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2017 Hot Hair Trends That You Should Rock

Ladies working working on a salonThe first quarter of the year has ended and we’re almost reaching the half of 2017. By now, you might already have your own judgment on which hair trends are “in” this year. In case you’ve missed it, here’s a list of some hairdos you can rock:

Super Sleek and Straight

Get your flat iron ready and up for a challenge because extra long and shiny hair will hit the top trends for 2017. For this to look good, hair experts say that you have to make sure your hair is extra healthy. Apply some heat protectant to preserve your hair from the heavy straightening process of your flat iron. Anchante Hair added that hair clip extensions aren’t going anywhere this year, either. If you want instant long hair, then hair extensions are your answer.

The High Pony

A welcoming comeback for the pony, but push it higher all the way up. Tightly secure it for an extra lift on your face. You can now sport the Ariana Grande look of elegance and versatility to every ensemble.

Flat Waves

Ditch those curlers. A flat iron is enough to give you some flat waves, so you can achieve that more subtle wave with a little less glam. This is ideal as a daily hairdo for all occasions. It will also create a no haircut appeal and give a carefree, effortless look.

Extended Shag

Following the surprising hit of shag last year, people won’t mind to still have it this year — even if it grows a little bit long past your shoulder.

Golden Bronde

Spark intrigue with your hair using the golden bronde hair color. It turns from blonde to brown depending on the amount of light exposure. Make sure to adjust both of the color’s depth to match your skin tones.

Curl-Styling, Faux-Perms

If demure hair is not your style, shift to kinky faux-perm curls. Give your hair those curling tongs and your best curling paste and hope for the best.

These are only some of the hairstyles you can try this year. Still not what you’re looking for? Why not ask your stylist for recommendations.

Breast Augmentation: Essential facts to Know

Woman Getting Breast AugmentationWhen you are planning on getting your boobs done, know that it’s kind of like looking for a new job or purchasing a home—it requires thorough consideration, some basic understanding of your options, and ample research. With this in mind, below are some vital facts to know about breast augmentation.

  • You could try out various breast sizes before deciding on which ones to get. Using sizers, which are neoprene sacks filled with beads; you could easily stuff your bra to get a clearer picture of the exact size you want.
  • There are saline and silicone implants. Silicone breast implants feel and look more natural, but it would be tougher to determine if there’s rupturing because of its consistency. Saline breast implants, on the other hand, might show slight ripples in particular areas of your boobs. However, since they’re mainly filled with water, you’ll notice if it becomes ruptured because your breast size would decrease as well.
  • In general, you’d have to stay home and rest for about a week after your breast augmentation, says Dr. Steven Warnock, a top plastic surgeon in Utah. While you won’t feel 100% fine following the first week, you could go to work, considering that you don’t perform manual labor. He adds that you can’t do vigorous exercises such as cardio and plyometrics following your procedure. Majority of patients would have to limit their physical activity for at least 12 weeks.
  • Your new breasts would feel different from real ones, but smaller breast implants and those located under the muscle would be harder to detect.
  • If you have teeny A cups, you can’t just slap on DD cups in one go. Your skin and body would need ample time to adjust to the changes. Your surgeon would probably recommend that you go up two sizes up first and then increase your size over the course of several years.
  • Not all surgeons that claim they’re board certified are actually certified. This means that your must do your own due diligence and research your shortlist of surgeon candidates thoroughly.

Getting your boobs done is a choice, but one that would change your life forever, so prior to making a decision, make certain to consider the abovementioned facts about breast augmentation.

Splash of Fun: This is How You Organise a Pool Party

Group of Friends in a Pool Party

Group of Friends in a Pool PartyPool parties are one of the most exciting ways to have fun in the sun. They’re also one of the ways to socialise and strengthen the bond between you and your family and friends. Before you host one, you need to keep in mind that there are some things to list down so as to prevent certain problems from happening.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re lucky to have stumbled upon this article. Below are the three Gs of organising a pool party (or any other party for that matter). So prepare your swimming pool in Perth and have some fun.


Don’t just randomly call friends. Otherwise, you’ll end up entertaining guests you don’t want to entertain in the first place. At least two weeks before the date, send out invites so that they can already decide and mark their calendars. Get in touch with people you actually want to socialise with. Anticipate that some of them will bring their plus one, so you need to be prepared as far as logistics is concerned.


