3 Ways to Turn Your Home Into the Home You’ve Always Wanted


homeHome is where the heart is, but sometimes your heart wants more—and there is nothing wrong with that!

You should at least be practical about it, though. Instead of dropping what you already have, why not build from it? It is actually a common phenomenon Down Under. By the last quarter of the previous year, Australia has been crowned the renovation nation as report shows that one in 10 Aussies renovate their home every month.

Seeing that most Australian homeowners are choosing to improve their homes, more people have become happy with their abodes. Taking the first step, be it small or big, can bring you closer to your dream home. What’s stopping you?

Million Dollar Makeovers says renovating your home should not burn a hole through your wallet — it is genuinely up to you how much you choose to do and spend. Here are 3 ways that can transform your turf into your dream living space:


We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? The ever-present Pinterest and Instagram has helped the lives of many with their DIY projects. From food, to home design, to life hacks, and innovations, it is easy to find projects you can do on your own that can improve the overall feel and look of your home.


If you do not have the time, energy, and money to allot for DIY projects, you can make do with your resources at home. A little rearrangement and such might just do the trick. New perspectives and ways to decorate your home may refresh the way you look at your home—not knowing that everything you are looking for was just in front of you this whole time.


This often leads to innovation, which is great. Improvising not only lets you use your imagination, but it lets you maximise the use of your belongings. Bring out the frugal person in you and think of all the things you can do with the stuff that you hoard, like empty wine bottles.

While we all want to get our dream home, starting small goes a long way. Major repairs and renovations can follow with the help of professionals.

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