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How Energy-Efficient is Your Air Compressor System?

Black Air CompressorProfessionals in industrial pipework recommend using high-quality pipes for industrial purposes and certified process control hardware to ensure energy and operational efficiency of pneumatic-based systems. If you carefully study your process facility’s energy usage, you will notice nearly 10% of the total power consumption goes into running these air compressors.

The big question, however, is: When was the last time you monitored the performance of your air compressors, especially for energy efficiency?

Never? Well, that’s bad.

If you want to optimise the amount of energy you spend on running compressors, it is time to take a closer look at their performance. Here are a few helpful tips.

1. Assessing the cooling system for a more economical solution

If your processing facility is in a tropical region and is already placing a high demand on your air-cooling system, it is advisable you switch to water-cooled compressors. In such areas (also during the hot seasons), water-cooling systems are more energy efficient than air-cooling systems.

2. If you insist on the air-cooling option, consider using cold air intake instead

Power consumption in air compressors changes with a change in the temperature of air intake to the compressors. Statistics have it that you can reduce the amount of energy that goes into running compressors by 1% only by lowering air pressure by 2 psi, which reduces air intake temperature by 13.78°C (about 7.2°F).

3. Reviewing compression pressure

Typically, the pressure requirement for most processing facilities is below 60 psi, while an average air compressor can deliver 100 psi. Using these figures, you will realise matching the rated pressure of your air compressing system with your process facility’s air pressure requirements will help save on the energy that goes into producing the extra pressure.

These options are just among many other changes you can effect into your processing facility to, especially, optimise your air compressors’ energy efficiency. In addition, do not ignore the fact that using quality hoses, industrial pipes, drain cocks, and other air tools can also add to the performance of your air compressors.

First Impressions Last: Finding the Right Office Furniture for Your Reception Area

Office Furniture Manufacturers in ChristchurchA vast range of reception area furniture is within your reach. Nevertheless, your search can be easier, more economical, and more satisfying if you have a guide from furniture experts for small businesses. They know you are all about pleasing your clients and getting new ones to come through the front door.

Making a good first impression

At Christchurch, office furniture manufacturers know all it takes is one out-of-place element to turn people off. In terms of design and aesthetic, furniture manufacturers recognise the significance of a potential client’s first impression. A good first impression is usually tied with the appearance or appeal of reception area furniture. Yet, the ability of the area to excite and stimulate also determines the response of a first-time visitor to your brand.

Comfort trumps all

Making sure the reception chairs and tables are appealing is only one aspect of the challenge. Business owners must focus on comfort as well. No matter how long or how quickly a client uses the area, they must be comfortable. Cutting-edge design that only offers style without functionality does not belong in your office. Do not alienate visitors by giving them style without purpose. Lure them in by providing a space that not only looks great, but offers cosiness and ease as well.

A professional and reliable brand

Since the reception area often serves as the focal point of your office, it presents the brand to the public. In many instances, a customer’s first interaction with the brand occurs at the reception desk. As such, you must ensure that your furniture and design choice exudes professionalism and reliability. A trustworthy brand encourages people to engage further. Give them the opportunity to see the face of the company you are confident to display in public.

Buying reception area furniture is always an exciting prospect. Do not be carried away by the excitement. Instead, plan for it and hear what experts have to say.

Building and Keeping It Green

Solar Panels in Delaware

Solar Panels in DelawareThe realization that humans need to work with the environment rather than change or govern it came a little late. Efforts to go green are never wasted, however, and small changes can still make a big difference.

The Benefit of Going Solar

One way that real estate investors can contribute is to install green energy sources on their property. The initial investment for solar panel installation can be steep. The return on investment, however, comes in reduced electric bills. Installing photovoltaic solar panels on your commercial property, with the help of TerraSol Energies, Inc., now means you are locking in the cost of electricity for the next 25 to 40 years. With rising oil prices, the cost of power will continue to rise as well.

The return on your investment can depend on the location of your property. The same number of commercial solar panels on a property in Delaware will have a different rate of return compared to the same type of property in Hawaii. Although solar power will come through despite heavy cloud cover, this can reduce the amount of electricity produced. That said, some green energy can still be better that complete dependence on the grid.

