3 Recommended Activities Small Businesses Should Outsource

payroll outsourcing

Small businesses, especially newly established ones, need to consider outsourcing some of their regular activities. It’s highly recommended to acquire assistance to handle tasks in-house staff isn’t fully familiar with, like finance auditing and payroll.

Here are three of the top activities you should outsource or subcontract:

payroll outsourcing


In general, businesses are not advised to handle their own payroll, unless it’s an accounting firm. Not paying payroll taxes accurately will make your business an easier target by the IRS compared to not settling personal income taxes. Payroll outsourcing can give businesses peace of mind when income tax season comes.

Social Media Marketing

You can hire the services of individual marketing consultants or even social media marketing agencies to develop your business’s social media strategy. Performing tasks, such as content development and social promotion in-house often results in inconsistency.

Administrative Support

One cost-effective way to handle routine tasks in businesses is by hiring virtual assistants. Some of the tasks you can delegate are maintenance of your personal schedule, email management, travel arrangements, setting business meetings, emailing newsletters, copy editing, and blog maintenance, among others.