4 Key Elements to a Good Website Design

Web Design conceptYour business website allows you to reach thousands of potential clients who browse the Internet in search of information about the goods and services you offer. However, there are also many other companies offering similar products as you. Therefore, it is essential that you design your website such that it captures the interest of your visitors and makes them stay.

To do just that, make sure to incorporate the following items into your website:

Stick to a color palette.

Pick a three-color palette and stick to it throughout your site. A professional website design company in Worcester can help you determine the colors that match the personality of your brand. Colors communicate values and determine the tone of your website. Consistency enhances the mood throughout the entire site.

Give your content some breathing space.

Do not pack your website with content and visual items such that the visitors are no longer able to know where to start or stop. Improve readability and break up pieces of content using white space. Add on to the readability score by choosing the right font and using large subheadings.

Make the navigation simple.

Go for simple menu bars. Avoid creating too many options for your visitors, as they will only get confused. In addition, eliminate sidebars to avoid cluttering your page. Choose menu designs that are easy to click even on a small screen.

Make your website responsive.

Most people access the Internet using smartphones and tablets. Ensure that the website is easy to navigate on the small screens as it would be on larger screens. A responsive design automatically adjusts to the size of the screen, making it easy for the user to read the content. The leading search engines are now rewarding responsive websites in their push for mobile-friendly websites.

Optimize user experience on your website in all ways. Visitors will stay longer on your site and do the actions for which the website was designed such as getting subscriptions or buying your products. Leading search engines reward well-designed websites with a higher ranking.