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A Guide to Selecting the Ideal Car Tow and Wrecker Services

Red car towedAccidents happen at the most unexpected time. If you happen to be in Christchurch, then you will need a local team that can help you get out of the mess as quick as possible. The best people to deal with will have an emergency team, which is able to be accessible at any given time. You will find that the choice you make in this case will either make your situation better or worse. Here are some things you will need to be keen on when it comes to choosing the ideal service providers whom you can easily be able to work with.

Available on a 24/7 Basis

You have to get the service providers who will be able to come through for you at any given time both during the day and night. Car breakdown is usually an emergency and therefore you may need to call the people at the weird times of the day.

Check the Reviews

You have to deal with people who have been experienced by others. There will be nothing better than going through the compliments that one gets as well as the complaints the companies do get in how they offer their services.

Look at the Package Offered

You have to know the services you will get from the company. In Christchurch, car removals deal with all the activities involved in dealing with a wreck. It will be here that you will find some people offer more than just tow truck and it will be cheaper for you.

Finally, you will come across a good number of the car wreck service providers in the market. If you want safety of your vehicle, you will need to be keen on who you choose. The more services you are able to get from one provider will be better. This will be cheaper than just going from one person to the other.

Starting Your Own Motorcycle Repair Shop

Mechanics Working on Motorcycle Bike

Mechanics Working on Motorcycle BikeMotorcycle owners are part of a subculture of vehicle owners different from car owners. There is a reason a man would buy a motorcycle that costs more than two regular passenger cars. If you know and understand that reason, you are probably a part of the culture.

This is the first real test you should pass if you are planning to start a motorcycle repair shop. The more you know the culture, the more you understand bikers, and the higher the chances of success in running your shop.

Here’s how to get your motorcycle shop started:

Choose a Good Location

If it’s a small shop, you can start it at home, provided your garage is easy to find and it can be fitted with all the tools you need. You can also lease a space at a strip mall. As for a bigger, full-service shop, you need more space than your home garage or a strip mall store space can provide. The important thing is to place it in an adequately traffic-exposed area, particularly in an area where there are many biker groups.

Come up with a Business Plan

This will help you figure out the details, such as how much capital you’ll need, how you intend to raise the money, how you plan to make a profit, and so on. Don’t forget to budget for your leased space, the equipment and tools, employee salaries (if any), your own salary, etc.

Get the Money

You may start your business with your savings, if you have that kind of money. Start small if the funding dictates it. You can always expand in the future if the shop becomes a hit. Ask your bank for a loan. You may also talk to a few like-minded individuals regarding partnering up to start the shop.

Get Insured

It’s not just the insurance that you need; you need permits and other documentation that comes with starting a business. You can talk to an accountant or a lawyer if you need help regarding these. You should also be aware of your responsibilities to your customers. Your insurance should cover you in case you cause any damage to a customer’s bike.

Buy Your Equipment

You can’t run your shop without the equipment and tools. Some tools you probably already have in your box, but you may need more. It’s fine to buy used tools – wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. – but you should know which equipment you have to buy brand new. For example, you should be able to rely on your Titan 1500XLT lift to stay steady while you’re working on an expensive Harley.

It’s common for a motorcycle repair shop to be owned by a bike enthusiast. When you understand motorcycles and the way the culture works, bikers are more likely to trust you with the repair and maintenance of their beloved rides.

Car Care Advice for Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Car Care

Car CareJust like almost everything else you own, a car demands some time and money for maintenance and care. It may be advertised as one of the toughest cars you’ll ever drive, but that doesn’t make your vehicle invulnerable to wear and tear, damage from external factors brought on by the elements, or the effects of your driving.

To keep your vehicle running and looking like new for years and years, here is some basic car care and maintenance advice.

Keep it clean

Wherever you live, wherever you use the car, it will always require cleaning. You may think that a downpour is certain to remove the dirt from your car, but quite to the contrary rainwater can become more damaging, as it is not pure, clean water. It may dull the paint or even cause rusting. Wash your car every week, if possible. Use a highly recommended car soap and clean water. Your vehicle’s manufacturer may also have suggestions on what to use and how. Your windshield and windows can benefit from Rain X or a similar product, instead of rubbing the glass with the same polish as the rest of your vehicle. After using your car in the rain, if you can’t wash it properly with soap just yet, spray it with clean water using a garden hose just to dislodge and wash away the pollutants and trapped dirt.

