Getting Ready to Buy a Used Car

Today’s cars are simply better than most of the cars manufactured in an earlier period. They are more advanced, comfortable, and durable. This is why it makes sense to buy them used now than ever before. If you get a quality used vehicle, you can enjoy it as if it were new, and all for a fraction of its original cost.

Before checking out the used cars for sale in Raleigh, Auction Direct USA shares this list of suggestions to make sure you get the best deal on a quality vehicle.

Make a list of cars you want

Unless it doesn’t particularly matter to you, as long as you drive home in a set of wheels, you should list the cars you would like to look for at the lot. A list of three options should be plenty, so you don’t unnecessarily get confused. Consider the fuel consumption, cost to own, and safety of the vehicles you put on the list.

Check online for an idea of the cost

Used vehicle lots may have different prices on each car, but it helps to have an idea how much you are supposed to pay for the model you want. There are services like this on the Web that can help you arrive at a good estimate. Factor this into your budget. Note that you need a budget, so you don’t end up spending too much on a vehicle.

When you get to the car lot

Using the VIN of the car you are looking at, you can check for its Car Fax on your phone. Find out how many owners have had the car before, how much it should cost, and if it has any history of major repairs.

Ask the seller if you can use a small refrigerator magnet to check for rust. The magnet won’t stick on filler. Knock lightly on every section. You will recognize the difference in sound if you hit filler. The filler is typically used to correct rust spots or damage due to an accident.

Check the paintwork. The seller should come forward with information regarding a repainted car, but if they are trying to hide something they may not volunteer such info. If there is over-spray on handles and trim or the color is not consistent in some parts, the car was repainted.

It’s advisable to ask a mechanic friend to come with you and inspect the engine, undercarriage, shocks, and other parts of the vehicle. Most honest car sellers would welcome this.

Don’t simply buy a car you like. Do a thorough inspection, ask questions, request a test drive, and try to haggle for a discount (they might give you one).