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The Hereditary Aspect of Varicose Veins

Varicose VeinsGenetics has long been considered as one of the factors causing varicose veins, which is a regular symptom of chronic venous disease (CVD). Varicose veins appear as overly dilated, convoluted and long superficial veins found in the lower limbs.

They are so prevalent that they also affect young people, which is why theveininstitute.com.au began to offer non-surgical treatments. Australian Family Physician mentions that very few people require surgical intervention.

The Hereditary Link

Varicose veins can be linked to a distal mutation in genetic determinants. One research shared that 17 per cent of patients had a family history of varicose veins.

A study done in Japan showed 42 per cent of women suffering from varicose veins had a family history of the condition. In the U.K, a case-control research revealed 85 per cent of individuals with varicose veins confirmed family history, while 22 per cent did not. Another study, in France, mentioned that children who have both parents suffering from the illness are 90 per cent more likely to develop it.

The Prevalence of Varicose Veins

One-third of the adult population in the West are affected by varicose veins. Findings even reveal that it is a major cause of morbidity in the area. Ahajournals.org shares that the problem affects one to 60 per cent of women and two to 56 per cent of men.

Data from Edinburgh UK mentions that females experience the onset of CVD at a mean age of 30.8 years. Symptoms showed in men at a mean age of 36.8.

The link between genetics and the prevalence of varicose veins is still an ongoing study that requires more evidence. However, the data from different countries revealed that most people with varicose veins had a family history of experiencing the same condition.


Harmful Effects of Mold Damage and How You Should Deal With It

Mold Damage

Mold Damage in Salt Lake CityWhen is the last time you had that annoying leak checked out? Turns out, those leaks do not just add up to your monthly utility bills, but they could also be the reason behind the respiratory illnesses.

Mold damage occurs as a result of excess moisture, which is why you should consult a company in Salt Lake City specializing in mold damage. This could be due to damaged roofs leaking when it rains, leaking pipes or a rising damp in the basement. Excess moisture indoors can also occur as a result of condensation or water left behind after construction.

Here are some health problems associated with moldy conditions:

Respiratory problems

People living in damp conditions often complain of respiratory problems such as asthma. This is not only caused by moisture in the air, but also the fungi and the bacteria that thrives in a moist environment. The fungi lands on moist surfaces or just floats around. In addition, a moist house attracts allergens such as rats and cockroaches. Their waste material has been known to trigger asthma.

Dust mites also love moist environments and they trigger sneezing, itchy eyes and various respiratory problems. Using an air conditioner dehumidifies the air as it cools it as well, hence reducing humidity which provides a breeding ground for the dust mites.


Research shows that micro-organisms found in damp air can do more harm than cause respiratory problems. Some studies found a link between those living in damp houses and the occurrence of various skin conditions like eczema. The risk increased among children and those already suffering from eczema had worse breakouts. Significant improvement was witnessed with those that fixed the damp problems.


Children living in damp conditions are likely to suffer from problems associated with fever, with symptoms such as pains, aches, high temperatures and blocked noses. Depending on the level of the damp, some people are more sensitive than others. People with a weakened immune system, those with respiratory issues such as asthma, those with skin problems, the elderly and babies are more prone to this and should stay away from the damp.

If you have excess moisture in your home, it is important to find out the cause immediately. This ensures that you get the right professional to repair the leaks and remove mold, as you’ll only be able to remove only a fraction of it. It’s the only way to protect your family from the health hazards caused by mold.

What Makes Singapore’s Health Care System Incredibly Impressive?

Chiropractic Denver

Health CareSingapore emerges as one of the countries with the best health care systems, despite spending only 3% of its country’s GDP on health services.

Here are a few situations that make the country’s health care incredible impressive:

Everyone can afford a good private hospital.

A perfect example is the integrated plan. Also called the IP, this is offered by private health insurance companies. It is comprised of two components, including the Medishield integrated plans. Whilst Medishield does not cover minor diseases and consultations, it kicks in when the patient requires hospitalisation and surgery. The plan can cover up to 80% of a patient’s medical bills, which means it removes a significant financial burden from families.

Health Care services are more affordable compared with other first-rate countries.

Compared with other Asian nations, Singapore health care might cost more. Nevertheless, the country has the most affordable medical services among first-world countries. A heart bypass surgery can cost almost $145,000 in the United States, while this may only cost around $30,000 in Singapore.

Singapore has some of the best heart centres, with surgeons and cardiologists getting their training and internship from top countries, such as London, Canada and the United States. Hospitals adopt innovative treatment methods and equipment, as well.

The country promotes a more holistic approach to health care.

Singapore does not simply focus on the treatment and management of disease. The country’s health care authorities encourage prevention through exercise, proper diet or nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. To ensure these prevention programs are in place, the government has the Health Promotion Board.

Medical plans get as many people covered as possible.

Singapore believes in social harmony and health care for everyone. The country’s health coverage extends to both permanent residents and citizens. It continuously updates its policies to cope with the changing needs of the people. Medical plans encourage mandatory health savings through a special account, in which both the employee and the employer can contribute.

With all these, do you still wonder why Singapore is on top in terms of health care?