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Mind These Signs that You may Need to Replace Your Roof

Metal RoofYour home’s roofing is one of the most important systems that make up the entirety of the structure. It is also perhaps the most abused part of your home. Your roof receives the most punishment from the elements: direct heat from the sun, the lash of a torrent, the weight and corrosive properties of snow, sleet and ice, and even the occasional branches, leaves, bird droppings and small animals.

Imagine how your roof handles all that pressure all year. Now imagine how it can go for a lifetime doing the same thing over and over again.

Neglecting your roof, leaving it at the mercy of the elements, can substantially shorten its life. Even if you maintain it properly enough, it may still fail due to several factors like the weather in your area, a particularly strong storm or heavy snowfall, the material it’s made of and its age. At some point, you may have to call a professional to replace your roof.

Here are some factors and signs pointing to a need for re-roofing in Auckland:

Your Roof Is Old

Most asphalt shingle and other roofing materials can last up to 25 years with enough care. The ventilation and the number of layers play a part. Not enough ventilation, the existence of an older layer or several layers under your latest shingles and an age of 20-plus years may mean you need to replace the entire roof before it fails.

Defects on the Roof

Buckling and curling shingles may mean a defect. If your roof is still within warranty, your roofer may be liable to reimburse you or replace it. Whether your roof is defective or your shingles are past their service life, you should consider getting a new roof.

Leaks and Valley Damage

The valleys on your roof should be effective in leading water or snow down to the gutters. If the valleys are compromised, or your roof is already leaking, have it inspected immediately. Barrier Roofing Ltd and other roofing companies say you may have to replace it.

Shingle Granules and Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are not just unsightly; they may also mean your roof is about to break. If you find granules from shingles in your gutters or downspouts, that may also mean the problem is about to happen. This may mean you need to re-roof soon.

Shafts of Light in the Attic

Go up to your attic during the day and see if you notice any shafts of light coming in through the roof. These punctures may just be the beginning. Have your roofer replace your roof immediately if they believe a repair may only be a temporary solution at this point.

Your roof is supposed to protect you and your home from the elements, but when it’s time for it to retire, make sure you are ready to have it replaced.

Roofing Experts for Quality and Long-Lasting Roofs

Professional Roofing Services in TaurangaWhether your property is commercial or residential, a roof is a critical component of every building. A well-maintained roof protects your property, adds style to your home, and enhances the structural integrity of your home.

Acquiring and retaining a good roof requires professional consultation, installation, and maintenance through roof repairs services. Roofing experts offer roofing services, spouting and guttering, and edge protection services.

Roofing experts examine your existing roof and determine whether you need repairs or replacement. If your property is new the experts help you in choosing the best type of roof for your building. Kiwispout NZ LTD shares the common types of roofing.

Five Ribbed Roofing

A five rib roof is a five ribbed trapezoidal roof profile with a stylish appearance, hence suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. This type of roof offers clean straight lines with minimal overlaps.

Corrugate Roofing

Corrugate is an age-old roofing option that has been in use for long. Corrugate roofs are suitable for home, and light commercial buildings and have a classic appearance. Corrugate roofs are available in continuous lengths, thus have no unsightly end overlaps.

Spouting and Guttering

Spouting and guttering are great ways of collecting rainwater, reducing leaks, and protecting buildings inside and out. You can acquire installation of a gutter system or roof spouting, and downpipes. Professional roof spouting and gutter repairs ensure your system is working properly and free from any damages and leaks which cause damage to your property. You can also obtain cleaning services for your gutter and spouting system and protect your investment.

Edge Protection

According to OSH safety requirements, during the roofing or re-roofing of any building, there should be a balustrade to prevent falling. This is known as roof edge protection. Roofing experts with their own edge protection equipment enable them to put up a roof edge protection system for you at low prices and still meet all industrial regulations.

Your roof is a great investment and contributes to the overall value of your home in the long run. Acquire quality roofs, roofing accessories, and roofing services from a notable company today and enjoy a beautiful home.

When is There Too Much Snow on Your Roof?

Winter Season

Winter Season in in St. PaulIt’s the winter season again, and just like every year, homeowners have to worry about the snow piling up on their property. Blocking the driveway, making the sidewalks slippery, completely burying the backyard… unless you grab a shovel and keep it under control, the snow is going to make life difficult for you.

However, there is one place where it is more than just a nuisance. Your home’s roof can only support a certain amount of weight, and if you let too much snow accumulate on it, the results could be disastrous. Many roofs collapse during winter, and this is especially common among homes with older or damaged roofs.

The question is, how much snow is too much? And should you try to clear it yourself, or call in one of the many professional snow removal services in St. Paul?

What Homeowners Need to Know about Roof Snow

There is no exact answer to the first question, since every home is different. A good rule of thumb experts often give, though, is that the average roof can support around 25 lbs of weight per square foot. Anything more than that and removal becomes necessary.

But it is difficult to tell at a glance how much weight is actually on your roof, since it depends on the type. It takes around 10-12 inches of fresh snow to reach the danger threshold of 25 lbs per square foot, but only 3-5 inches of compact snow. Meanwhile, solid ice is much heavier, and even an inch of it already poses a significant threat.

So what should you do now? Removing the snow or ice from your roof can be done with a snow rake, but this is both very time-consuming and risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring a removal contractor is the prudent decision for most homeowners.

Good as New: Restoration for a Worthy Roof Makeover


roofSprucing up your roof can do wonders not only to this part of your home, but to many of its other components too. Aside from bringing it back to its once glorious appearance, roofing restoration also makes your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and overall great-performing. In addition, it dramatically reduces the risks of mould development, which is a common occurrence with leaky, problematic roofs.

Who needs it?

Having your roof restored is a worthy investment if you rather not have it completely changed. It offers a more affordable solution to homeowners who want to repair every roofing problem they have, while also improving its functions, performance, and aesthetic value, bowerroofing.com.au explains.

Age is another important consideration; if your roof, especially a tiled one, is more than a decade and a half years old, restoration may be a more cost-effective approach than repairs. A professional, reliable Perth roof restoration company can help you determine which is best suited for your home.

What types of roofs does restoration benefit?

Most roof restorations are done on tiled and metal roofs. There are also some companies specialising in the restoration of asbestos roofs. Concrete-and terracotta-tiled roofs can also considerably benefit from undergoing this process.

What is involved in roof restoration?

The steps involved in carrying out roof restoration vary depending on the type of roofing material, but they are roughly the same in nature. Damages are repaired; the entire system is pressure cleaned; cracks, seams, and draughts are sealed; and lastly, re-coloured.

Should you go for it?

While the final decision still rests on your budget and preference, you should take into consideration the long-term benefits that a professionally-restored roof can deliver. Fixing it up may be a bit cheaper than a complete overhaul, but the latter may be a sounder investment if the roof is just too damaged beyond repair.