3 Health Benefits of a Well-Dressed Bed

Well-Made BedWhat's with a bed cover, that with or without it, you can still sleep in your bed? Your sleep can get better, though, when it is a comfort zone than a piece of furniture. How else can you do that but with beddings, covers and all? And even if it sounds like a luxury, the bed deserves special treatment. In the end, it is you who will reap the benefits of a good bed, anyway.

Cozy Earth has found these benefits from a study.

Better Sleep

According to the 2012 Bedroom Poll, "A great night's sleep can depend on the comfort you feel in your bedroom environment." These include the room's temperature, your dress when sleeping, bed surfaces including cleanliness, among others. Eighty-six percent of poll participants said that "comfortable feel of sheets and bedding is important to good sleep."

Reduces Stress

Another study published on National Center for Biotechnology Information says that new beddings can help reduce stressThe use of new, medium-firm beds helps participants sleep better and reduce back discomfort, the source of stress. It notes the need for further study on sleeping surface comparisons since there's no one mattress that fits all individuals.

NSF suggests that one must evaluate comfort and sleep quality when thinking of buying a new mattress. If it disturbs you when your partner moves, or if you wake up stiff, or you find hotel beds extra comfy, these could be signs that you need new beddings.

Lowers Body Heat

For people with body temperature problems when sleeping, using organic sheets can help. Soft bamboo duvet covers, for instance, are breathable and resistant to bacteria. These also make dressing up your bed easier as it comes as single covering instead of layered sheets. 

Our bed, being the most important piece of furniture, deserves to be dressed up. Not only it makes the room look attractive but makes us more comfortable too. That extends to a good night's sleep and wellness.