Stock up on spares

Keep a few replacement parts in your garage. Determine which of your car’s parts most often need replacing and buy manufacturer recommended or OEM products from shops like Anderson Ford Motorsport. Especially if your car is not a regular commuter and requires some special parts, such as 1995 Mustang GT Cobra parts, having some spare parts at home keeps you from having to leave your car or having to find a shop that carries the parts when you’re in a hurry.

Change the oil

Oil change frequency may vary from model to model, and sometimes depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. Be sure to find out the right schedule for changing your car’s oil so it doesn’t cause corrosion and contribute to damage.

Taking care of your car in these basic ways can lengthen its lifespan, keep the cost of repairs and repainting down, and maintain its appeal.

An Old and Rickety Bridge is a Recipe for Disaster

Bridge Maintenance
Bridges are huge structures that make life easier. They can hold tonnes of weight. However, they get to eventually weaken. It is important that any sign of weakness is recognised and arrested at the earliest.

Bridges are expected to carry heavy loads high above the ground or water surface. This is why the engineering and planning processes that go into a bridge project can last for many years before they are even implemented. Engineers have to make sure that such a bridge can carry a pre-determined maximum load over a period of many years. Suffice to say that bridges have been built to last. However, even if they are sturdily built, they will eventually reach the end of their useful life, after which they start to deteriorate. So what are the warning signs of a failing bridge?

Detailed fatigue cracking on the deck truss of the bridge

A typical bridge would have a series of trusses that hold the deck in place. These trusses and most of the deck structure are usually assembled by steel bridge fabricators off-site. The combined strength of these trusses carries much of the weight of vehicles passing through the bridge. The presence of fatigue cracking on the deck truss, according to MPRNews, can weaken the structure of the bridge. This just shows that it cannot handle the bridge load anymore and can collapse anytime. Even if only one section is displaying this type of cracking, corrective and repair measures must immediately be performed. If neglected or left unattended, fatal accidents can happen.

Rust and Corrosion

Bridges are constructed using the strongest metal, which is usually impervious to most outdoor weather condition. Nevertheless, this does not mean that corrosion and rust will not set in. After several years out in the open, rust and corrosion could set in, which could weaken certain portions of the bridge. According to Science Daily, rust on bridges can have fatal consequences. If that happens, replacing the totally corroded parts may be the only option. If no action is made, the affected area can suddenly snap and upset the other sections of the bridge.

Crumbling Foundations

Most bridges are usually propped up by steel piles covered in concrete. This is to ensure maximum strength and sturdiness over a great number of years. However, while the strength and durability have already been carefully measured by engineers, such calculation is based on various constants, something that nature does not agree to. If subjected to outdoor conditions, these constants can change, thereby affecting the entire calculation as regards the height, thickness, and load of a steel pole. When this happens, these strong columns could collapse, bringing the entire bridge down.

Modern bridges have a built-in reserve strength which allows them to carry heavier loads that what they have been designed for. This is to ensure that they can last for a long time, even if greater weights travel through them. Although the laws of nature may eventually overwhelm a modern day bridge, such occurrence can indeed be very far away.

Clean Your Car in Ten Easy Steps

Car Washing Cleaning your car regularly is important if you don’t want gunk, sand, and mud to stick to it too long, making it more difficult to remove or even causing permanent damage on the paint job. A clean car is less likely to be stolen too. Thieves may assume that a car whose owner takes good care of it will care enough to install some sophisticated security device on it.

Here are some pieces of advice on how to clean your car to prevent scratches and swirl marks.

Prepare the following things:

  • 2 buckets
  • 1 soft brush
  • 1 microfiber mitt
  • Rinse Aid
  • Car shampoo
  • Car polish
  • Rain-X
  • Several clean, dry microfiber or lint-free cloths

Step 1. Fill the two buckets with water. Mix car shampoo in one bucket. Add a dash of Rinse Aid in each bucket. Rinse Aid is used for dishwashing, but it will help prevent watermarks by making the water slide easily off your car.

Step 2. Wash the tires first. Dip the soft brush in the car shampoo bucket and brush the tires gently, an expert from Fuchsfelge USA advised. Every time you dip it in the car shampoo bucket, dunk it first in the bucket of water and Rinse Aid to wash away the dirt.

Step 3. Wash the wheels with the same technique but this time use the microfiber mitt. Careful with the wheels especially if they’re original Fuchs wheels. You don’t want scratches on any part of your Porsche.

Step 4. Get rid of the dirty water in the buckets. Refill them, add another dash of Rinse Aid, and wash away the soap from the wheels and tires.

Step 5. Refill the buckets with clean water and the same mixture as step 1.

