5 Tips to Make your Commercial Property Valuable to Prospect Tenants

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is a significant investment. As the competition gets higher each year, you need to find ways to attract tenants thru smart marketing strategies and making improvements with the property. Here are a few tips to help your commercial properties

TIP #1: Get a Reliable Internet Connection

In today’s digital world, everyone needs a high-speed Internet connection, especially business owners. Even small businesses require access to a reliable Internet connection. Making your commercial units readily-available for easy Internet setup can attract tenants and business investors. Some commercial property owners even offer free Internet access to their clients as part of the rental package.

TIP #2: Switch to Energy-Efficient Fixtures

This is a win-win situation for you and your tenant. Today, you will see a lot of commercial properties taking energy-efficiency improvements to the next level. If you’re still using outdated light fixtures, switching to LED can make a big difference to your utility bills. A solar device is also a good investment, and may also help entice new tenants. Consult a professional to see if solar panels are suitable for your location.

Other features you should explore are HVAC system upgrades, double paned windows, and wall or roof insulation system. In some states, commercial property owners can be eligible for tax credits for using energy efficiency fixtures. Verify with your local energy company regarding their policies. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, as well for other cost-savings strategies in your area.

TIP #3: Offer Shared Amenities

Attract more prospect tenants by offering shared amenities. Take advantage of unused spaces and vacant units. You can convert these into shared conferences or training rooms. If there’s a basement, you can also turn it into exercise facilities to promote health and wellness for their employees. Some even have a child-friendly waiting lounge for parents who work on-site.

Some tenants also look for on-site dining options for their staff. Other than vending machines, you may also invite vendors from different food chains. These amenities can be a valuable service to your prospective tenants.

TIP #4: Upgrade the Exterior Area

Commercial real estate with presentable outdoor

Having a well-designed landscape or properly maintained a lawn is another way to impress prospective tenants. Provide benches or small shelters where people can stay and enjoy a lush green garden. Keeping them engaged with nature can help relieve stress from their heavy workload.

Look for reputable lawn and landscape companies to help you revamp your property’s exterior area. These professionals can make big changes to the overall appearance of your property. Most of these agencies also provide complete lawn and landscape maintenance.

TIP #5: Provide Parking Space

This is one of the problems in commercial properties. In case, the space is not big enough for all your tenants, try to make arrangements with parking lot owners. This can be very valuable to your clients. If you’re considering to extend and upgrade your parking space, prioritize safety, as well. Apart from hiring professional security guards, investing in advanced CCTV is also a good option.

Following these tips can make your commercial property look more valuable to prospective tenants. Consider boosting your marketing strategies, as well.