4 Ways to Have a Great-Looking Office Lawn

lawn in front of office buildingMore and more companies realize the value of keeping a great-looking office. Having office lawns, for instance, helps the company appear impressive, eco-friendly, and sustainable. The lawn also makes the office more relaxing and less stressful for both employees and clients. The problem, however, is that these lawns can be difficult to maintain.

Fortunately, here are four ways for your company to have a better-looking lawn:

Hire a lawn care team

Taking care of your lawn does not just involve watering the grass and the plants. But, it is also about making sure that the lawn is beautiful all year long. To ensure that, hire a commercial lawn care company to maintain the beauty of your office lawn regularly.

Water plants deeply

When plants receive too much water, they are at risk of having spot fungus or crown rot. So, do not water the grass and plants every day. Instead, water deeply two or three times a week. And make sure that everyone who’s tasked to water the plants observe this practice.

Put fertilizer in the soil

Fertilizer helps plants grow faster and bigger. Don’t be shy to put a generous amount of fertilizer in the soil of your office garden. If you need help with choosing the right fertilizer or other ways to promote healthy growth of the plants in your office yard, you can always ask your lawn care team.

Kill off pests and weeds

Pests and weeds are not good for the plants and flowers in your office garden. Pests can usually be eliminated through insecticides, while you can use weed control substances to get rid of the unwanted weeds.
If your office has its own lawn, your company should make it a point to make sure that it looks beautiful all the time. Otherwise, there is no point in having a lawn in the first place.