5 Cool Secrets about Sydney


SydneyYou know something about Sydney but certainly not everything. It’s time to boost your knowledge about Australia’s capital and famous city with these secrets:

In the Dark

Compared to other world’s major cities, Sydney is relatively safe. However, it’s not crime free, and some of the informal detectives of the police force are none other than taxi drivers, as taxicabs are convenient getaway cars for an assortment of criminals, such as robbers.

The Rich Life

Chatswood apartments are some of the coveted properties in Sydney for a good reason. Located about 10 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, Laing+Simmons Artarmon cites that it’s the home for the rich and famous. It’s well-known for its abundant retail shops, diverse restaurants, and two huge shopping centres. Many global businesses including Cisco are found here.

Sydney homes and apartments are generally expensive, but you can get a good bargain when you house hunt on winter when tourists and possibly expats are few.

Local Beach Favourite

If you value your privacy but would still like to go to the beach, go to Redleaf in Double Bay. It’s not accessible as the other beaches — you have to pass through stairs and gardens — but it is quieter and even safer with a wraparound pontoon and a pool that’s great for the kids.

Underground Entertainment

Entertainment in Sydney is vibrant, but what you may not know is its underground scene is just as exciting. From rave parties to private performances, you can take advantage of the privilege only very few get to enjoy. The challenge of finding where, what, and who of these activities makes underground entertainment even more rewarding.

Little Jaunts

Care for a drink? Try skipping the clubs and hot pubs and settle for small bars and microbreweries, which usually make their own drinks from scratch. They’re also great places to get more intimate with the locals and learn more about Sydney life.

Definitely, with these secrets now told, you won’t look at Sydney the same way again.