4 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your House

Home Improvement in Auckland Auckland has one of the most expensive properties in the world. According to NZ Herald, Auckland is the fifth least-affordable when it comes to housing among 367 cities, with an average price of $748,700. That doesn’t really sound practical, does it? Instead of going ahead and getting drowned in debt, why don’t you make some improvements in your small apartment that will make it seem bigger?

To start with, here are some inexpensive hacks that you yourself can do. Spoiler: they’re not all about mirrors.

1. Choose double-purpose furniture

Your pieces of furniture eat the most space in every part of your apartment, so you should be wise in choosing each and every one of them. For example, when choosing a bed, see if you can find something that has built-in closets. The same goes with your couch and coffee table.

2. Allow more light to come in

If you have a small space, you would want more windows and larger ones to let more natural light into the room. Otherwise, it would feel more suffocating. You may also choose lighter shades for your walls and ceiling. Have more functional space also by removing unnecessary doors or replacing them with sliding or pocket doors.

3. Use oversized mirrors

Mirrors can make your room appear more spacious and brighter. You can easily find contractors in Auckland that do a good job in installing mirrors. Houzz Contributor Kerryn Ramsey writes on Forbes, “Pay attention to the framing. For example, the length of the mirror should match the size of the sofa, creating a beautiful symmetry.”

4. Say no to clutter

You can do all tricks of making a small space appear larger, but if you refuse to dispose all of your unnecessary stuff, it will never be enough; it will still feel cramped and even tinier than it actually is. Learn to only live with the essentials and let go of those that don’t add value to your life.

If you are looking for comfort in terms of living conditions, more space is not always the answer. At the rate of the Auckland housing prices these days, moving to a new house is definitely going to buy you distress than comfort. The best that you can do is to make the most of what you have now.