Dealing With a Finicky Cat at Mealtime

February 6, 2018

Trying to feed a cat can be difficult at times. Now imagine if that cat is a fussy eater. Whether you order premium food for your cat online or give it another type of food, […]

Man proposing to his woman

Proposing Soon? Try Not to Propose During these Times

December 20, 2017

Based on figures, about 2.3 million couples marry every year across the U.S. Now, more people are getting engaged yearly. If you’re planning to pop the question soon, you’re probably busy searching for the perfect engagement […]


Stay Safe During Your Safari Trip

September 11, 2017

People often consider a safari trip as ‘a holiday of a lifetime’. It might be the only time you get to see animals in their natural habitat, after all. claims that safari tours will […]

Couple Getting Massaged

Not Your Ordinary Date Night Ideas

August 16, 2017

Answer honestly, how many times could you go out for a lunch or dinner date followed by a movie? While this quintessential date combo is always a hit, admit it that if you’ve been with […]


Customization for the Sailboat Enthusiast

August 14, 2017

Owning a sailboat is good and all, but why stop there if you can customize certain aspects to make it look and perform better? Any boating enthusiast knows that boats can lose or gain speed […]