3 Cs for Success in the Towing Business

a car being towedThe American Automobile Association reported in 2016 that breakdowns are still common in the U.S. despite advances and changes in vehicle makeup. Flat tires and battery failures are the top problems, and one in five service calls require a towing service.

If you’re planning to open or currently running a towing business, you might not run out of customers anytime soon. However, you can still lose momentum if your business fails to provide the proper service.

What does it take to be a reliable towing company? Here are the three Cs to remember:

Complete services

Don’t simply haul or tow stranded trucks and vans. Expand your company services by also providing roadside assistance. Make sure to respond to all possible problems from tire changes to fuel delivery. And keep your fleet running like new.

Have your trucks serviced regularly and ensure that they have all the parts and components to perform at a high level. Safety is also important, so make sure that a tow truck light bar is installed to guarantee proper illumination during hazardous tasks.

Careful drivers

Don’t add a disaster to a pending catastrophe by employing careless drivers. Make sure that the people you hire are dependable, licensed and capable of handling your fleet. Don’t forget to do background checks and flag anyone with a criminal record. Conducting a drug and a medical test is also important to know if the driver is healthy enough to perform tasks anytime of the day.


Most importantly, your company has to deliver service consistently. Customers expect high standards in general, so if you fail them once, you might lose their trust. Consistency also reinforces the message of providing outstanding service, which ultimately keeps the business relevant in the industry. So, remember to invest in new and better equipment as necessary and keep your staff updated and well-trained.