How Gardening Improves a Senior’s Quality of Life

senior woman flower gardeningGardening can benefit people’s health, especially seniors. Gardening is proven to have therapeutic benefits to the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of any person.

Seniors need some physical activity to stay healthy and active. You could encourage them to do activities that they could enjoy, such as walking or gardening. Gardening is an enjoyable and satisfying activity that could give seniors a sense of accomplishment.

It improves concentration and attention levels.

Aging can slow down many seniors, and this includes concentration and memory. Gardening requires not only physical effort but also mental concentration, so it can help improve their cognitive performance. You will eventually notice that they pay attention to the smallest details now like the patterns of growth of plants or how Tuscan clay planters would be better for some of their plants.

It is a form of exercise.

Many seniors want to stay active but find it hard to do activities that give them enough physical activity without tiring them out. Gardening requires mild physical effort, but it is still an excellent way to get some mental and physical exercise.

It reduces anxiety and stress.

Being around nature brings a positive impact on people. Even if a garden is small, this patch of greenery can create a calming atmosphere in your property. Plants often influence people’s moods and can calm nerves. Some herbs and flowers also act as pest and insect repellents.

It gives them a chance to socialize.

Older adults tend to have a limited social circle. But it doesn’t mean that they want to be left by themselves; they are only looking for more meaningful relationships. Connecting with other people through gardening will provide them healthy social interactions.

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Sue Stuart-Smith cites a report from the National Garden Scheme (NGS) with findings that 79% of the participants believe that gardening improves their quality of life. Gardening offers many people not only an interesting hobby but also an activity that can engage their mind and their body