This is a light party, so your food should not be difficult to prepare. Go for light and tasty fares. Finger foods will fit this category. You can make tasty sandwiches, quiches, and canapés. If you want some smoky flavours, hit the barbecue. Make sure that you have dishes that suit vegetarians, kids, and guests with certain allergies. Don’t forget the punch and cocktails!


Sustain the fun with engaging games. Keep the fun in the pool with balloon toss, races, shark in the pool, ping pong and treasure hunt. Observe safety rules strictly to prevent untoward incidents, especially among kids.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when planning a pool party. For more fun under the sun (or moon, in case of night swimming), set the mood with the right music!

A Simple Way to Start Shedding Extra Pounds

Girl Standing on a Weighing ScaleWhether you’re planning to apply for a higher position in your company or set to hit the beach in a few months, making an effort to lose weight is a good idea. It’s a smart decision to live a healthier lifestyle and keep to a weight that’s perfect for you.

However, there are some things you have to consider before you start shedding pounds. First, you need to accept that you need to reduce your appetite. Second, you should not go hungry. Finally, you should focus on improving your metabolism. So how could you do all these on a diet? The experts at presents some safe and healthy ways to lose the unwanted weight while at the same time take care of those considerations.

Reduce sugar and starch intake.

Sugar and starch (carbs) are responsible for encouraging insulin secretion, so your body stores more fat (insulin does that). When insulin secretion goes down, fat is released from the stores, so you get to burn fat instead of carbs. Your kidneys also begin shedding all that excess water and sodium, which lowers bloat.

Shape your body while sleeping.

It’s unhealthy to sleep only a couple of hours. You have to maximize your sleep, letting your body rest for a full eight to nine hours every night. Before sleeping, use a proven effective contour gel around your waist. There are products like this that have been proven to help improve body shape. To avoid having problems sleeping, go to bed the same time every night. You should turn off the TV and the lights, and leave your phone on silent and far enough away from you. Listen to some soft, soothing music or nature sounds to encourage sleep.

Increase consumption of proteins and veggies.

A diet of proteins, low-carb vegetables, and fat will help you reduce weight. Protein increases metabolism and also prevents you from thinking about food too much. Your fat sources should come from are healthy oils such as avocado, coconut, olive, and yes, even butter! Don’t overdo the fat, though.

So if you want to lose the unwanted weight, aim for a healthy, high-protein, low-carb, low-fat diet, plus plenty of sleep and hydration. Of course, it’s best to consult your physician first to be sure that your diet will have no adverse effect on your health.

Stressed and Still Smiling: A Smile Changes Everything

De-stressing AdviceThe daily grind is not everyone’s best mate. On some days, it is tempting to just throw in the towel. The stress can be too much and as much as you wish to visit the nearest spa, your schedule does not allow it. Even lying down all day sounds tempting, yet impossible (unless you want a notice of dismissal from your boss).

Out of all the de-stressing advice examples, ‘just put on a happy face’ might seem like the most irrelevant. It sounds ridiculous; who smiles during stressful situations?

Science, however, begs to differ. A study from the University of Kansas would make you want a brighter smile with teeth whitening in London.

The ‘Grin It, Bear It’ Principle: The Study

Smiling your problems away might sound like a useless advice. But the study from the University of Kansas’s team, published in the Psychological Science journal, insists that smiling is helpful in reducing stress for some circumstances.

The study involved 169 college students who were all clueless to the true nature of the experiment. Since telling the students the study is about smiling and stress, the researchers informed participants that multi-tasking was the primary focus.

After separating the students into three categories (neutral smilers, normal smilers and Duchenne smilers), participants performed ‘multi-tasking situations’, which invoke stress. During each task, researchers monitored the students’ heart rates and also asked for their levels of stress.

The result? Students who smiled often had lower heart rates and stress levels compared to those who did not.

What It Means for You

During stressful times, forcing a smile can be difficult. But if you wish to experience a period of comfort, encourage yourself to smile. If you come up with a Duchenne smile (smiling with your eyes), even better. Whatever the reason is, when you try to look happier, you will end up feeling better.

