A Healthy Mix of Traditional and Digital Advertising for Success

Advertising ChartAny business needs marketing and advertising to succeed. That’s why business schools devote a considerable amount of time to teach their students about selecting a niche and going out there to tap that niche market.

If your business is still only breaking even long after your projected time between this and making a reasonable profit, you may not be doing enough to promote your services or products. Here are some suggestions on how to strengthen your brand’s market presence.

Use traditional advertising

While there is a strong case for the use of digital advertising, the traditional version still works. That may depend on what kind of company you are and the demographics you’re after, but traditional advertising generally works for most. Billboards, posters, newspaper or magazine ads and even flyers can still help you reach your customers. Where you are located, be sure to have easily recognizable signage. Be sure to use heavy duty construction adhesive on your top quality signage. Old signage that’s faded, broken or falling off the facade or tower in front of your business is a bad representation of your company.

Find out which of these traditional forms of advertising are used by your customers. Are you promoting to the elderly who are not likely to know social media and who are more likely to watch TV for hours? Perhaps a TV ad or even a placement at a home shopping channel is in order. Are you trying to reach bus and cab drivers? Perhaps radio ads can help.

Do not discount digital advertising

An intelligent mix of traditional and digital advertising can secure the boost in business you are looking for. You need a website even if you do not need eCommerce; if you do need it, however, make sure your site is properly equipped to handle the traffic and is attractive and easy to use. As in physical signage, keep your site up to date and looking fresh. A website that looks dated is unattractive. You don’t want your customers to think they’ve clicked on the wrong website. You want them to linger long enough to be convinced that they need your products or services.

As part of your digital advertising efforts, strengthen your social media game and make sure you buy SEO. Search engine optimization can push your website up the search engine rankings. As your authority becomes stronger, search engines may start offering you up more often.

A healthy dose of traditional and digital advertising can help your business succeed. Talk to your in-house marketing team and partner up with capable agencies for best results.