Relieving Neck & Shoulder Pain: 4 Proven Ways to Do It

Woman experiencing neck painNeck and shoulder pain can bring so much discomfort. Oftentimes, it could restrain you from doing normal things like turning your head sideways, sleeping, or even sitting. That’s why if there’s any way for you to keep it from happening, you’d do it. Fortunately, there are steps you could do to avoid having neck strain and here’s how:

Fix Your Posture

According to a neck pain chiropractor in Salt Lake City, poor posture is often the cause of neck and shoulder pain. Slouching could strain the bones, muscles, and ligaments, which may lead to stiffness or even injuries. To prevent that from happening, start off by checking your posture in the mirror. It’s easier to see which part needs fixing this way. If you want, you may also use posture support.

Follow Neck Exercise

Exercise on a regular basis to improve and strengthen your joints and muscles. Doing a short set of exercise daily, like the chin tuck routine, could decrease neck pain and can help correct your posture. You may also want to try doing yoga, Pilates, and swimming, as these routines could relieve tension in your muscles.

Find the Perfect Pillow

Give your neck the support and comfort it needs with the right pillow. People often complain about how their pillow is not working for them. Look for something that would provide proper support to your head, back, and cervical spine in a neutral alignment. By doing so, it can avoid stiffness or soreness when waking up. In addition, make sure you change your sleeping position often.

Avoid the Tech Neck

When working in front of the computer or using mobile devices for a long period of time, be sure to take frequent breaks. This habit may cause you to develop the forward head posture, and that’s not aesthetically pleasing. Hours of staring at your gadgets may also cause neck and shoulder pain. These may also affect your breathing, which often leads to a migraine. To avoid these, minimize or limit the time spent on using them.

Prevent experiencing excruciating pain in your neck and shoulder by following these steps. In case you feel too much pain in the said areas, it is recommended to see a physician as soon as possible for treatment and proper diagnosis.