The next time you experience stressful situations, hold your face in a smile. It will not just light up your face; it will also light up your heart.

The Important Elements of a Skatepark

Skate ParkSome people may see skateboarding as a dangerous and reckless sport, but this brings many health and social benefits that you probably didn’t even know. Skaters learn flexibility, precision, and balance through this sport. They burn calories and develop muscles when they skateboard. It also brings people together in a community that can be great for the youth, especially those who are struggling to make friends.

Home for Skateboarders

Communities all need places for them to gather and establish a good relationship with one another. The skateboarding community is no exception. Skateboarders also need a place to hang out with other skateboarders, have fun, and skate. What better place is there for skateboarders than a skateboard park?

The Two Essentials

When advocating for the construction of a skateboard park in your neighborhood, OC Ramps says that you have to take note of a few things like the skateboard’s park design.

These elements of design can be separated into two categories: usability and functionality.

  • Usability – Think of the flow of the skatepark. This refers to the quality of easily moving from one area to another. Other qualities you have to consider are traffic (the amount of people that can simultaneously skate in an area), speed (some areas will be designed for high-speed or low-speed skating), and difficulty (areas are also designed for different levels of difficulty).
  • Functionality – This is where you think about access (where people enter and exit), seating (where people relax and rest), and capacity (how many people the skatepark can support). You also have to think about safety and drainage. When it rains, outdoor skateparks need drainage to keep bowls from filling up with water. Indoor skateparks will not have such a problem, though.

Many other elements come with the construction of a skateboard park. When you are thinking of having one built in your area, you can think about the park elements mentioned here to create the ideal park that every skater can enjoy.

Uses Where Stationery Hasn’t Gone Out of Style: Business and Personal

Stationery UseThere is no denying that technology has brought people to greater heights, most especially when it comes to communication. At present, emails and instant messaging are the popular means of communication. Unlike before, stationeries were of great use because most communication was coursed through handwritten letters.

Corporations, however, still make use of stationery for their letterheads. This is true for private and public organisations. Some event invitations for weddings and birthdays still make use of stationery as well.

Here are some stationery ideas both for business and for personal use:

Business Use

Businesses still make use of matching letterheads and envelopes. While there is no doubt that email correspondence is currently a fad, letterheads with envelopes carrying the logo of the company is still widely used, especially for legal or formal notices.

1. Business cards for individual employees

Employee and executive business cards make use of stationeries. Giving away business cards is a business tradition that never goes out of style, with each design striving to outdo the others.

2. Notepads and memo pads for office use with a company logo

Notepads and memo pads that carry the company logo are of big help as an advertisement for a particular firm. These are even used as giveaways during expos and exhibits. A stationery printing service is usually contracted to mass-produce a particular design in this case.

Personal Use

1. Family celebrations

Though electronic invitation has taken the events world by storm, a traditional stationery invitation is still in trend. People still want to hold something tangible and most individuals usually prefer receiving decorated invitations.

2. ‘Thank you’ cards

Thank you cards are mostly used for events like a wedding or other formal events like an awarding ceremony.

The good thing about stationeries is that they can be personalised and kept for years. The above-mentioned ideas are only the tip of the iceberg; you can experiment and see what you can come up with.

Benefits of Outdoor Play and Consequences of Lack of Play Opportunities

Outdoor Playground

Outdoor PlaygroundRegular outdoor play makes children happier, healthier, and stronger. You should, therefore, encourage your kids to regularly get outside, play and move around, and connect with the natural world.

Here is how regular visits to an outdoor playground can benefit you and your kids.

Outdoor Play Benefits

  • Children get opportunities to enjoy freedom, as well as exercise choice and control over their actions.
  • Play allows kids to test boundaries and explore risk.
  • Playing exposes children to a wide range of rewarding physical, social and intellectual experiences.
  • Play promotes independence and helps to foster self-esteem.
  • Play stimulates creativity and learning capacity.
  • Play supports children’s well-being and promotes healthy growth and development.
  • Play teaches kids to respect and socially interact with others.
  • Outdoor play increases knowledge and understanding.
  • Better parent-child relationship- If a parent is involved in the activities, the parent-child bond is also strengthened.

