3 Gadgets That Can Improve the Function of Your Garage

A garageEver since garages came into being during the early part of the 1900s, it has undergone a lot of changes and improvements. Data shows that today’s garages are likewise used as a place for creative do-it-yourself DIY projects. In other cases, garages are transformed into music studios where home-grown bands play their hearts out.

If you own a modern garage, these gadgets can help you maximise its use and benefits:

Parking Sensors

Using the garage for storing your car requires the vehicle to be parked close to the wall. To keep your car’s body panels from being damaged, you can install wall-mounted parking sensors. These gadgets use ultrasonic technology and come with three coloured lights that change depending on how far your car is from the wall.

The green light means you are far enough, but you need to slow down, whilst yellow tells you to slow down a bit more. The red light tells you that you are too close to the wall and you need to stop.

Wall Guard

Have you experienced suddenly opening your car door only to find out that it hit the wall? This is common, particularly for cars parked a little too close to the wall. Such simple mistake can cost you a lot of dollars in repairs. To prevent this from happening, you can install a wall guard that will reduce the impact of the sudden opening of car doors.

Security and Automation Equipment

You never know what lurks in the darkness, which is why it is not recommended to get out of your car just to open your garage. Fortunately, you can open your garage door using automation devices, such as Ditec remotes. This nifty device allows you to stay safe inside your car while opening and closing the garage door. Remote Pro notes that you can even use this device to control the opening and closing of your entrance gates, making it comfortable for you to enter or exit your property.

Home safety experts likewise recommend installing a burglar alarm in your garage.

There are many other gadgets and tools that you can use for your garage. Some other devices can even close your garage door in the event you forgot to do so. Using these devices can greatly improve the function of your garage and how you operate it.