5 Steps to a Successful PPC Campaign

pay per click on phone

pay per click on phonePay-Per-Click (PPC) is an online marketing initiative used by many businesses to intensify their efforts in increasing revenue, generating leads, and effectively promoting their brand. Compared to traditional advertising, it has a straightforward strategy to which marketers accrue costs when users click on the ads.

Today, it has become a valuable technique to target a specific audience and encourage them to get to know more about they could offer them. However, running a successful campaign is not as easy as you think. There are things you need to know to ensure the success of this strategy.

To help you understand the principles and elements behind it, PPC agencies list some key factors that will matter for your campaigns in Denver. Below are some of them:

Keyword Research

When planning to run a PPC campaign, finding the right target keywords is among the first things you need. You can’t just pick a random group of keywords; they should be phrases and search strings that are related to the product or service you’re offering.

Choosing keywords that are specific to your business, with a significant number of searches, is the best way to do it. Don’t use generic keywords because you’ll have a hard time competing for them.

Ad Creation

Now that you have the keywords and have grouped them accordingly, the next step is ad creation. You need to be creative and come up with a description that will encourage users to click through your ad. Keep it brief yet interesting so you could people be curious about your site. Of course, you should come up with an ad that is relevant to what you’re offering. Create proper emphasis on offers that will likely to attract more people. Terms such as “free delivery,” “limited offer,” and “fast service” will certainly capture the audience’s attention.

Landing Page Relevancy

A landing page is among the three key factors of a PPC campaign. You need to prove that the website the ad will be directed to is true to its claim. You have to ensure that the clickers will land on the page they expected. Let’s say your ad is about women’s clothes, you need to be sure that the linked page would fall on that part of your website.

Account Set Up

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To review, track, and monitor the performance of your campaign, it’s important that you set up your account correctly. For this task, it’s best to leave to the hands of a PPC agency or specialist to ensure you don’t miss anything.

If you’re planning on running a campaign to both Google AdWords and Yahoo Bing Ads, you need to hire someone who’s familiar in setting up the account, as it may take a few minutes to get things to work. In addition, as these marketers know how to run a campaign, they could easily provide you with data and information you may need to analyze the report.

PPC is among the most effective online marketing strategy today. To fully utilize its benefits, you need to have a good understanding of how it works. Once you’re familiar with it, you can plan and experiment on your next move as you launch for another campaign.