Why Steel Is Best For Structural Integrity

Rarely do people appreciate the structural integrity of the buildings that house them. It is when until a building collapses that such a tragedy reinforces the need to have strong construction material for all structures.

And, one of the recommended ways to deter structural failure is using steel, coupled with attention to detail, as US steel service companies such as Hascall Steel Company will say. Here are top reasons you should use steel for your next construction project.

Steel is a High-Grade Material

Before its widespread use in the building industry in the late 1800s, builders used cast iron in their construction projects. After determining that steel was more durable and had a higher structural composition than cast-iron, steel became a leading framing material for all types of infrastructure.

Steel is Fire and Wind-Resistant

Well, every material is vulnerable to fire; but fire spreads at a lower rate through steel structures than those of other materials. At times, that extra time is all you might need to save a life. Steel manufacturers also carry out fire tests on their products to ensure they follow industry standards for being fire-resistant.

The ductility properties of steel also make it perform best under high winds. Steel structures can absorb more resistance without collapsing. It is important you also note that since steel is both fire- and wind-resistant, you can save on insurance cost by using steel in your construction projects.

Steel is Uniquely Sustainable

Steel is one of the most recycled materials globally, with the industry being a leader in sustainability and championing environmentally friendly initiatives. The fact you can recycle steel without compromising its structural integrity, steel stands as a uniquely sustainable material in building and construction.

Over the years, steel has remained as a reliable long-term solution for stable and safe structures. There are, however, factors you need to consider when using steel for your construction projects.

Key among these factors are adherence to local building codes, following US federal safety standards, and, most importantly, choosing a reputable steel service company to supply you with the right materials for your project. Avoid taking shortcuts to safety.