Step 6. Start cleaning the car. Don’t forget to wash off the dirt from the mitt first in the water. Rinse Aid bucket before dipping it back in the shampoo bucket. With an up and down motion, follow the lines of the car with your strokes, instead of using round strokes, which will result in swirl marks.

Step 7. Refill the buckets with clean water and Rinse Aid to wash off the soap from the vehicle.

Step 8. Use a clean microfiber or lint-free cloth to wipe the car dry from top to bottom.

Step 9. Apply car polish when the car is dry. Use a new, clean cloth. Do not apply polish to the windshield and all the glass components. You may also apply a specific polish on the tires.

Step 10. Apply only Rain-X on the windshield and all glass components using a clean cloth to wipe them dry. There is also a Rain-X product for wipers.

Get your car inside the garage to keep it clean longer. These ten steps will ensure your washing is systematic and efficient.

Why You Should Avoid Welding Fumes

Welding FumesWelding is the process of joining materials together by melting the edges of the workpiece along with a filler metal, forming a strong joint. Countless industries rely on this relatively straightforward process, as the world’s best welders adopt the best techniques to accomplish their work not only effectively, but also safely.

Welders from Europress note how theirs can be a dangerous profession — aside from the intense visible, ultraviolet and infrared radiation a work piece gives off during the process, workers are also at risk of suffering the effects of welding’s numerous by-products, the most notorious of which are welding fumes.

Invisible Hazards

Exposure to welding fumes and gases results in numerous complications that negatively affect not only a worker’s ability to perform his/her job but also their health in general. While acute exposure causes nausea, eye, nose and throat irritation, it is prolonged exposure that welders must be most wary of, as it can result in lung damage and even lung, larynx and urinary tract cancer.

Depending on the gases they are exposed to, welders may experience metal fume fever, stomach ulcers, kidney damage and nervous system damage. Manganese fumes can even cause symptoms akin to that of Parkinson’s. If the welding material and process produce gases such as helium, argon and carbon dioxide — all known to displace oxygen — workers must implement measures to prevent suffocation, especially when working in confined spaces. Carbon monoxide is similarly an asphyxiation hazard.

Preventable Danger

The fumes produced by the welding process are typically a combination of gases and traces of the metals used. The gases come in two types, shielding (argon, helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and process (nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, phosgene, hydrogen fluoride and carbon dioxide). Regardless of the mix of gases and metals welders encounter, it is of utmost importance that they take steps to minimise exposure.

Many elements factor into the amount of welding fumes workers end up ingesting. These include the welding process, the metals used, the composition of the welding rod, the work location, the established welder work practices, the air movement and the use of ventilation controls.

Welders and the people overseeing operations must consider all of these elements whenever the subject of workplace safety comes up.

Instructions for Buying Your First Car

Buying Your First Car

Buying Your First CarThere’s a first time for everything, including buying a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of college and ready to give up your mum’s station wagon, or starting your second or third job already, buying a first car comes with some challenges.

If you think you’re ready to visit that Ipswich car dealer, here’s a list of tips that can help you make the right decision.

Know your budget

Be realistic when it comes to budgeting for your first car. If you can afford to pay cash, that’s what you should do so you drive the car home and don’t have to worry about the next payment due date. But if you can’t, you need to factor in your other important expenses before finding out how much car you can afford monthly. Your rent, food, clothing and other important expenses come first, then the money you can use for your car.

Know when and where you’ll be using the car

If you need a car for the daily office commute, perhaps a small, easy-to-park and maintain car is enough, especially if the drive to the office is short. Don’t start considering everything, like hauling stuff to a new apartment; you won’t be doing that every day and for that job you can always hire a truck.

Research and shortlist

Thanks to the Internet, doing research on the cars you’re looking at has never been easier. So make a list of the cars you’re interested in, then do your research and comparison. Check out the forums for some real-world answers from actual owners.

Test the vehicles on your shortlist

Go to the dealer and ask to test drive the cars you’ve shortlisted. Test drive at least three of your best choices. The test drive might be the final factor for making your decision, says an expert from

Buying a vehicle is not as easy as ordering a pair of shoes online. It takes some work. Do the work so you can avoid buying one you’ll end up regretting in the end.

Not All Tyres Are Equal: Things to Consider When Buying Tyres

 Buying Tyres in New ZealandThere are literally thousands of tyres available for purchase on the market. When you approach a dealer, the first question that you will need to answer is 'What kind of tyre would you like to install on your car'?

Tyretracks knows that car owners should choose the right type of tyre for their car. It can be expensive to choose a tyre that is inappropriate for the car and the road condition.

