Keeping Things Comfortable: Why You Need Insulation

Home InsulationIf you’ve never given it much thought before, perhaps it’s time you took notice of how insulation does more for you than you realise.

What It Does

Insulation keeps the interior of your house at your ideal temperature. Properly installed, insulation can keep both excessive heat and cold out of your home, leaving you feeling comfortable all year round.

It is most common for the walls to be insulated as this is typically where the greatest amount of heat and cold escape. You can also choose to insulate your roof, floor, even the windows and doors.

Not Just for Temperature Control

How do you control indoor temperature? Especially when it’s cold out, heaters are necessary to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. If your home isn’t properly insulated, the heat can escape, and it will take more electricity to continue generating the heat you need.

With insulation, the heat generated is trapped inside, and the cold air is kept out. This means less wear on your air conditioning and heater system and more electricity and energy savings for you.

Types of Insulation Material

Most homes have glass wool insulation from providers such as Premier Insulation BOP installed either in the form of sheets or loose fill. If you are particularly concerned about the environment, it may provide some comfort to you that some glass wool insulation is made of recycled glass. Other types of wool insulation include rock wool and slag wool. This insulation has the added advantage of being incombustible.

Another eco-friendly option is cellulose insulation which is loose and made of recycled paper and other similar materials. It is the most fire resistant insulation. However, people who tend to be allergic to paper dust may find this disagreeable for their health.

Often used around windows and doors, polyurethane foam is light-weight and is applied by spraying it onto the surface that needs insulating. The last option, polystyrene, is flammable and needs fireproof coating, but is equally effective in maintaining temperatures as well as insulating from sound.

To DIY or Leave it to the Pros

It is usually best to leave installing insulation to the experts. Doing so reduces the chance of potentially costly errors, and you can sooner enjoy a more comfortable home.