Upfront Cost Versus Return on Investment

Apart from saving on your total electric bill, the government gives tax credits to those who install green energy sources. This tax credit can cover a majority of the upfront costs. And in the future, should you decide to sell the property, these solar panels can increase the valuation of the structure based on how much electricity your system produces.

Space and Storage

Solar panels take up a lot of space. This means the more electricity you want to produce, the more space you will need. Another concern is that storing the excess energy generated can be expensive. One solution for this is to use solar electricity during the day and draw power from the grid at night.

Is It Worth It?

It comes down to your budget and your estimated use of the solar panels. Weigh the cost of the projected bills against the installation and potential for return. As long as it all balances out, going green may save you some extra greens.

Protection from Intruders: Understanding Access Control Security

Security SystemSecurity systems are essential to every business. This is because data breaches and break-ins at a facility can result in damaged electronic equipment and the loss of sensitive information. Businesses should, therefore, come up with a comprehensive security solution to keep its building safe from any attempts at physical and digital breaches.

Key Card Access Protocols

Key card systems are not only a way for a facility owner to track who enters and leaves the building, it’s also a way to create tiered levels of access. Additionally, key cards are also useful as facility owners can use them to track employees and determine which area of the building they’re in. With the help of encryption, moreover, the building is safe from intruders who want to make duplicate keys for illegal purposes.

Biometric Identification Systems

Biometric technology is also an effective line of security. Due to improved technology, access to a biometric system may include fingerprint or facial scans, making them one of the best security systems available. In fact, depending on the parameters of the biometric system, they could have a false acceptance rate of one in every one million scans. That lowers the odds of any unauthorised personnel from entering the premises significantly.

Building Protection Systems

Not all modern access control systems provide the best protection against intruders. While securing points of entry are of paramount importance, it is possible for businesses to overlook the need for window and building protection in their facility. Manufacturers of building products like Contour say intruders could easily scale buildings for unauthorised access, which highlights the importance of building and property protection systems. From bars to anti-climb security systems, facilities would do well to install some form of physical anti-theft precautions to stay safe from attempted break-ins.

Every facility should have an access control system in place safe from any kind of external threat. By preventing attacks from intruders, a good security system will help ensure company success in the future.

A Perfect Guest Experience: Personalize Your Customer Servicecara

Caravan Park in New South Wales Handling your own caravan park can get overwhelming, as you have to find ways to make your guests keep coming back. The real secret to providing your guests with a memorable experience in your caravan park is to make them feel comfortable.

Once you have bought the management rights for sale in New South Wales with the assistance of an agency like Resort brokers Australia, you can focus on customising your customer service.

Upgrade Your Guests

Most guests commonly reach your park after driving for hours or a whole day. They will be exhausted, frustrated from traffic and have little patience for the disobeying kids. Be the highlight of their day by upgrading them for free.

The rate of upgrading someone is minimal; you just need to modify admin work. In return, you will get happy and possibly returning customers, as well as, positive recommendations. This is a brilliant tactic to market your business and ensure that you receive splendid reviews on websites, such as Google Review or TripAdvisor.

Welcome them with Handwritten Notes

In a time where practically everything is turning more impersonal and digital, leaving your guests a handwritten note will be a refreshing statement. They will feel all warm inside and would surely appreciate your gesture. You do not really have to write an essay or a witty line, you just have to tailor it to each guest staying at the site or room.

For instance, congratulate your guests who are coming there for their anniversary and provide them warm wishes. If someone is staying there for their birthday, leave a little surprise in the room.

Add Local Touches

Keep in mind that your guests do not want a typical looking caravan park. Take business travellers as an example, they only get to stay there for a few hours and will be grateful for the local touches. Try welcoming them with native flowers, have tourist guides lead them to the best spots and place unique furnishings in the room. These might be small touches, but it will mean a lot to your guest’s impression.

