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4 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your House

Home Improvement in Auckland Auckland has one of the most expensive properties in the world. According to NZ Herald, Auckland is the fifth least-affordable when it comes to housing among 367 cities, with an average price of $748,700. That doesn’t really sound practical, does it? Instead of going ahead and getting drowned in debt, why don’t you make some improvements in your small apartment that will make it seem bigger?

To start with, here are some inexpensive hacks that you yourself can do. Spoiler: they’re not all about mirrors.

1. Choose double-purpose furniture

Your pieces of furniture eat the most space in every part of your apartment, so you should be wise in choosing each and every one of them. For example, when choosing a bed, see if you can find something that has built-in closets. The same goes with your couch and coffee table.

2. Allow more light to come in

If you have a small space, you would want more windows and larger ones to let more natural light into the room. Otherwise, it would feel more suffocating. You may also choose lighter shades for your walls and ceiling. Have more functional space also by removing unnecessary doors or replacing them with sliding or pocket doors.

3. Use oversized mirrors

Mirrors can make your room appear more spacious and brighter. You can easily find contractors in Auckland that do a good job in installing mirrors. Houzz Contributor Kerryn Ramsey writes on Forbes, “Pay attention to the framing. For example, the length of the mirror should match the size of the sofa, creating a beautiful symmetry.”

4. Say no to clutter

You can do all tricks of making a small space appear larger, but if you refuse to dispose all of your unnecessary stuff, it will never be enough; it will still feel cramped and even tinier than it actually is. Learn to only live with the essentials and let go of those that don’t add value to your life.

If you are looking for comfort in terms of living conditions, more space is not always the answer. At the rate of the Auckland housing prices these days, moving to a new house is definitely going to buy you distress than comfort. The best that you can do is to make the most of what you have now.

Keeping the Fort: Maintenance Issues for Every Home

House in RiversideIt is not secret that a house is one of anyone’s prized possessions. Abraham Maslow says that security ranks high in a person’s hierarchy of needs. A house provides for that need: shelter and security. But for every homeowner in Riverside, they have to be aware that with possession of a house, comes the responsibility to maintain it. It goes a long way towards keeping your house’s value in the long run.

So, with that issue raised, just how do you keep it at its best? Here are 3 things to consider – and why.

Interior Design

This covers the furniture, the paint scheme, and the decors around the house. Once in a while, you have to clean your house, to make sure the dust, dirt, and clutter do not go out of hand. Rearranging your interiors also helps to refresh the homely atmosphere from time to time. Just a rehash of your current interior arrangements can also influence your subconscious, giving you a much better mood at home.

Functional Systems

What makes a home, a home is the availability of modern living utilities such as clean water, electricity, the internet, and what not. This said, another aspect of your house to maintain are these systems. Every few months, check the pipes, the electrical wiring, the furnace and air conditioning to make sure everything is running smoothly. Don’t hesitate to call in experts like plumbers, HVAC techs, and electricians. This ensures you will always have lights, hot water, and the convenience of a flush toilet.

Pest Control

When your home is in an area where unwanted fauna lives, it is at risk of being damaged. Vermin such as rats can damage your furniture. Roaches can contaminate foodstuff and the like. Termites can undermine the integrity of your house. Keep your fort well-defended by calling in pest control services from Orange Coast Pest Control to keep these unwanted vermin at bay in an environmentally-conscious way. It prevents health risks and property damage in the long run.

Maintaining your house is a responsibility that you should not shirk from.

Smart Design Ideas for Shared Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Kids BedroomMany families in the U.S. have more than one kid, but not enough room in the house. If you don’t have the space to give your child individual bedrooms, make do with a shared bedroom. How do you cram two kids in one room, give them privacy, and retain their sense of personal style? Here are some practical and stylish design ideas:
•    Seeing Double – Use a discreet pocket door to divide the space. You can also choose beds with storage compartments below, which you can use for seasonal clothing, sheets, and blankets.

•    Rolling with the Punches – Smart furniture choices is the key to smart shared bedroom designs. Consider a roll out bed, so that your kids will have more space during daytime. Interior designers and mattress suppliers like The Mattress Department recommend getting a twin mattress instead of a full, queen, or king to maximize space for two or more kids.

•    Bunking Up – When talking about shared bedrooms, many think of bunk beds right away since they help open up space and give more room for playtime and storage.

•    Splitting Space – Even though you can’t give your kids their own rooms, you can make a personal space for them even in a shared room. Concealed internal sliding doors can make a big difference. You can also choose curtains to section off personal spaces. All you need is to choose materials that reflect your kids’ personal style.

•    Bookshelves Divider – Does your children love books and have tons of them at home? Why not use a bookcase and back it up against a bedframe with the shelving facing outwards to separate spaces. You can also use the back portion as a bedframe by painting it or covering it with fun wallpaper.

Sharing bedrooms can begin as early as four years old. For an easier transition, you can consider neutral wall colors and add pops of colors through the beddings, your kids’ artwork, toys, window treatments, and rugs.

No Time for Nosy Neighbours: Home Improvements for Extra Privacy

Provider of Fences and Aluminium Balustrade in Perth

Provider of Fences and Aluminium Balustrade in PerthPrivacy, unfortunately, is an often compromised necessity. You are not safe from the prying eyes of other people, not even at home.

Curious passers-by and nosy neighbours are people you should deal with every day. Despite your best efforts, they can still see through your routines. To achieve the privacy you crave, discouraging them is the only solution. The question is: how?

Obviously, you cannot scare your neighbours with a shotgun. Rather than intimidate them with force, your best bet is to make subtle improvements to your home. Little modifications are enough to make it difficult for people to invade your privacy.

Say Yes to Fencing

Sturdy fences serve as great reminders to others that your property is not an extension of the sidewalk. Without a fence, by-standers and your neighbours can easily snatch a closer look at your home and possibly step on your yard.

