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Managing a Dental Clinic: 3 Techniques

managing a dental clinicHave you just put up your first dental clinic? The anxiety and worry may be getting to you, since you aren’t sure if your regular clients would want to transfer to your new location or if you’d be getting new patients.

Still, opening your own practice means that you’ve already built up a patient base. Some of them will definitely go to see you, but be prepared to lose a few clients simply because you’re in an area that’s inconvenient. So aside from your older patients, how do you get new ones and how do you keep them?

Here are what successful dental practitioners have to say:

1.Get the right equipment and tools

Even if you’re an amazing dentist, bad tools, fillings and other materials can cause you to lose clients. Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab recommends getting the best Hawley retainer, filler and other dental implements so you don’t have patients transferring to other clinics when a bracket falls out.

2. Use social media

Leveraging technology to reach potential patients is a smart move. Find a Facebook group for people who live in the local community and advertise your clinic there. You can also post promotions on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to take pictures of your work to show online so people who need braces, teeth whitening and other procedures may be encouraged to come in for an appointment.

3. Do some charity work in the community

Choose a day once a month to give out free dental checkups or cleanings. While you may work for free for a day, you can advise the people who come in what work they need done and possibly get new patients. Prioritize the kids of low income families in the neighborhood.

Having your own clinic is a risk, but it also has great rewards if you know how to manage it well. Good luck!

Tooth Loss is Bad, But Letting an Empty Socket Linger is Even Worse

Tooth LossLosing teeth is something that happens more often than most people would like to believe. Brits may not have the most horrific teeth, but it is undeniable that many do not make dental health a top priority. The consequence of this is often tooth loss. Make no mistake; losing a permanent tooth is never an easy thing to deal with. You can replace many things, but losing your teeth is a stigma unparalleled.

More than that, a tooth falling off is merely a consequence. The bad dental habits and health that lead to it will probably continue, making the situation even worse. Nonetheless, you can turn it into a watershed moment, one that will encourage you to take care of your teeth better.

Justifying the Costs

Dental implants, whether you are in Liverpool or London, are expensive. The whole treatment can cost you £3,000, even higher for cases that are more serious; figures that are hard to justify to the regular salaryman. Anything over £100 is steep and dental implants cost a couple of thousands more. If anything, this is why many of the British people do not bother replacing what is lost — because no one can justify the cost.

Empty Socket, Brimming with Diseases

Contrary to what many people claim to know, dry socket is a condition that often comes as a result of wisdom tooth removal. What they probably want to say is that the same things happen with regular tooth loss, but it is not dry socket. Nonetheless, an empty tooth socket is an empty tooth socket. It can be a breeding ground for bad germs and can ultimately ruin your dental health for good.

Think of the £2,000 to £4,000 cost as a consolidated package. This is all the expenses you will have to deal with in the event that you let an empty tooth socket linger. It is a lot, but when talking about treating oral bacteria, it takes a lot to remove a lot. There is also nerve injury, something a lot worse than slight tooth decay here and there.

If you did lose a tooth, give yourself a few days to plan how you can afford the dental implant you need comfortably. The NHS is there to help you, so it is only a matter of time and decision. It is worth the cost and that is something that you should believe, whether the advice came from a dentist or an article.

3 Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dental ProceduresNot everyone is born with a perfect set of sparkling white teeth, but with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you can have an improved smile in no time! Whether its teeth discoloration, teeth misalignment, or damaged teeth, one visit to your trusted cosmetic dentist can make the biggest difference not just in the way you look, but how you see yourself and live your life. 

Here are blueskydentistry.com‘s list of best benefits you’ll experience once you get a cosmetic dental treatment.

Better Smile, Better Appearance

You will definitely look better when all your teeth imperfections have gone away. Say hello to a new and improved smile after you undergo cosmetic dental treatments. Now, you can smile in front of the camera and laugh at your friend’s jokes without feeling conscious about the way you look. You can also meet new people and go on dates without any hesitation.

