free actually became great metrics, indicators and tools for growing your brand?

Read on to understand more, so you can make a better decision when you buy social signals.

1. Gives You Brand Cred that Matters

Millenials and tech-savvy customers always look to shares, likes and comments to see how your brand is doing at any point in time. Being able to see which posts have the most social exposure and positive feedback. It is indicative of trends and popularity when you have a large number of followers, retweets and other social signals. People always want to know what other people are talking about.

2. Helps Boost Your Brand Across the Platforms that Matter Without Penalties

Google’s algorithm is as efficient at finding the right results as it is at determining fakes and data manipulation. But with likes, comments and shares, Google has no penalties and no markers. This means that when you grow your social signals, Google will pay no heed and not devalue your website or page. The more signals you have, the better chance for your post or content to go viral.

3. Gives You a Better Picture of What Content Your Market Wants

When you put out content, you want to diversify as much as possible. In the early stages of campaigns, this is important so you know what kind of posts catch the attention of your followers or your market. Social signals help you determine the type of posts that work best at certain times so you always engage your followers.

Many likes, comments and shares all work together to help you boost key performance indicators and reach new clients. Do not be afraid of harnessing these metrics to get the results your business needs.

Finding the Right PR Firm for Your Business

Public Relations

Public RelationsFinding the right PR agency is like finding the right partner for life. You want to choose someone who has all the qualities you are looking for and is a good fit for your business.

It also means it can be difficult to find the right PR company in Melbourne, where there are many firms and consultants to choose from. With so many choices that offer rich backgrounds and specialisations — from traditional media to digital and from large multinational firms to boutique agencies — it could be daunting to make a choice.

But having a well-structured selection process can help you make everything easier. Here is what you need to do to choose the right PR firm for your business:

1. Define your goals

Even before building a list of firms to choose from, you must know what end you’re trying to achieve. Is it brand awareness or a successful product launch? Do you want to strengthen media relations or establish a solid social media presence?

2. Interview client references

A good PR firm must give you client references that can provide an idea of what it’s like to work with the firm. The references should be able to tell you if their project was completed on time, on budget, and with a nice attitude. Ask them for recommendations as well on how to work best with the firm and its consultants.

3. Look for a perceptive approach

The PR firm you choose must have done their research to find out what you are looking for. When you schedule presentations, look for signs that show the agency has done its homework. They must know who you are as a business and be able to discern your needs, even without you telling them.

4. Set a budget

Paying for public relations isn’t cheap, so it’s best to set aside a specific budget for it. Your PR firm must be able to present a cost estimate that takes into account all expenses for the project. Moreover, be wary of hidden costs or long-term contracts that could lock you in for several years. Make sure to read all the fine print before you sign anything.

Hiring a PR agency shouldn’t feel like you’re working with a third party. Think of it as hiring someone to become part of your team. The right firm will be able to feel like they’re working only with you, and not with other clients. Otherwise, if you feel like they’re not giving you their best, they’re not the right firm for you.

Make Some Cash: Organise a Garage Sale or Sell Online

Junk Shop in AucklandThere are many ways to make extra cash. The first thing you should do is to look at your home and check the things you have not used for a year. If you haven’t used or needed them for that long, you’re not likely to need them ever.

With that in mind, start de-cluttering your home from room to room. Fill boxes with things you don’t need or have forgotten about, but which may still be of use to other people. Start organising your garage or eBay sale with the following suggestions:


Don’t spend too much time thinking about the price for each item. Put the items in boxes and label the each box with a price. Don’t be greedy, though. The point is to sell items quick and get rid of clutter, while making a little cash. It’s not about making a fortune — unless your items are rare collectibles. Price them as if you’re ready to give them away.


Of course, you need to do a little marketing. Something as simple as announcing the sale will do. Print some small posters or flyers and hand them out to your neighbours. Tack a few announcements on community bulletin boards, or wherever you’re allowed to do so without a permit. Announce the sale through your blog or Facebook and tag your friends.

Separate the metal

Find a junk shop in Auckland. Scrap metal can fetch you some serious cash, but you might hesitate to sell it on eBay or at your garage sale. Instead of tossing the metal you find in your garage to the bin, turn it into money. That old motorcycle you have in the shed that hasn’t run for years; it might just be better to have the metal recycled.

These are simple ways to make some extra cash. In the process, you are also getting rid of clutter, freeing up space in your property. When you think about it, you gain something and really lose nothing.

Changing of the Guard: The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Online Influencer

Online marketing is always changing, content advertising was the buzzword a few years ago (it still is by-the-way); now more and more marketers are focusing their approach on digital influencers.

Who are these digital influencers?