According to Clear-az-glassfencing.com.au, provider of fences and aluminium balustrade in Perth, fences and gates force anyone entering your premises to have specific reasons for doing so.

Shut them Out with Shutters (and Curtains)

Shutters and curtains are elemental additions to interior decorations. In addition, they serve as effective measures of blocking your property from the public eye. With shutters, you can just open and close them as you please. Just remember to keep them open for a certain period; you would not want to look like a social recluse.

With curtains, thick and heavy types block the light from entering the room. This discourages others from looking inside your home.

A Watchful Eye with CCTV

CCTV cameras serve as your additional eyes when it comes to guarding your home. The mere fact that you have cameras in your home should remind strangers that they should not be on your property. CCTVs record any potential intrusions and keep you updated with the comings and goings inside your house.

Your privacy is of great importance — it is your right and no one should take that away from you. With the right home improvements, you can easily discourage nosy neighbours and strangers from peering into your business.

Do Away with the Mold: Freeing Your Home from Decay

Mold Removal Specialists in Salt Lake City

Mold Removal Specialists in Salt Lake CityColonies of mold typically start as tiny spores floating on air. When the spores land on a damp surface, they will grow. They thrive on bathroom walls and on deck boards exposed to humidity. This type of fungus grows in damp places, and this is why they are common in areas of the house with leaks.

How mold affects your home and your family’s health

While most types of mold do not cause rot or any kind of structural damage, some colonies could eventually weaken the foundations of your home. Moreover, the presence of these organisms puts the health of every member of your family at risk. Health problems may not always arise from exposure to all types of mold, but some toxic mold species may cause severe allergic reactions.

Looking for signs of mold

A professional inspector has the right equipment to determine if black mold is thriving in your home. Mildew is a kind of mold that usually starts out as black spots that react to bleach. If you’re not sure whether you have fungus or dirt on the surface, you can use bleach and rule out a mold colony if the spot does not change color. You can also rely on your nose to detect mold. They have a musty odor that you don’t usually associate with dirt.

As AAARestoration.org explains, Salt Lake City’s black mold removal specialists can assist with the restoration of parts damaged by mold. They can provide additional recommendations on how to keep your home mold-free.

You might not know it, but the allergic symptoms you are experiencing may already be due to mold. If you suspect the presence of mold, call a professional inspector for confirmation. Pay attention to their advice on how to prevent mold growth.

The Secret to Well-Maintained Windows

Window Decor

House WindowWhen it comes to home maintenance, regular window cleaning should be one of your priorities. Otherwise, your windows can become spotted and unattractive.

To maintain your windows usefulness for years to come, here are some maintenance tips you should remember:

Frame Cleaning

Keeping glass windows clean means more than just wiping the surface. You also need to vacuum the dirt from the sill and track areas. Cleaning the frames with a mixture of mild soap and water is also a great idea. Just make sure you don’t use abrasive or caustic cleaners to avoid causing damage to the frame finish. Rinse the soap with water and wipe the area dry.

Glass Care

As with cleaning the frames, only use mild soap when washing the glass to avoid scratching the surface. You should also avoid using abrasive pad. After rinsing with clear water, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. You can clean the screen by washing it on a flat, clean surface with a soft brush. Rinse, wipe it dry, and reinstall.

Window Replacement

If you notice any damage to your window, be sure to replace it immediately before it breaks and cause harm to anyone in your household. When you do replace the windows, you may want to think about using other types of material to use. Some of the most common choices these days include vinyl and wood. For a cost-effective and energy-efficient option, you may also try using fiberglass replacement windows.

Finally, to make your windows close and open easily, lubricate the tracks and rollers occasionally in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also check the weather stripping around the panels to see if it seals evenly. On sliding doors windows, always keep the track area free of any debris. You may also want to check if the locks are working properly.

Too Much Stuff for Too Little? Organising a Small Home

small home

small homeToo much stuff but too little space?

Some might resort to searching for new homes online or adding an extra room for their extra clutter. Fortunately, the answer need not lie with buying a bigger home. Truth is, even small houses can look as organised and welcoming as larger homes.

Urbanhomes.com.au, provider of small lot house plans in Brisbane, believes that small homes are capable of holding much. It might seem impossible but the answer lies with proper storage techniques. Here are cost-effective ways to maximise storage at home:

Say Goodbye to Old Things

The best way to start maximising storage is by getting rid of broken or old things that you no longer use at home. This will give you more room to store other possessions while cleaning your home in the process. No need to make your guests uncomfortable with all that clutter during house parties.

The Necessity of Ceiling- or Wall-Mounted Hooks

Mounting hooks on the walls or ceiling will make an area more functional and space-efficient. For example, an entry way with wall-mounted hooks will give you an area to hang your coat or bag right away when you need to rush to the toilet. The same technique can be used to hang pots and pans in the kitchen and save space.

Yes to Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers serve two purposes: storage and room decor. In fact, by using the right design, size, and paint colour, you can find furniture that matches your interiors. Wall-mounted cabinets are a popular choice today because they can be placed just about anywhere. In addition to drawers and kitchen counters, centre and side also provide space for storage.

Using Storage Containers and Baskets

Storage containers and baskets come in all shapes and sizes that they are more than just plain storage but also nice decorative pieces. Get small storage containers to keep food, accessories, medications, and other small items at home organised. Other everyday items like scissors and pens can be kept in baskets. Big storage boxes are great for keeping your kids’ toys, books, and other larger items.

There should be no problems with storage in small homes when things are properly organised. Consider using cabinets and drawers, hooks, and even multi-purpose furniture to maximise space at home. Get help from contractors of small lot house plans in Brisbane for storage ideas to make the most of your small home.