Why Some Small Businesses are Doomed to Fail

February 25, 2014

Running a business is all about execution, and a single glitch in the process can affect the whole company and even lead it to its eventual demise. If you’re afraid to lose the venture you’ve […]

flat roofing

Before EPDM Rubber: Tar and Rocks Overhead

February 11, 2014

In the days before EPDM rubber, flat roofing materials consisted of tar and gravel. The liquefied tar served as a water sealant; after it cooled, the surface was covered with gravel. The gravel served as […]

retail management

Jobs in the Retail Industry

February 4, 2014

The retail industry is the biggest employing sector in Australia. It includes all entities related to the sale of goods and services in the areas of personal and household goods, motor vehicles, and food. Retail […]