3 Things You’re Doing that Would Lead to Premature AC Failure

AC Failure

AC FailureImproper and irregular maintenance can lead to your AC unit’s premature failure, which is a lot more expensive to repair. There are some cases wherein repairs can no longer save them, which means you would need to get a new one.

So in the event that you are doing the following, it’s time you stop, or you would likely end up having to worry about preventable expenses. Read the examples below and realize that you need air conditioning repair, suggests Utah County-based hrcclimateservices.com.

1. Allowing filters to go unchanged.

Air conditioning systems come with filters that need replacement according to manufacturer’s recommendations, and more often during the seasons you use the unit more – most likely, summer.

As the term already suggests, this part of your AC unit is responsible for filtering the air by trapping dirt, dust, and other small particles, providing you with clean, cool air.

Failure to replace or wash the AC’s filter is going to make the unit work harder, which then leads to its life span shortening. Furthermore, this added stress is also going to affect the system’s fans and compressor.

2. Leaving air conditioning coils dirty.

Dirty air conditioning coils also result in the same consequences as dirty filters. They would put the unit’s fans and compressor at risk for premature failure.

3. Forgetting about cleaning the unit’s drainage system.

A typical air conditioning system has a condensate drain that needs cleaning as often as possible. This is even more important during the days where humidity levels are higher than usual. Forgetting to clean this part of the unit can lead to clogs, which would then cause improper or incomplete draining. When this happens, many components are going to suffer, or worse, fail too soon.

As you can see, regular and proper maintenance of your AC is important not only to ensure it works at its best, but also so you could enjoy its use for many years to come. Once you notice signs of a problem with your AC, and you know for yourself that a DIY solution isn’t going to cut it, contact a reputable air conditioning repair specialist right away.

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