Consequences of a lack of adequate play opportunities

But what happens to children who don’t play? Expert child researchers have identified the following as some of the penalties of a lack of enough play opportunities for children:

  • Reduced ability in motor tasks.
  • Lower levels of physical activity which can enhance risks for health concerns such as child obesity.
  • Inadequate ability to cope with stressful or painful events.
  • Reduced ability to assess and handle risk.
  • Poorer social skills.

Outdoor playgrounds provide a valuable experience for kids. As they build fine motor coordination, the children are learning to make their decisions and take some risks. They also learn how to socialise with their peers and when playground fights erupt, they learn how to cope with stress, strife and conflict. Indeed, outdoor play is the key to children who are fitter and leaner, more creative and less stressful.

The playground experience is also beneficial to parents. If the parents participate in the activities, it’s a chance to relive stress-free childhood and exercise. The parent-child bond is also made stronger.

Is a Spa Pool Right For Your Home?

Woman in Spa PoolDon’t you want a spa pool in your backyard? For sure, you want it! After all, soaking in a spa for hours is one of the best ways to relax. However, is an outdoor spa pool right for your home? Maybe you’re better off going to a spa rather than having one in your own backyard.

To help you decide, below are some of the questions you need to answer before building your own outdoor spa pool.

  1. Where Will You Put Your Spa Pool?

Is there enough space in your backyard for an inground spa pool? If there is, is it near the door of your home? According to, the location of the spa pool is crucial. You don’t want it to be too far from the door, as rushing back to the house after a relaxing spa on a cold night can be dreadful. More importantly, there should be enough space in the backyard for it. After all, you can’t just fit a small-sized spa pool in a cramped patio.

  1.  Are You Prepared to Meet the Safety Regulations for Spa Pools?

While your builders will probably explain all these regulations to you, it won’t hurt to acquaint yourself with the safety standards you need to meet. And the question is: are you willing to meet them? You’ll likely spend more on safety measures such as fencing, ledges, and covers. Also, all spa installations need a building permit.

  1. How Big is Your Family?

Think about how many people will use the spa pool. If you have a large family or you entertain big groups of friends, you need a bigger spa pool. With that demand, would you still go for a spa pool? Or would you rather go for an in-ground pool so that everyone can relax at the same time. If you have the means and space, you can always build a combined in-ground pool and a small-sized spa pool for maximum relaxation.

After you’ve answered these three questions, you’ll be better prepared to decide whether a spa pool is right for your home or not. Apart from this, you also need to seek advice from professional pool builders so you can pick the best choice.

Party like the Old Times – Retro Style

Group of people dancing to the beat

The 70s is long gone, but many people still model their events and private parties with the colours and the beat of the decade as it reminds us of a lively and fun scene. Want to vamp up your party with that retro style as you move on the dance floor? Here’s how:

A Kaleidoscope World

Let your venue shine with a glittering disco ball. Throw some touches of bright colours, such as red, blue, green, yellow and orange. Liven it up with peace signs, smiley faces, lava lamps and funky flowers.

Move to the Beat

Add to the decoration by flourishing the venue with vinyl records as Donna Summer plays in the background. If you want a more realistic feel of stepping back in time, Garston Entertainment Ltd recommends hiring live bands or artists to relive the disco decade. Do and share the ‘Hustle’ dance with the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive.

Dress the Part

Afros, round coloured shades, platform shoes and jumpsuits are just some of the unforgettable styles of the 70s. We’ll also never forget mini dresses and skirts, bell-bottom pants and polyester suits. Put on your favourite David Bowie get-up and be the star of the night.

Fun in the 70s

Relive the fun of the 70s with games made out of the interesting contributions of the decade. Start with a dance competition and let your guests show their disco skills. Bring out the karaoke and sing your favourite tunes of the decade. Remember ‘pet rocks’? Test your guests’ creativity and give an award to the best designed ‘pet rock’.

The 70s Taste

Recharge with the taste of the 70s after sweating off all energy on the dance floor. Prepare simple, but tasty food and drinks, like mini-meatballs, prawn cocktail, punch, macaroni and cheese, sweet and savoury fondues. Find retro menu inspirations and recipes online to make sure you are doing it with authenticity.

End the party with small gifts that remind the guests of a party that made them travel back in time. Now, get that funky mood and groove to the 70s!