You basically have to add anything that might make guests come back, but remember to keep adding new features to keep the excitement running. By customising your caravan park, you will stand out from the rest of the competitors and stand out in your guests’ hearts.

Whale Watching in Australia: Three Reminders

WhaleHolidays in Australia will always include the great outdoors. When in Australia, whale watching is definitely a good activity to do, as the whole coastline holds great areas to see whales. According to the Australian Government, Western Australia is often seen as a good location to see the migration of humpback whales from the Antarctic to the northern part of Australia.

Great Places for Whale Migration

In Western Australia, there are three specific areas to see these mammals. First is the area north of Cape Leveque. This area is known for being a breeding ground for humpback whales during the months of mid-August and September. Sightings of these humpback whales can span the entire months of July to October.

Perth also holds some temporary shelter for migrating humpback whales. So if you fail to catch them in Cape Leveque, you can go whale watching in Perth anytime between September and November.

Explore Other Wildlife Along the Coastline

Whale watching is not an isolated activity. If you’re already exploring the waters of Western Australia in search of some amazing creatures, make the most of it by pursuing different itineraries that will expose you to more marine life.

There are several itineraries available online, ranging anywhere between a day to almost two weeks at a time. Some itineraries, such as one that explores the Coral Coast Wildlife, aim to inject exploration of biodiversity and give guests a sneak peek of some worthwhile areas in Australia.

Go Beyond Western Australia

While whale watching is a well-known activity among different locales, other areas in Australia can offer a great view of these majestic creatures in migration.

For one, Sydney has a key viewing place for humpback whales. As per, Sydney Harbour’s best viewpoint is The Gap at South Head. Best seen in June via Byron Bay’s Cape Byron Lighthouse, visitors can see these whales from afar or go a little nearer by boat.

The next time you’re in Australia, catch a good seat and see the wonders of the water in these humpback whales.


Advantages of Using Carbon Steel for Applications in Your Business

Durable MetalCarbon steel is a highly durable metal made from a combination of both carbon and steel. It is often used in various applications, including industrial manufacturing, plumbing, construction, and more. It is also used for the conveyance of various fluids such as water, oil and gas. If you are unsure whether or not carbon steel is the right metal for your business, take into consideration the advantages it offers.

Resists Corrosion

Unlike other metals, carbon steel is resistant to corrosion. Therefore, you do not need to spend additional money on the protective coating. They resist corrosion caused by caustic fluids, pests, and ageing. Because of its corrosion resistant properties, carbon steel offers a longevity and durability that many other metals may not offer.

Greater Tensile Strength

Compared to several other metals, carbon steel offers an enhanced level of tensile strength. In other words, it is capable of handling high-pressure situations commonly found in industrial settings. The tensile strength of carbon steel is also important in situations involving roadway construction, which faces the demand of intense, heavy traffic.

Safe for the Environment

The steel aspect of carbon steel is highly suitable for environmentalists looking for an environmentally safe product to use. Approximately 70% of all steel manufactured in the U.S. is made from recycled materials, including plastic, glass, and aluminium. Also, steel is typically made in plants that do not emit CO2 into the air.

Highly Customisable

It is possible to customise carbon steel so that it best suits your industrial needs. Carbon steel fitting allows the manufacturer to provide you with customised pipes and sheets of metal for a variety of applications ranging from automotive to construction and everything in between, explains a specialist from Europress. If you are in need of carbon steel fitting, make sure you talk to a professional about your customisation needs.

Overall, there are many reasons to use carbon steel over other metals such as standard steel, aluminium, or even copper. The advantages listed above or only some of the advantages available. There are plenty more benefits you can enjoy when you opt to use carbon steel.

The Silver & Gold Trade: What Really Matters?

Gold and Silver

Gold and SilverGold and silver had been known to be valuable and precious ever since it was first introduced to mankind. Even today, these precious metals have a special place in the portfolio of people who are interested in making an investment out of it. However, when you’re just starting in the trade there are a lot of things you must learn. This is to help you understand how the industry works and what really matters when it comes to this type of investment.