Not everyone has the budget to get Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence or other celebrities or athletes to endorse their products or services. The services of these people require millions of dollars in advertising money. On the other hand, digital influencers are bloggers, instagrammers or others who have a substantial following in their social media accounts or blogs.

Digital Ads International Pty Ltd, a reputable graphic advertising design studio, explains that influencers are active online users trying to gauge and influence the behaviour of their followers or whoever visits their web pages. True influencers don’t just stir interest or raise awareness; they cause actions.

If you want to use an influencer for your campaign, he or she must be a snug fit to your brand identity and value proposition. That person may have thousands of followers, but their tweets or posts mean nothing but empty traffic if they don’t match with your company.

How influential are they?

When you partner with an influencer, they don’t just bring their audiences with them, their audiences also bring their networks with them. This makes it easier for you to reach a wider market whenever you promote your products or services through your chosen influencer.

The loyalty of their fanbase has the ability to boost website traffic and positively affect their buying behaviour. They have the capability to improve sales in a short amount of time and raise brand awareness. This improves your recognition and positive association with the influencer on your team.

Aligning with influencers is fast becoming a marketing approach of many websites looking to maximise their budget and get good returns. However, when choosing a brand ambassador, make sure you share the same values and branding.

Don’t Miss Out: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies Worth Implementing Today

Digital MarketingWith so many digital marketing strategies available today, you’re sure to find the ones that will work best for your business. Perhaps you’re already using some of the most popular options, including SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Do you know that there are some other strategies that can improve your business’s online visibility, sales, and revenue? Read on to learn about them.

Content Aggregation

Businesses must use high quality, informational, and compelling content to engage customers. The trick is to provide value to the readers or visitors, and content aggregation is an effective way to do it.

Content aggregation involves careful selection, presentation, and sharing of digital content about a particular topic. It aims to collect information in different forms (texts, images, videos, maps, infographics, news, etc.) and display it in one place to attract the target audience and build authority. Internet marketing agency Market-Max reminds business owners to collect only high-quality content from authoritative sources, avoid plagiarism, cite and provide links to sources, and respect copyright laws.

Video Optimization

Videos are effective marketing tools, as they keep your audience informed, engaged, and entertained. Last year, YouTube’s “How-To” searches grew by 70%, with over 100 million hours of how-to videos viewed by North American users for the entire year. Your video could be the next most-viewed content on YouTube!

Mobile App Development

Research shows that users spend almost 90% of their mobile time using mobile apps. Developing an application that will make the lives of your target customers easier is good for your business. It could be anything, from a mobile restaurant menu or a store/branch finder. Assess the needs of your customers to identify the right type of app to develop.

Voice Search

Customers are looking for an easier way to find what they’re looking for. Those who multitask prefer voice search because it’s more convenient. Imagine getting search results while driving without having to use your fingers. The voice search function of mobile devices allows you to run a search query by just saying the keywords.

Digital marketing evolves with technology. With the right service provider by your side, you can make these strategies work for your business.

Project Management Success Has Nothing to Do with the End Result

Project Management SuccessLooking forward to the completion of a project is perhaps the easiest thing there is. However, if you’re serious about your plans on becoming a project manager, simply considering the end result is not a smart way to go.

In fact, PMP certification course in Utah does not focus solely on success because it’s something that will follow you given that you put great attention to the process instead.

So, if that statement shook your entire understanding about how managing projects should go, wait until you read the next items below.

The Devil is in the Details — sort of

Technically, the only demonic thing involved in effective project management is your obsession towards not committing any fatal errors. But, if you consider how quick and agile you should be when deciding on what campaigns to prioritize first, mistakes will always be there waiting for you. Therefore, try to be a little less positive and more negative towards work because looking out for the worst can bring out the best in you.

The Skill Set You Need to Master

If you’re a project manager, then you’re already a cut above the rest of other employees. You influence the success of the business on a daily basis and you have the right to shift decisions within the organizations. But, as great as it sounds, you will either take most of the credit for a job well done or the entire fall when things don’t go as planned. For this reason, you have to master the following skills to make sure you don’t become the latter:

  • Calibration Chops: as a project manager, you should be critical in all aspects of the job. Whenever you see a department needs to up their game, you should have the tact to go along with your data.
  • Technological Brilliance: manually providing customized email updates and company roadmap isn’t the most efficient way of doing your job. As a project manager, you should master the use of technologies that will help you exceed your capabilities.
  • Creativity: continuous and sustainable improvement is what every project managers vie for. Therefore, it’s never enough if you simply know the process. You have to own it and devise plans to improve it every chance possible.

Success is only the aftermath of effort. As a project manager, you must learn how to recognize more of the individual processes because only you can.