stainless steel tubing

Types and Benefits of Stainless Steel Tubing

September 16, 2014

Stainless steel is a material of choice used the world over for various purposes simply because it is immune to oxidation and corrosion. This is true for application in both high and low temperatures, and […]

swimming pool
Home Makeover & Design

Passive Barriers: Your Pool Fence Choices

September 5, 2014

Due to Perth’s hot and dry weather, many of the locals have their own pools in their backyards. Apart from choosing a suitable design, these homeowners also need to make sure their pool is safe […]

modular homes

Three Reasons to Choose Modular Homes

September 4, 2014

In an increasingly busy city like Perth, properties are not only sprouting everywhere, but the possibility of high-rising prices is also becoming a reality. Fortunately, though, there are homebuilders offering cost-effective ways to own a […]

wedding album

Everlasting Memories: The Wedding Album

September 2, 2014

A wedding is a memory that lasts a lifetime. The photographs taken on the big day are treasures that you and your hubby will keep for life, and turn back to whenever you would like […]