3 Things to Do Around the State of New Jersey

New York City Manhattan midtown aerial panorama view with skyscrapers and blue sky in the day.People have an ambiguous thought on how they see and what they should expect in New Jersey. This is all due to the appearance and increasing popularity of many TV shows set in the state, such as the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, and The House.

Not known to many is that New Jersey is more than just a party destination or a set for a medical drama. In fact, it houses many nature parks and historic destinations like museums and galleries. To sort out your bucket list as you visit the Garden State, here are a few suggestions to help you wander around:

Taste the True Flavors of NJ

Discover more of New Jersey by tasting the state’s unique and delightful cuisine. Among their local dishes and meals include Pork Roll, Disco Fries, Thin-Crust Tomato Pie, and NJ’s Sloppy Joe. In Woodbridge, you’ll also find several Mexican restaurants that serve the best burrito and tacos you’ll ever taste in the Garden State.

A Victorian-Inspired Tour in Cape May

Situated in the southernmost region of New Jersey, the city of Cape May is well-known for being the first seaside resort ever built in America. The city also brags having the largest number of buildings, which are inspired by the Late Victorian architectural style. It’s no wonder why tourists frequently visit the city to enjoy their weekends or holidays.

Travel to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

Enjoy a great climb and walk along the waters the northern part of Ocean County when you visit the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. Be in awe as you take in the wonderful view of the seaside’s natural landscape. The climb might get a little too steep, but everyone who went to the lighthouse said that it was well worth it especially when you see everything from above.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement during your visit to the NJ. Be sure to include these activities and places to make your trip worthwhile.