Salty Food

Opposites Attract: The Rise of Salty Sweets

June 26, 2015

Good and evil, order and chaos; and darkness and light—one is not without the other. Pairs come from more than just association. Their polar differences make them work—especially in food. Think salty sweets and even […]

Floor boards
Home Makeover & Design

Breathing New Life to Your Old Hardwood Floorboards

June 25, 2015

If your hardwood floorboards have been around since the start of the new millennium, chances are they are showing signs of rotting. The truth is hardwood, even the ones which has undergone the best preservation […]

court lawyer

Bring in Clients with Your Attorney Bio

June 22, 2015

Attorney bios are some of the most visited or viewed sections of many law firm websites. A gap, however, significantly exists between what clients want to know and what lawyers are currently serving up. Many […]


Facilities at Mining Camp Accommodations

June 18, 2015

Being the sensible mining company owner that you are, you are surely aware of the conditions your workers encounter every time they go out to the mines. Homesickness, work-related stress and physically demanding tasks are […]

Office Breakables
Products and Services Reviews

Office Breakables: Why They’re Vulnerable

June 18, 2015

It is of great importance that you provide quality equipment to your employees. But with heavy and daily use, even the sturdiest items are prone to breaking; they are also known as the “Office Breakables.” […]


Dressing – Exactly – How You Want It

June 17, 2015

Shopping is not supposed to be complicated. Nevertheless, there are times when you’ve had to settle for a piece of apparel because your first choice didn’t fit properly or turned out wrong. Now, all you […]