A Linguists’ POV: Learning the German Language

Learning in German in DubaiIf you hear someone saying they want to learn a new language, French, British and Japanese would certainly pop in your head. You rarely see people yearn to learn German unless they are forced to do so. It is a really complicated language that has umlauts, complex pronunciation, limitless verb conjugations, four noun cases and grammar rules that have more exceptions than the rules itself. So, why would you study in an international campus in Dubai to learn German?

1. German is Easy to Learn

Yes, you read that right – German is easy to learn. It might be a complex language, but English speakers will find it easy to grasp. The reason behind this is that English and German are a part of the same Germanic root. Therefore, they have thousands of cognate words or those that are closely related. For instance, water is just wasser and father is just vater. It is not as difficult as people say it is.

You do not really need to study a new alphabet like in the case of Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. You only have to learn their umlauts like ß, which is just their fancy version of the letter S. Furthermore, this language will not even require you to study hard for you only need to study smarter as there are plenty of shortcuts to learning German fast.

2. German is the Entryway to Global Higher Education

One of the main causes, why German is regarded highly in the scientific community, is because most universities in Germany have a good international standing. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and is the fourth biggest in the world. It houses plenty of international companies leading the advancements in new technology.

Learning German is probably one of the most useful languages you can spend your time on. It is not only easy to learn, but it will also provide you access to higher education and a better career in the future.