A Fun Night With Gal Pals and BFFs: The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette PartyWhile not all bachelorette parties involve strippers and a ton of booze, it’s not always a modest tea party with laces and frills either. The best gathering is something that falls right in between – an interesting balance of wholesome activities with a touch of some Vegas-inspired action.

If you’ve been tasked with planning the party, you’re probably feeling a bit excited and overwhelmed. There’s a long list of tasks involved, so it can be confusing to decide which ones you should prioritize.

But here’s a quick guide on how to plan a bachelorette party that the bride and her closest friends will truly enjoy:

Do a consultation with the bride

This should definitely be on top of your list. Talk to the bride right away and ask her about her preferences and what her must-haves and off-limits are. Is she into barhopping? Does she want to wear a tiara and a sash throughout the party (Don’t judge!)? Does she have any preferred venue or date for the party? Make sure you cater to her demands. After all, it’s a party for her.

Decide on a specific theme

Choose a theme for the party to guide you in choosing the activities and decorations you need. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate one. It can be something as simple as the bride’s favorite color. How about a night spa? Look through magazines or even online boards such as Pinterest for more inspiration.

Make phone calls and reservations

Have you decided whether you’re going out on a dinner, a show, or to a club? Do you want to book a hotel room or two? Make reservations as soon as everything has been finalized. Inform the venue that you’re booking their place for a bachelorette party. They may offer you special packages or even VIP treatments to make your evening extra fun. Afterwards, send out some cute invitations to everyone on the bride’s list.

Collect the funds

Even if you’re the party organizer, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to shoulder all the expenses on your own. While it may be customary to pay for the bride-to-be, you can ask all the other bridesmaids and party attendees to chip in. Let them know right away how much it will cost to avoid surprises.

Buy some goodies and other party souvenirs

table setting

Bachelorette parties are the perfect occasion to get all girly and feminine and enjoy some funny decors and sweets. Prepare some goodie bags filled with the bride’s favorite treats, get some balloons and cute cupcakes, and other fun accessories the bride and attendees will surely appreciate. You can even put makeup or skincare samples and face masks in your party bag if everyone is into all things beauty. They will surely appreciate it.

Finally, consider getting an affordable car rental service so you can send everyone home safely after the party. All the planning may seem overwhelming at first, but like everything else, it will be over soon. Remember that you’re doing it for that special friend who’ll soon enter a new chapter in her life. So, do all your best and make the party as unforgettable as possible.