A Guide to Traffic Management

cars stuck in a traffic jam

Road construction safety has many aspects. As the boss of a road construction crew, one of these aspects will be the need to ensure that everyone is safe. This is not just for your workers, though. You will need to ensure that passing drivers are also safe. This is where proper traffic management comes in. If you want to do it properly, here are a few tips that should help:

Set a Proper Distance

One of the things you have to understand is that when it comes to cars, it can be hard to do sudden movements with them. It is mostly because of the momentum of it speeding on the road. This is why when you have a road construction site, you have to warn drivers a fair distance away. Having them suddenly see your work area is terrible since they might not have time to slow down or change directions. The recommended range is a kilometer away since that should be enough distance from your work area.

Place the Proper Warnings

Talking about signs and warnings, you will need to buy good ones. Don’t just print a piece of paper and stick it somewhere. If you are in the road construction business, then it should be easy enough to find proper road work signs for sale. What this means is you need large apparent signs that are visible to everyone.

You will need warning lights and traffic guides that will ensure that people will drive on the right lane and that even in inclement weather there is a warning of construction up ahead. You will need many of these depending on the size of your construction area.

traffic cone on the road

Redirecting Cars Is Always Better

One of the best ways to avoid car accidents is to eliminate cars from your road construction site. If it is possible, work with the local authorities to completely redirect traffic so that no one passes by your site. This completely closes down the road and can be a significant inconvenience. But it does make things easier since you can focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Keep Pedestrians and Cars Apart

If you can’t close down the road, then you will need to be careful about how you direct the flow of traffic. This is because sometimes the change in traffic flow can affect foot traffic. This is why you will need to designate a place where people can walk around and then an area where only cars can pass through. This ensures that no incidents can happen that can disrupt construction.

Have Active Traffic Enforcers

You should also have people who are actively dealing with the traffic situation. They should ensure that all cars are directed correctly and that the traffic flows smoothly so that there will be no additional discomfort or delay for the drivers.

Proper traffic management can ensure that no one gets into an accident around your road construction site. With the tips above, it should be a breeze. Safety should be a priority in any construction site and with this knowledge, you can be assured that people will be safe driving by your work area.