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Dentures in the Modern World

An example of dentures Ageing has many challenges and one of them is losing your teeth. None of us likes saying goodbye to our pearly whites. Teeth are lost through grinding, decay, infection, smoking, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related causes. More often than anything, they fall out due to gum disease.

Fortunately, dental researchers are constantly finding ways to improve available techniques and, in the 21st century, the use of new materials and techniques has made dentures more lifelike and easier to wear.

Dentists throughout the country offer dentures and if you live in Farnham, one dentist that offers this invaluable service is Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable false teeth. They are used to replace missing teeth and gums. Partial dentures replace just a few teeth, while complete, or full, dentures replace all the teeth.

Dentures Then and Now

Over the years, dentures have become better fitting, more comfortable and more realistic looking, but they still have quite a reputation for problems based on old technology. Dentures in the past did not look very realistic: the gum bits were too pink, the teeth too white or nowhere near the same shape as the wearer’s original teeth. As if that wasn’t enough, dentures could be embarrassingly badly fitting, seeming to have a life of their own in a person’s mouth, not to mention the whistling and speech problems they could also cause.

Fortunately, these days dentures are no longer another problem you just have to grin and bear in old age, but a solution that brings you a healthier mouth.

What Makes Dentures So Much Better These Days?

New improved resins, stains and custom-made artificial teeth make a beautiful, natural smile much more possible to recreate.

But new materials are not all that’s important. Over the decades, dentistry has vastly improved its understanding of the science involved in managing different mouth and jaw shapes, as well as the muscle skills of the patients receiving the dentures.

The methods for making dentures have also advanced. Dentures can now be made with injection moulding techniques that improve accuracy of fit. Also, denture makers are far more skilled in creating dentures that look natural. It is an art in itself.

Ensure the Longevity of Your Dental Implants

Protecting Your Dental Implants

Protecting Your Dental ImplantsWhilst the majority of dental implants are likely to be successful, there are some precautions you need to take during recovery and healing process. Apart from good oral hygiene, adequate rest and quitting smoking, you also need to consider your diet. For the most part, it is best to avoid foods that may cause pain or physically disrupt the implants.

One of the most important things you need to know about dental implants is that they need to fuse with the bone tissue. This process, which glowdental.co.uk calls osseointegration, takes a couple of months to ensure the stability of the implants. Any unnecessary stress or pressure can hinder implant integration, increasing the chance of loosening or failure.

Dental implant centres note that during the first week of recovery, you need to eat a soft-food diet. Here are some of the safe food or recommended diet choices:

Fruits and Vegetables

Peaches, bananas, berries and other softer fruits are ideal when ripe. When taking a bite, however, it is best to cut the fruit into small pieces first. Steamed and cooked vegetables, which include carrots, squash and broccoli, are also good choices. You also want to include soups and sauces as part of your soft diet.

Cooked Grains

Grains such as soft cereals and oatmeal are also good alternative to avoid hard food. You can have them during breakfast or snack time. You can also include soft bread, rice and noodles for lunch or dinners. Mashed potato is also a safe option, as well as adding soft pieces of fruits to your oatmeal or cereal.

Meat and Protein

Red meat can be a little tough on implants at first, so you need to be careful when eating them. It is also good idea to consume them sparingly and choose fish, seafood, eggs and beans. Other good sources of protein include cheese, milk, yogurt, as well as quinoa and couscous.


The best beverage, of course, is water, helping you stay hydrated. This is also good for your immune system, assisting in the healing process and avoiding infection. Be sure to limit consumption of sugary beverages, and avoid alcohol during recovery.

To make your implant last, avoid hard and chewy foods, including those that may get stuck in the teeth. Extremely hot and cold foods are also not advisable, as they may cause discomfort or open the wound. Safeguard the future of your implants with a soft diet and by following your dentist’s orders.

Get a Strong and Lasting Implant with South Bend Family Dentistry

Family Dentist

Family Dentist in South BendThere are various facial expressions that you would use on a daily basis. On most days, however, you would end up giving out a smile. Of course, this would be in times when you actually are in a good mood. Without a doubt, smiling would give you a pleasant feeling inside.

Of course, this sense of positivity can be magnified to yourself and to those around you if you have a nice set of teeth. For this reason, having regular visits to avail South Bend family dentistry services from Mahoney Family Dentistry would be a great deal.

You Don’t Have to Live with a Broken Smile

The main purpose of a scheduled consultation would be to have the much-needed prophylaxis. This would be to brush out stubborn stains which couldn’t be taken out by your ordinary brushing routine. But at some point, you might find yourself needing a dental implant.

This would be the case if you lose a permanent tooth or two. Certainly, having a gaping hole each time you smile can be very disturbing or embarrassing. This can lower your self-esteem causing you to feel isolated or less worthy to interact with others. Fortunately, implants are an effective solution to give you back a complete smile.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Gums and Jaw

Should you find this move to be of benefit to you, you ought to communicate with your dentist as early as now. This is because it would take a few steps to complete the process. You have to make the replacement strong and adherent to your jaw. Achieving this would entail starting through an implant post.

Eventually, a crown that is made of porcelain would be placed over this post which would resemble your other teeth in terms of shape and color. The end result would be nothing short of giving you a smile you can be confident with. Soon enough, you will be able to flash more smiles to those around you.