3 Most Expensive Carpets that Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Floor Rug

Floor RugRugs can be expensive depending on the materials, design, antique value and quality. Make your rugs last like these most expensive carpets sold in auction.

Ushak Rug

A circa 1600 small medallion Ushak rug closed its value for around $158,000, which is thrice its base estimated value of $40,000. The West Anatolia carpet was a part of a private New York Collection. It is deemed as one of the most expensive carpets of 2008.

Measuring around 4 feet in length and 3 feet in width, this carpet gained its value for having prominent medallion-like embroidery in the middle. Its exceptional brick red base color gives a great contrast to its delicate design.

Silk Isfahan Rug

The circa 1600 silk Isfahan rug originating in Central Persia topped the most expensive rug list in 2008. Auctioned by the same Ushak rug auctioneer, its value was $4,450,000.

Unlike the Ushak rug, this silk rag has subtle colors including cornflower, citrine, taupe, and other greenish yellow shades. Intricate embroideries are formed using teal, peacock blue, black and different raspberry shades.

Its material and embroideries made it among the rarest carpets that have ever surfaced in the market.

Even if you don’t have the money to buy a rare rug, you can find some alternatives that have good embroidery. You will need to care for these, though. Embroideries can easily fade without proper maintenance like going to rug and carpet cleaning companies in Draper.

17th-Century Persian Rug

The 17th-centry Persian rug took the spot away from the silk Isfahan rug after having a closing value of around $33.8 million. The final bidder remained anonymous.

Also having a vibrant brick red base color, this prized carpet has rare vase technique patterns. Other rugs may also have the same pattern, but this is the only one available in red.

Rare carpets are indeed high valued home items. However, even if your rug doesn’t cost as much, you still need to clean it to make it last.

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