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Keep Your Hyperactive Dogs Happy with Frequent Exercise

Dog Running

Dog RunningKnown for their loyalty and playfulness, many Americans enjoy the companionship and energy a dog brings to any household. There’s definitely a lot of love to go around between owners and their beloved pets. Still, this doesn’t mean that owning a dog isn’t without some stressful moments.

There are times when dog owners may find their pet’s unusual behavior particularly difficult to handle. Health issues can be even more emotionally draining. that the truth, though, is that solving the behavioral and health problems can be as easy as motivating your dog to exercise regularly. Let the following discussion help:

Knowing the Benefits of Exercise

It’s common knowledge that dogs share a lot of genetic traits with wolves. You can think of your pet dog as a distant relative of these fierce hunters. While your beloved pet might be domesticated now, they still carry a few of their wolf cousin’s genes.

In particular, your dog has a keen hunter’s instinct. They reserve energy so that they can run after their prey. Failing to use up all your dog’s pent-up energy can lead to many problems. Often, it leads to behavioral issues like their insistence to chew on furniture or bark and run after guests. Some dogs also resort to overeating, which can then lead to health problems like obesity.

Including Exercise to Daily Routine

The most effective way to solve this problem is to integrate regular exercise into their daily routine. You’d be surprised at how much a short walk around the neighborhood could do to help your hyperactive dog. To make it more exciting, Animal Planet suggests exercising together. Take your dog with you during that daily 30-minute morning jog.

If you don’t have time for a run, you can take your dog off the leash and let them run around in a wide and enclosed space. The use of dog tracking collars can reduce any anxiety should they find a way to sneak out of your yard.

Dogs are fun to be with, but pet ownership is not without its challenges. Some pets can suffer from certain health issues due to lack of proper exercise. Prevent this from happening by taking your dog for a nice walk around the block.

Bust out of Boring Workouts: Exercises that Don’t Feel Like Exercise


TrampoliningSo you have finally decided to live a healthier life and ditch the sedentary lifestyle. The long, uneventful days spent poring over your laptop and lying on the couch is over. But then, as you take on this new attitude, the reality hit you; doing repetitive exercises with a bulky machine is dreadful, boring and just not fun.

Physical activities should not be a drag, though. Fortunately, some of the best recreational activities are also the most effective ways to change your lifestyle for the better. Here is a look at some of the most enjoyable activities that will give you the fitness results you want — without you ever feeling a hint of boredom:


Studies show that spending 10 minutes doing this fun activity is equivalent to 30 minutes of doing cardiovascular exercises, such as the traditional running. Unlike other active sports, trampolining gives the body an all-round workout with less risk for injuries that other activities like jogging and playing tennis may present.

Experts from BOUNCEinc.com.au say that indoor trampoline parks have been very popular in Australia in recent years; some consider these places as fitness centres.


Other than being an ideal cardiovascular fitness activity that can strengthen and tone your leg muscles, this is also a fun activity you can do with your children at the weekend. You can actually burn 500 to 700 calories per hour.

This is one of the best activities to reduce the risks of health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke, depression, and arthritis. This is a low-impact exercise people of all ages can enjoy.


Hiking will improve your cardiovascular fitness by giving you stronger, leaner thighs. This is a great way to get your heart pumping and keep your lungs in tip-top shape while enjoying some great views and fresh air outdoors.

Grab your sneakers take your friends with you for a fun hike. The feeling you’ll get after hours of soaking in the scenery after a hike will be a lot better than an afternoon sweating at the gym.

Again, exercises shouldn’t be drudgery; rather it should be a fun-filled activity you want to keep doing over and over again. Shake up your routine and add trampolining, cycling or hiking to enjoy a healthier, happier life.