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Building and Keeping It Green

Solar Panels in Delaware

Solar Panels in DelawareThe realization that humans need to work with the environment rather than change or govern it came a little late. Efforts to go green are never wasted, however, and small changes can still make a big difference.

The Benefit of Going Solar

One way that real estate investors can contribute is to install green energy sources on their property. The initial investment for solar panel installation can be steep. The return on investment, however, comes in reduced electric bills. Installing photovoltaic solar panels on your commercial property, with the help of TerraSol Energies, Inc., now means you are locking in the cost of electricity for the next 25 to 40 years. With rising oil prices, the cost of power will continue to rise as well.

The return on your investment can depend on the location of your property. The same number of commercial solar panels on a property in Delaware will have a different rate of return compared to the same type of property in Hawaii. Although solar power will come through despite heavy cloud cover, this can reduce the amount of electricity produced. That said, some green energy can still be better that complete dependence on the grid.

Upfront Cost Versus Return on Investment

Apart from saving on your total electric bill, the government gives tax credits to those who install green energy sources. This tax credit can cover a majority of the upfront costs. And in the future, should you decide to sell the property, these solar panels can increase the valuation of the structure based on how much electricity your system produces.

Space and Storage

Solar panels take up a lot of space. This means the more electricity you want to produce, the more space you will need. Another concern is that storing the excess energy generated can be expensive. One solution for this is to use solar electricity during the day and draw power from the grid at night.

Is It Worth It?

It comes down to your budget and your estimated use of the solar panels. Weigh the cost of the projected bills against the installation and potential for return. As long as it all balances out, going green may save you some extra greens.

The Power of Solar Panels

Solar PanelsSolar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are the most common form of solar energy that contributes to sustainable living. Residential and commercial properties that wish to save on electricity, commonly install solar panels. Because of technology, the power of solar panels continues to develop. Here are six of its advantages.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance and only needs cleaning at least thrice a year. Apart from this, solar energy systems have no moving parts, which reduce the probability of damage. Its heat inverter, however, needs changing every five to ten years. According to the energy specialists of Ecolution, solar panels with well-maintained inverters can last for twenty-five years.

Solar Panels are Non Polluting

Since solar panels are alternatives to fossil fuels, they do not contribute to air pollution. Solar panels are reliable and renewable sources of energy that barely emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or sulphur oxide. They also don’t require any fuel to work, which prevents the storage of radioactive waste.

Reduces Electricity Bills

Solar panels can meet various energy needs, which decrease the cost of energy bills. How much you can save, however, depends on the size and number of your solar panels and how often you use them. Energy savings can grow further if you only use electricity during the evening, or when energy rates are lower.

Easy to Install

Unlike wind and geothermal stations, solar panels do not need wires, cords or power sources upon installation. They also don’t require much space, and only needs a clean and stable rooftop. With the help of a certified energy provider, any business or residential property can generate their own solar electricity.

Diverse Applications

Other than providing electricity, solar panels can distil water in areas with limited water supply, and even provide power to satellites in space. Its diverse purposes serve many industries such as aeronautics, communication and construction. Solar panels can also produce heat, also known as solar thermal.

Ideal for Remote Locations

Areas with no access to power cables commonly utilize solar panels. Without any difficulty, remote areas such as suburbs and deserts can install the device. As long as there is sunlight, remote locations can access electricity through solar panels.

Converting to solar energy truly benefits sustainable living. Before installing such devices in your property, make sure to consult the expertise of an energy provider.