4 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables that You Can Eat Safely


Exotic FruitsIt is always fun trying out different foods. There are unique tastes and you may find some exotic fruits surprising. Familiarize yourself with exotic fruits that may look or smell weird, but are safe to eat.

Buddha’s Hand

The shape of Buddha’s hand can make people uncomfortable. When viewed at a different angle, its tentacle-like fingers look as if it’s about to attack. However, the citrus fruit is useful in perfume making.

Like the lime, other cultures find it useful for the zest. It got its name for resembling Buddha’s hands while meditating.


This root vegetable is popular in Europe for being a potato alternative during wintertime. It is also a good substitute for potato chips if you want to minimize your starch intake.


Durian is a favourite fruit in many Asian countries. Its popularity is starting to reach other countries, but you have to experience its unpleasant characteristics before getting to the tasty fruit.

Its exterior has large spikes. Upon tearing through the skin, you will notice its strong smell. Getting through this, however, is rewarding because of the soft and fleshy core inside.

Trying durian in its actual form is the best way of enjoying this fruit, but there are always durian candies if you can’t handle the odour.

Kiwano Melon

This type of melon has an otherworldly appeal with its spines or horns on the skin. Inside the spiny skin is a succulent green jelly core with edible seeds that is citrusy in taste. Typically grown in New Zealand, Southern Africa and California, this fruit was also seen on Star Trek.

Those who enjoy fruits like this may want to take advantage of buying wholesale fruit and veg. Brisbane has white sweet potatoes and passionfruit for the slightly less adventurous.

Ordering exotic produce can be challenging due to their availability. Enjoy regular fruits and vegetables in the meantime.

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