Boost in Confidence

When you look in the mirror and see a perfect set of teeth without any visible imperfection, you’ll feel confident about yourself. That is the top reason why teenagers go to the dentist for special treatments. Aligners, veneers, whitening gels, retainers, and braces have made it possible for teeth imperfections to go away. The number of dental visits depend on the severity of your teeth’s condition.

Advantage at Work

Having a perfect set of teeth can also be an edge when you’re trying to find a job. There are industries that require pleasing appearance, and you can totally have an advantage against your competitors if your resume is as good as your teeth. Impress the panel of interviewers by flashing your charming smile and answering the interview questions with confidence and ease.

Cosmetic dental treatments can make a positive impact in your life. Because of your better appearance and newfound confidence in yourself, you can handle situations better. Call your cosmetic dentist now and set an appointment soon!

Industry-Shifting Trends in the World of Dentistry


DentistDentistry is in a period of transformation, as the practice targets consumer behavior and needs. Health care systems make oral health care available to people easily. Efforts of dental groups and the government’s policies make it possible for more people to access the service.

Continuous change puts pressure on the practitioners to keep up with the trends that shape the industry. Most changes require action to keep individual practice competitive. But, some of them are policies amended for nationwide compliance.

These trends emerge to adapt to the key factors of the industry, such as:

Emerging Consumerism

In this age of search engines, consumers are more educated with symptoms and treatments of oral problems. Consumers now are more meticulous and cautious to spend money. 

These encourage dental practitioners to work harder to get more clients. An interview in Becker’s Dental Review has stated that increasing consumerism is one of the biggest trends in the dental industry and the cause of decline in dental visits among adults.

Dental Group Practice

A major change in the dental industry is the rise of group practice. Joining a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) gives greater patient generation and retention. A large organization has more resources in attracting new patients.

Direct reimbursement plan is a leading benefit of group practices. Companies like EverestAdvocate.com can review dental reimbursement rates of current providers. This can help identify how to get a better PPO reimbursement and improve dental practice.

Health Policies

The government passed policies like Affordable Care Act, intended to lower the cost of care and coverage to people. Funding of health infrastructure and adding health programs are included in the law. The increase in demand of dental services affects practitioners, as it equates to more potential patients for the industry.

Oral health business is a tough industry; it pays to be aware of the trends to stay ahead. Factors continue to evolve and change the practice, but quality service remains the best standard in topping the competition.




It is Possible: Whitening a Traumatised Tooth

Whiten a Traumatised Tooth

Whiten a Traumatised ToothTeeth whitening is one of the most sought-after treatments in cosmetic dentistry — and it is easy to see why. Having perfect, white teeth can make anyone look younger and better looking. The procedure itself is also among the most conservative cosmetic treatments in dentistry.

Sometimes, however, achieving a perfectly white smile can be challenging. This is particularly true for people with a tooth that has been subjected to an injury or dental trauma in the past. Dannythedentist.co.uk defines dental trauma as any damage to the tooth caused by an external agent; it may be due to a fall or a sports injury.

Traumatised teeth usually look darker than the rest of the teeth. They may react differently to whitening treatment from undamaged teeth as well, making them more difficult to whiten.

Figuring Out the Root Cause of the Discolouration

The first step in lightening a traumatised tooth is conducting a comprehensive exam to find out what exactly is causing the stain. Dentists will determine whether the tooth’s pulp is still alive or not, which a radiograph or x-ray can readily reveal.

If the tooth is still alive, internal bleaching is a good way to go. In the case of injured teeth where the pulp nerves are not alive, however, patients need to go through a pre-whitening treatment to remove the debris.

Whitening From the Inside Out

In most cases, the discolouration in traumatised teeth is due to some internal factors. This is why the whitening procedure for cases like this requires removal of debris from the tooth by drilling it and then putting the bleaching agent itself inside the tooth. The tooth, however, should first be cemented to prevent the bleaching agent from touching the tooth pulp.

The next step is putting some bleaching agent in the empty pulp chamber and temporarily sealing it in. You might need more than one round to reach the perfect shade of white, however.

With this, if you have a traumatised tooth and are looking to get it whitened, there is still hope for you. The trick is to go to a highly reputed dentist with experience in whitening traumatised teeth.