As a car owner, here are factors that you should consider when purchasing a tyre:

Tyre Type

The tyre you will buy will depend on two things: the model of your vehicle and the driving conditions. When it comes to driving conditions, do not just prepare for typical conditions such as rocky road or wet road. Evaluate your location and determine what common weather condition affects the road. If you frequently drive in cold or wet roads, then consider buying winter tyres.

Tyre Size

To make an informed purchase, it is important that to know the size of the tyre. Tyre size is more than just the width of the tyre. You need information such as aspect ratio, radial, wheel diameter, load index, and speed rating. You can find this information at the sidewall of your tyre. If you need further details, check the owner’s manual.

Avoid the temptation of buying a tyre that is smaller than your original tyre. Smaller tyres may not be able to support the vehicle and may make driving challenging.

Tyre Quality

A quality tyre will last longer and provide you with a better driving experience. Under normal usage, premium tyres can last up to 20,000 miles while budget tyres can last up to 8,000 miles. All tyres must meet strict safety standards. Keep in this mind when evaluating tyre quality.

When you are ready to purchase a tyre, provide the dealer with the correct and specific tyre information. Ensure that the tyres you buy meet your needs.

To All Used Car Buyers: What You Should Know

Used Car Dealer in Arkansas

Used Car Dealer in ArkansasBefore you head off to the nearest auto dealer around you, be sure you’ve checked everything you need. Check out some used car buying hacks to get the best deal in your purchase.

1. Settle on a Budget. In other words, don’t spend more than you can afford. Understand your financial limits and be sure to align it with your monthly expenses.

2. Know what you want. There are many types of car available in the market, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Each vehicle has its own feature, which specializes in a particular function, so be sure you also check it.

3. Be curious. Whether you’re buying a used car in a dealership from Arkansas or some part of the country, it is necessary to thoroughly check who are you dealing with. Are they reliable in the industry? Can you trust them when it comes to your used car buying concerns?

4. Specify every single detail. Most auction centers and dealerships use strong and reassuring remarks that are almost too good to be true. Don’t easily fall into these type of traps. Try to let them explain to you what do these words exactly mean. Words like, certified and all-in can be quite confusing, so let them reiterate it to you first.

5. Avoid impulse buying. Just because you see a good deal out there, you need to grab it yourself. Try to review and think it through first to see whether it is an ultimate deal or a marketing ploy to attract buyers like you.

6. Get recommendations from your trusted auto mechanic. Since you’re dealing with pre-owned cars, you need to be more careful and cautious in choosing. Don’t expect to see a brand new car at a used car auction, because that will never happen.

Remember to follow these steps whenever you are planning to buy a secondhand car. With these strategies in mind, it’ll be easier to find the best deal out there.

Vehicle Care and Maintenance: Giving Some TLC to Your Battery

Car Battery Service in Tauranga

Car Battery Service in TaurangaAs you car’s battery goes through an eventual decline, you will notice some warning signs that could mean it’s close to failing. Below are some practical pointers to ensure that your battery will last for as long as it should. Follow them to avoid sudden replacements and repairs:

Handling the Batteries Properly
  • Make sure that your battery is dry and clean. A filthy battery surface could result in corrosion and a discharge. Avoid spilling grease or oil on the battery’s top surface, as well.
  • Avoid placing metal objects on the battery’s top surface to prevent it from shorting.
  • Keep sparks or flames away from your battery since these contain hydrogen gas that could explode or catch fire.
  • Your battery contains sulphuric acid that shouldn’t come in contact with your skin. In case this happens, use water for flushing and neutralising the acid.
  • Premier Automotive and other car service specialists in Tauranga recommend having a professional mechanic to inspect and test your battery to avoid mishaps.
Maintaining a Charged Battery

An underused or undercharged battery will gradually go flat and in turn, will decrease its service life. No matter the season, don’t forget your vehicle’s basic battery care. This usually occurs in vehicles that aren’t used for long time periods or in watercrafts during the winter season.

Cable connections and terminals should always be tight and clean to allow for efficient current flow. Clean the terminals regularly with a wire brush and some water since corrosion will prevent your vehicle from starting. Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a mask because the lead sulphate, the white powder, is toxic if ingested, touched, or inhaled.

The first indication your battery is failing is when you start your car. In the event that your battery is unable to send enough voltage to the starter, you will hear a clear clicking noise and your engine won’t crank up. The clicking noise indicates an undercharged battery.

A professional mechanic can conduct a proper battery exam to check if replacement is your best option. If replacement is needed, don’t hesitate — you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of the road just because you didn’t replace your battery right?