4 Tips to Foster a Supportive Environment for Those With Eating Disorders

Woman looking at the mirror

Woman looking at the mirrorBulimia is among the most common eating disorders in the world. For those who are not aware, bulimia is a cycle of bingeing on food and then purging. This may be because they are subconsciously trying to starve themselves or, even worse, vomit.

In times when a person is dealing with such a destructive cycle, the support of the family and friends is very important. If you know someone who may have bulimia, the following suggestions can help you show support.

Find possible treatment centers

Even when the person suffering from bulimia has not acknowledged that they need help yet, you should already start looking for potential treatment centers that they can check into.

Look for an eating disorder center here in Colorado Springs that has many options that you can customize according to the needs of that person.

Avoid lecturing or criticizing them

Do not make comments about the bulimic person’s weight or body. This can make them even more conscious about their looks. Most of all, do not criticize or lecture them too as they tend to be defensive. They can even shut down and refuse to listen to you.

Do not give them an ultimatum

Giving ultimatums are not helpful. You are not dealing with a child. You can never force them to go into treatment. Instead, help them realize that they need it.

Be as patient as possible

Patience is a strong weapon for families and friends of people with bulimia. Having them change can be a long process, and it requires you to be as patient and caring as much as possible.

People who are dealing with bulimia can be very sensitive, so it is crucial that the family and friends surrounding them are supportive of them. Otherwise, things may get out of hand.