3 Simple Yet Unique Landscaping Ideas

garden landscaping

A good garden landscape design adds a touch of nature in every home both for relaxation and entertainment purposes. Garden ideas from expert landscape designers, such as Oakleigh Manor, will create a stress-free space ideal for homeowners with a busy lifestyle.

garden landscaping

To turn your garden into a divine space, here are some unusual yet sophisticated landscape ideas:

A Tribute to Alice

To turn your garden into an image from Alice in Wonderland, surround sculpted hedges to a checkerboard loan of dark against light green grass. Add a table set for tea in an archway covered with roses and vines. As a final touch, hang a tall, frayed hat on the edge of a rustic chair.

Boxed Pond Surrounded by Lush Greenery

A box-shaped man-made pond emits a powerful vibe, especially when surrounded with a clean green lawn, and interesting plants with unique leaf shapes. For an added appeal, place a birdbath or other statuesque item in the middle.

Rocks as Pathway Fillers

While plants are the common pathway fillers for most gardens, using pebbles will give a more modern vibe. Add some square-shaped tiles as walkway, and make the look more authentic by growing a few sprout-like grasses on the side.

Even if you own a limited garden space, the design ideas are limitless. Gardens give a serene touch to any home. Consult a landscape professional to know which design suits your preference.