Here’s a quick list of things you should look out for:

Knowing the Real Value

Overpaying for bad stocks is one of the most common mistakes of gold and silver investors. The reason behind this is they fail to do research and based everything on their own judgement. This is not entirely wrong, however, if you have minimal knowledge in the field it is extremely dangerous to trust your instincts.

Identifying the Purpose

Whether you are to buy or sell silver and gold, Atkinsons Bullion says it is important to have a clear action plan about it. Not having a definite plan on your future financial goals can be very risky. It might not matter at this point, but to some extent, you will need to reconsider your decision all over again. So, right before you even do something on your precious metals, create a list of objectives you want to achieve. Is it for investment? Planning to make it an heirloom? Or for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Getting Familiar with Dealers

Since you’re doing business, joining or knowing a group of experts can help widen your knowledge in the trade. Aside from that, every dealer negotiates differently from the other. Each trader speaks differently to sellers and buyers. If you want to become a pro in the field, there’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of it than from the pro himself.

Gold and silver investment can be quite complicated when you’re just beginning. However, after a few negotiations along with the above advice, things will start to become more manageable and easier to deal with. Fear not to ask questions or assistance, if you feel like you need them. This is actually the best way to start the treasure hunt.

Choosing the Type of Commercial Flat Roofing Systems

Flat-roofing commercial bulidingsMany commercial buildings use flat roofing because it makes it easier to access and maintain than other types of roofing. However, there are different systems available that you may know about. Ask your commercial roofing contractors about the following three flat-roof types if they apply for your purposes, advises Jaco Roofing.


The most common type of commercial flat roofing is the asphalt or built-up roof. As you can imagine, it is made of hot asphalt, usually coated with gravel. However, some contractors use materials other than asphalt because they do not require a gravel coat. The advantage of built-up roofing is the low cost and durability.

It is important to have a professional put in the asphalt or similar material because it can be hard to do a proper sealing. It is also important to remember that a built-up roof is heavy, so the support has to be enough to bear the weight.

Synthetic Rubber

TheA second type of flat roofing is thin blocks of synthetic rubber, called ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. These blocks are welded to form a solid membrane. The rubber is It is resistant to exposure to the sun or rain, and it is lighter than asphalt. It lasts a long time with proper maintenance.


TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is a plastic material used for commercial flat roofing. Some contractors use PVC instead, but TPO is more common. TPO comes in sheets and is glued directly on the roof structure. TPO reflects UV rays instead of absorbing them, so the material keeps cool and lasts longer. It is also flame retardant. TPO is the most cost effective flat roofing system.

There are a few more types of flat roofing, but the above three are the most common. The type you choose will depend on your location and the structure of your building. If you are not sure what you need, ask several contractors for advice to make sure you are choosing the right one.

A Linguists’ POV: Learning the German Language

Learning in German in DubaiIf you hear someone saying they want to learn a new language, French, British and Japanese would certainly pop in your head. You rarely see people yearn to learn German unless they are forced to do so. It is a really complicated language that has umlauts, complex pronunciation, limitless verb conjugations, four noun cases and grammar rules that have more exceptions than the rules itself. So, why would you study in an international campus in Dubai to learn German?

1. German is Easy to Learn

Yes, you read that right – German is easy to learn. It might be a complex language, but English speakers will find it easy to grasp. The reason behind this is that English and German are a part of the same Germanic root. Therefore, they have thousands of cognate words or those that are closely related. For instance, water is just wasser and father is just vater. It is not as difficult as people say it is.

You do not really need to study a new alphabet like in the case of Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. You only have to learn their umlauts like ß, which is just their fancy version of the letter S. Furthermore, this language will not even require you to study hard for you only need to study smarter as there are plenty of shortcuts to learning German fast.

2. German is the Entryway to Global Higher Education

One of the main causes, why German is regarded highly in the scientific community, is because most universities in Germany have a good international standing. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and is the fourth biggest in the world. It houses plenty of international companies leading the advancements in new technology.

Learning German is probably one of the most useful languages you can spend your time on. It is not only easy to learn, but it will also provide you access to higher education and a better career in the future.