3 Gifts Every Dad Should Give his Adolescent Daughter

Expensive Jewelry

Expensive JewelryThe transition from teenager to adulthood puts a lot of strain on girls physically and emotionally. As they struggle to find their lot in life during their adolescent years, fathers can help boost their confidence by giving them these three gifts.

That Expensive Jewelry

A piece of expensive jewelry made of white gold, silver, or other quality materials support her attempts to fit in her new and sophisticated life where plastic earrings and colorful beads no longer cut it. Every woman needs at least one expensive – which translates to high quality – adornment she can wear to cocktails and job interviews across Utah.

Finding a jeweler in Salt Lake City, notes aaajewelryutah.com who sells accessories that suit your daughter’s style shouldn’t be difficult. Instead of going for elaborate pieces, stick with classic and simple designs that she can still wear even in old age.

Those Car Keys

You do not necessarily have to purchase a car for her as a gift. Simply teaching her to drive using your car and to borrow it from time to time suffices. Daughters know that their fathers value their cars. By allowing them to handle and care for it makes them feel more welcome to participate in your life.

In addition, it also shows how much you trust them. Trust, in this phase of their lives, plays a crucial role in the decisions they will make. The more of it they get from you, the better their chances of making wise choices.

Those Self-Defense Classes

You won’t always be there to protect your daughter. Instead of raising her to become entirely dependent to you for protection, enroll her to self-defense classes. It shows her that you believe she could and would defend herself whenever the need arises.

The skills she’d learn in those classes would provide her with the mental and physical preparation not only to face all sorts of danger, but also to conquer new challenges. This also serves to give you peace of mind regardless of where your daughter goes and who she spends her time with.

Fathers need to support their daughters especially in this crucial stage of their life. The assurance that comes from an important male figure in her life can make all the difference to her confidence.

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